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 Post subject: What Will Be the Decisive Factor that Determines...
PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 12:26 pm 
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...who you vote for in November?

1. IF you've not made up your mind already, what will be the final, decisive factor that actually determnes who you cast your vote for in November?

2. IF you have made up your mind already, what would have to happen to make you change your mind?

3. Do talking heads or newscasters such as you see on network or cable news programs actually contribute to your decision? Please elaborate on your YES or NO answer.



"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."
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"Democrats work to help people who need help.
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 Post subject: What Will be the Decisive Factor ....
PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 4:21 pm 
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The determining outcome,barring unforseen events has already been deciced for us.
Due to the majority of people,who's whole sense of identity is enslaved
and beholden to either of the "two"
main branches of the Corporation,and the manufactured idealogy,and mentality that goes with it,the result will be the same and keep getting more so,no matter the "outcome."
The importance of making sure this charade people still consider as "elections" being held this Nov.
is to prevent martial law,and crushing oppression,the likes we've not seen Visibly,as has most other countries.
These "elections" should be taken as a small amount of extra time after the already decided outcome,for each person to realize,
the urgent need to condemn,and rid this nation of the rot that has corrupted,distorted,and thrown away the Constitution,and the Bill of Rights,and work toward regaining the form of government as originally envisioned.
That means rejecting all those who have held "elected"/non-"elected office in all branches of government,(and still do) under the
"two" branches of the one Corporation,who work for the interests of they're employers,the
international banking cartels,and their interests.
This did'nt start with Bush1 or2,
this has been implemented over decades at least,(though concerted
efforts have always been at work throughout history) utilizing all manner of "tools," one of which is the big lie of the "two party" system.
This lie has been perpetuated by people who continue to by into this artifcially,manufactured mentality,by lying to themselves,and each other,and willingly remaining enslaved under,what they know is an unjust,
immoral,unconstitutional,and totally corrupted degenarate system,
without validity or merit.
Anyone who even now,when people ought to know better,lets the spin-doctors do they're thinking for them gets what they willingly accept.
These facts have to be honestly acknowledged,and dealt with,before there is any hope for true meaningful change.
If that were to ever happen,that would be just the start of making any meaningful changes in all the rest of our society,without which,
there can be no meaningful change.

How many are willing to confront these facts,and the challenges required,to even begin to effect these much needed and long over-due changes is the most important question.



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