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 Post subject: Politics of Fear VS. Democracy
PostPosted: Sun Nov 14, 2004 9:02 pm 
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This goes back about a week, but I only just found it, so I thought it would be important enough to post here at's an excellent commentary....


The Red Road

POLITICS OF FEAR VS. DEMOCRACY — The Campaign to Oust Bush and the Progressive Movement to Regain our Countr

By Caveat Emptor

Today, even more so than in the past four years, I am deeply ashamed to be an American.

While it’s true that I am a registered Democrat and am pleased to be labeled a liberal, I have crossed that theoretical aisle in the past and voted for Republican candidates when I thought it was in the best interest of the city, state or country in which I live. Not this time!

Nothing could be further from the interests of anyone in this country, or in this world (except in the interests of George Bush & Co. themselves), than voting for Bush this year.

But, the majority of American citizens have chosen the Red Road this election: Red is, appropriately, the electoral color of the Republican Party. The Republican Party road is the one of misplaced fear, misdirected rage, deliberately misunderstood rhetoric and a foolish and destructive self-interest, as well as one of appalling shortsightedness and terrifying isolationism. Red is the color of anger, hate, and fear. The symbolism of Red for the Republicans should have been a red flag for the vast majority of us. Sadly, it wasn’t. John Kerry should have won this election in a landslide. Sadly, he didn't win it at all.

For all the people who voted for Bush;

For all those who voted for some obscure third-party candidate as some sort of laughable and impotent ‘protest’ vote;

And, for all those who didn’t bother to vote at all, I have the utmost contempt.

For those who voted their mindless, misplaced and baseless ‘terror’ fears;

For those who voted their self-absorbed self-interest;

For those who actually believed it representative of the People to vote in a Republican President coupled with a same-party Congress;

For those who voted their religious beliefs – contrary to the Constitutional principle of the separation between Church and State – and mindless of the fact that religion never has any place in politics;

For those who mindlessly voted for ‘today and your tax cuts’ instead of voting for the well-being of future generations;

And, for those who chose to listen to so many lies without bothering to inform themselves about whether any of it really represented truth, I have unutterable disdain.

The majority of this electorate has been quite successfully misinformed.

While I feel confident in saying that those who voted for Bush will receive what they wanted from this mindless act of selfish disregard, in getting the American Presidential Administration they so richly deserve, sadly, the rest of us are condemned to suffer from their mindless choice.

In this act of lazy, uninformed voting according to a set of deliberately unquestioned beliefs, Bush supporters have voted for brutal negativity, dishonesty and deception. Those voters have rewarded people who should have been beneath their contempt for what they have wrought in this country during the past four years.

Bush supporters have rewarded the greed and lust of this Administration for unlimited power, and have endorsed their continuing disenfranchisement of minorities and the suppression of their right to vote.

Bush supporters have seconded this Administration’s belief that they are above national and international law. They have encouraged the Administration's raping of the environment for monetary gain and have only postponed the uncomfortable choices they will inevitably have to make.

The people who voted for Bush have applauded the hapless, hopeless and murderous military invasions of this Administration against other sovereign nations, and much, much more – ad nauseam et ad infinitum. You have exercised your right to vote or your right not to vote for what gain?

Bush supporters have satisfied their desire for immediate gratification, satisfied their false and misplaced sense of safety from some amorphous feeling of terror and have attempted to validate their abject laziness in lacking the will to inform themselves fully.

The Bush idolatry evident in the past year, and resulting in the election of their chosen one, has been at the expense of all the people dying and starving around the world, and in this country, from policies directly attributable to this Administration and, is at the expense of
future generations who will be paying off the historically unprecendented debt which has been created out of an enormous surplus which existed when they came to office;

an environment which is irreplaceable and being exploited into ruin;
civil rights which are eroded further at each passing day and,
has put the United States firmly on the road to fascism where, before this election, they were merely on the slippery slope.
The laziness of the Bush supporters in not informing themselves about truth and reality, is condemnable without comment.

For all of you public officials who got yourself elected to offices of immense responsibility only to abuse and negate the trust of the American people and to further besmirch the honor of your office by engaging in voter fraud, voter intimidation and disenfranchisement of ethnic or minority voters and by attempting to suppress votes which are in opposition to your personal and political beliefs, you should be summarily dismissed from office and shot – for acts of treason against the People and a betrayal of principles set forth in the Constitution of the United States.

What I have seen in the past four years has disturbed me in ways I never thought possible before. What I have seen and experienced during this past year of election politics from the Republican politicos, public officials and the Republican electorate has been beyond and beneath anything I might have imagined would ever be in store for the United States of America.

I’ve seen otherwise intelligent and likeable people gobble up this Administration’s talking points and empty rhetoric, with a greediness heretofore only expected of starving children suckling at their mother’s breasts.

I’ve listened to and have read the commentary of die-hard Republicans as it’s been subsequently regurgitated by them as gospel to others, then circulating around the country with no one willing to check the facts and peer behind the Red Curtain to see that there was only a little zealot behind there.

I've heard endless rounds of accusations of there being a liberal media bias when, in fact, no such thing exists or has ever existed in this country. The mainstream media is unreservedly conservative and this Administration has received almost zero negative coverage over events which would have had a Democrat President impeached.

Zealotry has been assiduously condemned by everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike, since the events of September 11th but no Republican has been willing to admit that zealotry, in any form and from whatever belief or religion it might spring, should be condemned and rooted out.

This Administration thrives and succeeds in becoming elected to high office on a quasi-religious, twelve-step form of zealotry every bit as dangerous and repugnant as that from one such as Osama bin Laden. The Republican electorate has bought into it, hook, line and sinker.

What are we to make of those Republicans who, when fed another talking point, sigh contentedly and deliver a self-righteous smirk of “I’ve got mine and fuck you” to the non-believers and then pass on the “God in the Whitehouse” sermon to their fellow believers?

What are we to make of people who willingly endorse a view that special tickets are needed to see and hear their President speak and, that these tickets require signing an oath of allegiance to that man?

What are we to make of people who willingly attend those events and then willingly engage in reciting an oath of allegiance to that man? Oaths of allegiance to any particular person, whether required or freely given, are consummately dangerous.
If those followers of George Bush II, haven’t noticed the parallels to other periods and countries in history then two things are obvious here. One, the educational system in America has failed you and, second, you were too lazy to make up the lack.

Early Warning Signs of Fascism

Powerful and continuing NATIONALISM

by Lawrence W. Britt



"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."
Honore de Balzac

"Democrats work to help people who need help.
That other party, they work for people who don't need help.
That's all there is to it."

~Harry S. Truman

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