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 Post subject: Neo-Con Ideology and Fabian Socialism
PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2006 4:14 pm 
Speaking My Mind
Speaking My Mind

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There are times when we must look beyond the smoke screens, the political labels, and the propaganda and view the reality behind the distractions. Fabian Socialism, like Fascism, promotes The State as the central force in the lives of each and every individual within society.

In this country in particular, since the advent of FDR’s New Deal, which was not only lauded by Fabian Socialist like H.G. Wells, but also heavily influenced by the Fabians, we have seen the drastic increase of the Centralized State. The expansion of bureaucracy under the New Deal exposed this country to the ideals of Fabian Socialism in a way that it would not have otherwise been able to accomplish without the New Deal.

We know that the Great Depression was caused by the policies of the Federal Reserve System, in fact the new head of the Fed: Mr. Bernanke recently confessed that it was a direct result of Fed policies. The Great Depression provided an incredible opportunity to the Fabian Socialist to further their cause and to implement their policies into the Bastion of Liberty, using it to their advantage.

As in just about every case, the greatest expansion of Fabian Socialism is through, and under the guise of Anti-Socialist Nations, such as the United States. Unlike the Communist, Stalinist or Maoists, the Fabian Socialist never use a frontal attack against a free people; it is always under the cover of free institutions and the machine of a free economy.

If we think that because a system appears to be Capitalistic that it has never been used to the benefit of the Fabians then we are severely mistaken. In order to undermine the total system of free enterprise the Fabians use it to the best of their ability to achieve the goals their Socialistic agenda. They have continually moved in the same direction, using the methods of capitalism as means to subvert and ultimately convert that system into a Socialist Machine.

In terms of the Federal Reserve, the primary purpose of the system is to gradually transfer wealth, no not to transfer it from the haves to the have-nots, but to transfer it to a ruling class who can direct and dictate the manner of life for each individual in this country and eventually globally through its sister institutions of the IMF and the World Bank (originally the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

As stated, despite the warnings of the FBI, President Truman appointed Harry Dexter White, a Communist Party Member, as the U.S. Director for the IMF in 1946 after he served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Henry Morgenthau and engineered the “Morgenthau Plan” for the defeated Germany. The Morgenthau Plan proved to be a major victory for the Soviets. Dexter, along with Keynes played decisive roles in the development of the Bretton Woods agreement and thus implemented the IMF, World Bank and a stand-alone fiat currency. All of which follow the same pattern of Fabian Socialist construct.

The history of the IMF should provide enough evidence that there has been collusion between the Keynesian-Fabians, international Finance, and Internationalism. The IMF is a highly specialized agency that operates contrary, not only to morality, but also to the ideals of Individual Liberty and Freedom.

Although Keynes is widely regarded as a capitalist economist, there is nothing about the ideals of Keynes that support that view, indeed the evidence is quiet the contrary. Keynes work called the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money is nothing if not a brilliant work of Fabian political tactic used to advance the cause of Socialism under the guise of saving a seemingly failing capitalist system. That, by the way, is the opinion of the former Professor of Economics at Harvard, Dr. Joseph A. Schumpeter, as self-professed Neo-Marxist.

Professor Arthur Smithies, later to hold the Chair of the Harvard Economics Department, supported the ideology of Keynes and clearly stated that: “Shumpeter did not credit Keynes with a single major improvement in the technique of economic analysis. His admiration was confined to the skill with which Keynes constructed a vehicle to convey his ideology (Fabianism)-an ideology that, in Schumpeter’s view, rivals Marx in undermining the pillars of capitalism”

Another well-known Fabian Socialist, very familiar with John Maynard Keynes, Mr. John Stachey believed that Keynesian economic theories promoted the Socialist Revolution. In his book “Program for Progress” he wrote that the Keynesian theory of inflationary credit expansion (used in the Federal Reserve System, as well as the IMF and World Bank) were: "an indispensable step in the right direction." Giving his reasons for this view, Strachey said: "the fact that the loss of objectivity, and the intrinsic value of the currency which is involved (i.e., inflation) will sooner or later make necessary, on pain of ever-increasing dislocation, a growing degree of social control . . . for the partial character of the policy will itself lead on to further measures. The very fact that no stability, no permanently workable solution can be found within the limits of this policy will ensure that once a community has been driven by events to tackle its problems in. this way, it cannot halt at the first stage, but must of necessity push on to more thorough going measures of re-organization." The re-organization of which he speaks is nothing less that the implementation of the Fabian Socialist Construct.

Now there is also a strange mixture of Fabian and Fascist ideology, in fact the totalitarian philosophy which under girds Keynesian theories made is acceptable not only to Socialists, but also to the Fascist and the Nazis.

James Stacy Barnes in his book “Universal Aspects of Fascism (1929) he states that “Fascism entirely agrees with Mr. Maynard Keynes, despite the latter’s prominent position as a Liberal. In fact, Mr. Keynes’ excellent little book, ‘The End of Laissez-Faire” might, so far as it goes, serve as a useful introduction to Fascist economics, There is scarcely anything to object to in it and there is much to applaud”.

Mussolini preached the very same thing as the Fabian Socialist: “We were the first to assert that the more complicated the forms of civilization, the more restricted the freedom of the individual must become.”

Hitler himself welcomed the ideology of Keynes, as did Mussolini. In fact, Hitler was the keynote speaker at the 1942 Fabian International Bureau’s Conference and made the comment that “there is not much difference between the basic economic techniques of Socialism and Nazism.”

This follows directly with the Fabian ideal of an Elite class of managers, administrators, specialists and bureaucrats to take the reigns of Centralized Government: The State. It is a Welfare State where the government controls, regulates and dictates social norm, patterns of behavior, and the labor and livelihood of each individual under a system of Peonage.

It is not a foreign concept for the Fabians to use any label, policy, any political party or economic system to advance their agenda and ideology. In fact George Bernard Shaw was extremely frank when describing their policy: Our propaganda is one of permeating - we urged our members to join the Liberal and Radical Associations in their district, or, if they preferred it, the Conservative Associations - we permeated the party organizations and pulled all the strings we could lay our hands on with the utmost adroitness and energy, and we succeeded so well that in 1888 we gained the solid advantage of a Progressive majority full of ideas that would never have come into their heads had not the Fabians put them there."

It is not difficult to see that whether it be Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, Socialist or Anti-Socialist, Capitalist or Communist, Radical or Progressive or Moderate that the Fabians will use any system, any political party or ideology to further their cause and indeed they have used every possible system to advance The Fabian State.

They exploit the desire for power, unabated power to influence politicians to support any legislation that would eventually bring about a centralized power structure to government. Using this method of stealth, they promote their centralized program of bureaucracy and as it evolves to a powerful force within the government. Gradually the legitimate Constitutional order is replaced by a bureaucratic order, which consolidates power and authority through the use of regulatory decrees, statues, and acts which subvert the Constitution and undermine the legitimate government, replacing it, over decades, with one which more closely resembles the Fabian Ideal.

In 1932, the Fabian journal called the New Statesman published an article of Professor Harold Laski, a leading figure in the Fabian Movement, in which he stated: “The necessity and value of delegated legislation and its extension is inevitable if the process of socialization is not to be wrecked by the normal methods of obstruction which existing parliamentary procedures sanctions.”

The Fabians seek to subvert the normal legislative system through infiltration and influence. In his book “The New Despotism” Lord Hewart stated that: “A mass of evidence establishes the fact that there is in existence a persistent and well-contrived system, intending to produce, and in practice producing, a despotic power which at one and the same time places Government departments beyond the sovereignty of Parliament and beyond the jurisdiction of the Courts."

Like the British Parliament, the Legislature of the United States has not gone unaffected by Fabian Ideology; in fact our government has been transformed from a limited Constitutional Republic to that of a growing Socialist Construct. The expansion of bureaucracy is the primary instrument of influence used by the Fabians and it enables them to exercise an increasing power over every aspect of the individual. To date, there are few areas in which the Central Government does not have some influence over the individual and that influence is increasing as those within the bureaucracy advance the cause of Fabianism, knowingly or unknowingly.

Although seemingly a conflicting ideology, Capitalism is not beyond the touch of the Fabian Socialists, in fact, it has proven to be an indispensable tool to their agenda. In fact, history bears out that some of the wealthiest individuals and foundations in America have financed and supported both the Left and Right-Wing Socialist agenda from the Bolsheviks to the National Socialists. The Fabians however, have proved to be the most innovative when it comes to the use of Capitalism, and indeed they have used it to achieve what no other Socialist ideology could manage through their chameleon-like stealth.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.-Ben Franklin

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