Heal the nation's wounds by voting for John Kerry
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Author:  scootiedude [ Sat May 15, 2004 3:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Heal the nation's wounds by voting for John Kerry

For corporations to cancel the promised health care insurance for seniors, to torture the POWs in Iraq and the detainees in Cuba and ignore the Geneva Convention, to deny women the freedom to make decisions regarding their own bodies, for citizens to own assault weapons whose only purpose is to kill people, that our government will spend over $100 billion for a pre-emptive war and not one dollar for universal health care, to impose our form of government on Iraq and ignore the majority who want an Islamic state (60 plus percent are Shiites), to forbid most most forms of stem cell research even if it could save those who are fighting for their lives, to give an egregious tax cut to the rich and let the debt be passed to our children, to ignore Greenspan's warning that our budget deficit is an economic bomb that will explode in the future, that the religious right has the right to dictate to a dying patient that a feeding tube be inserted against both her and her husband's wishes (with the help of Jeb Bush in Florida)- then vote for G W Bush. If you think that our country is on the wrong track and that it is time to heal the wounds that separate us from our old allies and the Islamic countries, then the right thing to do is vote for John Kerry.

Author:  Straytpath [ Sun May 23, 2004 5:13 pm ]
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I just wanted to remind you that Denis Kucinich - though weak - is still officially in the Democratic nomination race . . . . what do you think? Just interested.

Actually, I don't see any real political or policy difference between Bush or Kerry, except that Kerry has real life experience, and Bush . . . . well ?

Author:  Catherine [ Fri Jun 18, 2004 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Thank our lucky stars, there ARE some differences...

John Kerry is intelligent, (Bush isn't). Kerry's presidency will give us a fresh start in the realm of diplomacy, and hopefully let us make at least a start on rebuilding our international image. Maybe the world's leaders will come to Kerry as President and know they will be treated with respect, rather than with imperialistic arrogance.

John Kerry can speak without bungling every third word and he does it without smirking. John Kerry will take away the secrecy that has been the hallmark of the Bush administration, eliminate those tax cuts for the rich, and he will work to reduce the deficit that Bush has allowed to go into the trillions of dollars.

Best of all, John Kerry and his VP (hopefully John Edwards or Dennis Kucinich) will be leaders who will be flexible thinkers...and second best of all, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Rove, and all the rest of the Bush Mob will be out of administrative jobs. Just Rumsfeld up there wagging his head, waving his hands, and making noises like an outraged despot! No more Dick Cheney, no more Ashcroft...that spells relief!

We cannot allow the Bush administration four more years! 4 years of him and his henchmen are more than enough. A second administration will simply make us more and more vulnerable and a target of more and more terrorists...soon, it won't be safe anywhere abroad for Americans because Bush is just pouring oil on the fire of international hatred.

Another obvious difference: Bush is a Republican, Kerry is a Democrat. :)


Author:  RealDemocrat [ Fri Jun 18, 2004 7:01 pm ]
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Scootiedude and Catherine,

You two have articulated the issues and differences between KERRY and Bush.

I could not have said any better. Well stated

Author:  Catherine [ Sat Jun 19, 2004 1:02 am ]
Post subject:  Another reason to vote for Kerry...

Bush tries to convince the public that stubbornesss is a virtue, that arrogance is something to be proud of, and that changing one's mind is just common old "flip-flopping," something he and his henchmen accuse Kerry of doing.

I LIKE a leader who can remain flexible in his thinking, to be able to change his mind if he finds that evidence later on requires a change of direction. John F. Kennedy took full responsibility for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and Jimmy Carter kept a sign on his desk which read, "The Buck Stops Here." I like a leader who can admit a mistake, to not try to place himself or herself above the laws of our land. Bush has yet to admit one mistake, one area where he's not infallible. What a hoot! :shock:

A poster on another forum wrote, "A good leader can reassess and make revisions when a decision goes awry. It's NOT flip-flopping. Flip-flopping is going back and forth on the same issue...for it, against it, for it again, against it again, without any clear evidence that a mind-change is necessary."

Kerry, in my opinion, has made a few bad decisions; for instance, his invade Iraq vote, but he's had the integrity to admit that was a bad decision after RECONSIDERATION of NEW INFORMATION...mainly Bush's lies and manipulation of the facts concerning WMDs, imminent threats, and al-quaeda (sp?) connections, or lack thereof!

I like that aspect of Kerry's character and I really think it's a mistake for the Bush campaign to try to paint Kerry with the tar brush because he displays this kind of integrity. Of course, Bush and Company can't fathom such a thing as integrity, can they?


Author:  carly101 [ Thu Jun 24, 2004 1:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Heal the Nation's Wounds by voting for John Kerry

In response Heal the Nation's Wounds by voting for John Kerry, If you believe a vote for John Kerry will "heal"the nation's wounds,you may not realize that John Kerry and George Bush are BOTH of the same ilk.They are both members of the Satanic Nazi Death Cult Secret Society the Skull and Bones,as is an inordinate number of high level officials in all positions of policy making,who through the years rotate in and out from one position to another,and remain like a malignancy in every administration reguardless what administration is in "power".Both John Kerry and George Bush and their cronies are puppets who have pledged their alliegance to their masters, the NWO Global Elitists.Their alliegance is to furthering the agendas of their NWO masters whom they swore a blood oath to OBEY.They hold no alliegance for the best intersts and soveriegnity for America,much less the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.If our nation has any hope of being salvaged,We the People must stop falling for the non-valid "democrat" either or mindset.The two supposedly opposite parties unfortunatly no longer exist for All intents and Purposes as we once believed.We the People Must start holding ALL elected,(and non-elected) officials Morally,Ethically,and Legally accountable for their past/present actions.We also Must Demand Full Disclosure,and not let them constantly hide behind the old stand-by "national security".(Which translated means their and their masters finanacial and treasonous security.)We need candidates with a documented proven track record for Integrity,with no financial,personal,nor any other ties with the insidious global powers and their agendas.We need candidates with integrity,independence,intelligence and the courage to restore our nation in accord to the Constitution, and the checks and balances envisioned by the founders.The "democrat and republican"parties are owned by the same corporation.This has become nothing but the old divide and conquer strategy to achieve the same end results.We the People must take Responsibilty in ridding the rot which has infected and multiplied within both parties,and start paying attention,and hold our various officials accountable to Us.We the People must also rid ourselves of our apathy,and have the courage to promote and Legally elect Truly Qualified Candidates,who Truly believe in America,our Constitution,The Bill of Rights and Our best intersts. We the People have to stop being the We the Sheeple,stop believing our only hope is either a dem.or a rep. We must be the overseers of government.And in order to start,WE Must have the choice over just who is put forth as "viable candidates." So everybody,Please stop falling into the old divide and conquer set-up and mindset.(our supposed candidates are already pre-selected,and not by us,same for the president.)Start researching and investigating people independently choosing to propose a candidacy,the people you never hear about on the "news." And start holding the propoganda main-stream media to the same standards. It's Time to Put an End to Corporation Amerika. carly101

Author:  RealDemocrat [ Thu Jun 24, 2004 6:30 pm ]
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In response Heal the Nation's Wounds by voting for John Kerry, If you believe a vote for John Kerry will "heal"the nation's wounds,you may not realize that John Kerry and George Bush are BOTH of the same ilk.~~Carly101

You are entitled to your own opinion but Kerry and Bush are not alike and will never be.

Author:  carly101 [ Thu Jun 24, 2004 9:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Heal the Nations Wounds by Voting for John Kerry

In Reply to Quote:"You are entitled to your own opinion but Kerry and Bush are not alike and never will be." You also have a right to your own opinion,and I hope we all can freely express our opinions without fear,or censure.I happen to loathe Bush and everything he represents.And its because Kerry represents the same agenda,and is also part of the same Skull and Bones as Bush,in my humble opinion,niether one of them or any candidate that is involved with this or any of these criminal groups should be allowed to run for any governent office.Doing so,is dangerous to our nation and the rest of the world.Not to mention the obvious conflict of interest.And I hope we'll still be expressing our opinions a long time to come. carly101

Author:  RealDemocrat [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 2:31 pm ]
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Who is your candidate for the office of the presidency then? You know quite well that the next president of USA is going to be either Kerry or Bush.

I pray that it is Kerry because we can't afford another 4 years of Bush Jr. that will be a disaster.

I can see that you are not comfortable with either choice but I have to beg you to choose less of the "two evils" and vote for Kerry, failure to do so will put Bush back in office for another 4 years and ultimate demise of our beloved country.

Author:  carly101 [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Heal the Nations Wounds by voting for John Kerry

Hi,RealDemocrat,I appreciate your question,and you're obvious concern for our country.First in answer to your question as to who I will vote for,I'm going to vote for Ralph Nader,like I did last time.I know the propaganda spin blamed Nader for costing Gore votes, but when you look at all that happened to the elections last time,you will see that was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.Just the usual propoganda tool utilized to distract and cover-up the now known criminal actions to circumvent the whole election process.
Let's consider just some of the known facts surrounding the 2000 elections.We know that there is a criminal rigged black-box voting machine fraud.We know brother Jeb Bush and cronies,(daddy bush's cronies) stripped who knows how many registered voters of their votes,and their choice.We know Gore won the popular vote by far.We also know that most if not all of the electoral college is indebted to daddy bush&co.So they obeyed and lied and perpetrated a crime against the voters,Al Gore,and every other candidate.For sure if the electoral college had the guts to be honest,Gore would have been the president instead of Bush.
So with just these known facts,and they're bad enough,who knows what other crimes were committed to rob us of free elections.Taking just these facts into cosideration,you must see that the whole Nader upset a Gore victory,just does'nt hold water.Seen in light of the facts,the whole debate about Nader costing Gore the election does not stand up under close scrutiny.
The reason I'm voting for Ralph Nader is unlike almost all other poloticians or prespective candidates,Nader has integrity,honesty,the skills and abilities,and experience to make a fine president.Ralph Nader is his own man,no-one wns him and he can't be bought.Most important,Nader really does have Americas best interests at heart,and has the knowledge and courage to confront and formulate real solutions in the deplorable state we are faced with now.
I would like to say why I have this opinion which I should,considering the forum.I'd have a problem if I did'nt know why I'm voting for him.
Ralph Nader opposes the illegal war in Iraq,and has made a public statement (april,13/2004) calling for congress to start impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney over the illegal invasion of Iraq,and lying to the nation,the congress,and the international community to justify this abominable action,and the atrocities taking place their now to our troops and the Iraqi people. You can read the press statement on his website which I'll list at the end of my reply.He even instructs congress on what basis and all the legal steps appropriate in this call to action step by step.(you never know,congress might have forgot how.)
Nader strongly condemns the"patriot-act" and is pushing to repeal this sinister userping of our civil liberties,and restoring our rights.
Nader is against corporate rule,and wants to put an end to the illegal tax-havens set-up for big corporations,and the like.He demands corporate accountibility/responsibility.
Ralph Nader also opposes free-trade agreements,and the loss of our jobs,businesses,etc.shipped out to other countries,to enrich the few.
Nader also is dedicated for a real` living/work wage single incomes can actually live on decently.
Ralph Nader is for quality safe adequate health/medical care for everyone.
Most people know Ralph Nader as a staunch longtime consumer advocate,and he still is very much dedicatedto consumer health/awareness,and recourse for consumers.But he has always been just as dedicated to the issues listed above,and for restoring our constitution.
I don't place blind trust in anyone.And I know Ralph Nader is just human being like the rest of us,and that sincere humanness is a breath of fresh air.I sincerely believe that Ralph Nader is man with integrity,ability,honesty,and the moral character and courage our nation so desperately needs now,as this is the most crucial test we as a country need to pass if America is to be saved.
For my own concious I could never vote for Kerry,Bush,or any other candidate affiliated with and actively involved in and with those enterprises who insidiouly work to continue the destruction of our precious country,and the rest of the world.
We need to stop letting the poloticians,corporate interests,and the propoganda press brainwash and indoctrinate us straight to our destruction.
We should not let those mentioned above or anyone else make us feel like traitors for saying enough of this two (really one) political parties whose loyalty lay not to their duties and oaths to our nation and our best interests,but to their corporate/bankers/global elitist masters and their hideous agendas.
It makes me sad to realize that their are fine people somewhere here with the qualities,talents,and courage who really do want to serve our country well,and we rarely hear anything about them if ever.What a shame and what a loss.For all of us.
We need to have the courage to give the powers that be,the loud message that we are fed up with not having any real say in how are country is run and by who.
And we need to let the propoganda press know we're just as sick of them and their complicity in dumbing America down and protecting the interests of their masters who they know full well are purposely destroying our country for world dominion and money.
Please just visit Ralph Naders websites,do your own research about him,Kerry,and any candidate who's running in this election and any election.and please remember any qualified candidate has the right to seek public office.And please remember we do not have to continue to be enslaved with the worthless
"two party" system that continues to destroy us decade after decade,till now we are on the abyss of destruction.We must stop letting ourselves be decieved into passively accepting our fate.
I respect everyones right to make their own informed decision to support and vote for the candidate of their choice.But I also respect the right of other qualified candidates to run for office too.
And I believe that as a public duty,all truly qualified candidates should be given equal time,forums,and exposure for free.
And full disclosure of their affiliations,track record on issues, any financial partnerships,etc. which would automatically disqualify them if found to have unsavory/traitorist obvious conflict of interests,such as any financial interest in the arms industry for instance.
I recognize the sincerety of the people who make up this forum,and I hope that even if we don't always agree with each other,we at least recognize that we all joined this forum because we do care about our country,and whats really going on in the world.


Author:  RealDemocrat [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 5:50 am ]
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From your writing I can see you are strong Nader supporter or even Nader himself using a handle.

I can assure and know this for a fact that Nader will not win the election as such will never be President of this country, so why throw away your VOTE?? A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush Jr. short and simple.

However, you have a constitutional right to Vote for whoever you want for President and I respect that.

Author:  carly101 [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Heal the Nations Wounds by voting for John Kerry

Hello,Real Democrat,
Yes I am a strong Nader supporter but I promise you I'm not really Nader using a handle!!! But can you really be sure?
You are probably right that I (oops!) I mean Nader won't win the election,cause of the reasons I wrote about in my last post,but even so I would not consider my vote thrown away.
I don't believe Bush will be re-elected again,because there's a real possibility he will be impeached.Same thing if he is re-elected, think there would be so much outrage worldwide,and here too the likes of which would guarentee his being impeached,and at the minimum forced to resign.
I do hope that soon Bush&co.will be standing trial for war crimes and treason,torture,etc.Lets just hope no "terrorist" attacks are arranged for us before (or after,or ever) the elections.A lot of real ugly stories are regularly being leaked about Bush&co.along with Tenet's resignation among others,
that it appears he really made his masters unhappy,for this regular "insider" information to be allowed to keep leaking out.When he arranged to have the cia agent outed,I think that's the biggest mistake he made in their eyes.Now he has the cia,a portion of the higher ups in the military,and his global NWO masters upset with him.
The publicity reguarding the prison torture has'nt helped him at all,and his maters probably are'nt too thrilled with this publicity either.(though they don't give a damn about the torture itself.)
It's pretty clear someone or someones approved all the leaks,so it appears they will simply replace him with Kerry.Have'nt watched tv news for awhile though I keep eveyday on the internet and radio.
It is odd that I have'nt heard or read any reports about what daddy bush has to say,not a peep.I don't think any better of him either and am sure he does'nt give a damn whats happening other than jr.screwed up and as I think its a safe bet that supposed to "handle" things the way daddy bush tells him to,his days are numbered.
He must know this and so could be the most dangerous between now and November.My fear is that the bushies will manufacture some type of situation where he would daclare martial law,and turn FEMA loose on us before he is removed one way or another,and tried for treason and war crimes,along with the Cheney,and Rumsfeld,and maybe the others.But I pray everyday that does'nt happen,and I truly hope it does'nt get to that point.
So,we have to remain vigilant,and hope this evil maniac and his handlers are brought under control,and ultimately face justice.
On that cheery note,just to lighten up a bit,don't forget to cast your vote for me,I mean Nader (these typo's!) this November in the event elections will be held.
But even if you don't,I respect your right to vote for who you think is best.

Author:  RealDemocrat [ Sat Jun 26, 2004 3:52 pm ]
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Well stated, I made yourself quite clear and I thank you for that.

The people will vote and Kerry will win in a Landslide inspite of the media being in bed with Bush Jr. and manipulated news and polls the portray the Presidential race as close. Well, is not and come November I will be proven RIGHT.

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