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 Post subject: 2008 Bi-Partisan candidates. Above the party line rhetoric!!
PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 4:13 pm 
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Today Jesse pointed out something that would help our state of politcs in America- People from either party coming together to work for compromise and good government.

TVNL Editor's Comments: President & Vice President Democrat Mike Gravel & Republican Ron Paul! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Let me start off by setting the record straight. I am not in any way inferring that I believe that the Democratic or Republican parties are about to allow a legitimate candidate to achieve any level of political success in this nation. As a matter of fact I believe that signing up to be a candidate for one of these two parties is the legal equivalent of making a deal with the devil. The two party system is broken and under the control of people who simply do not care about the majority of Americans.

That being said I am ready to identify two individuals who, in my opinion, may actually still own their own souls. These two men seem to actually be legitimate representatives of the people of this nation and they seem to really want to protect the American citizens from the ruling elite who have hijacked, for their own use, the political system of our nation. I would like to see them make a joint run for the office of President and Vice President in the 2008 election.

On the Republican side I have identified a real Republican hidden among a Government full of Republicans who share the party name but show no sings of sharing the party principles: Republican Representative Ron Paul, 14th District Texas. This is a man who has bravely and vocally addressed the biggest and most powerful conspiracy against the American people in our nation's history: the criminality of the Federal Reserve system. Ron Paul has made part of the public record his concerns about an illegal, unconstitutional and immoral monetary system that has placed virtually complete control of our government and our economy in the hands of secretive financiers. The central banking system is arguably the most harmful entity on our planet and is very likely at the heart of every war and economic hardship on this planet. Ron Paul literally risks his life each time he courageously attempts to raise this topic while at the same time his colleagues on both sides of the isle remain silent as if a bolt of lightning would strike them if they took part in this vital discussion. Even the perceived champion of the working class in the media, Lou Dobbs, pretends this issue does not exist. The issue of the Federal System is at the heart of everything that is wrong with government today. It is the most important issue related to democracy at this point and Ron Paul stands alone in Congress as a champion of the people. It is for this reason alone Ron Paul must be considered a true and legitimate representative of the people and not a tool of the ruling elite.

On the Democrat side my selection introduced himself to our nation during the Democratic debate on MSNBC. His name is Mike Gravel and I am proud to say that the readers of this newsletter learned about him weeks if not months ago. The former two term Senator from Alaska stood alone among a stage full of establishment stooges and spoke boldly about the control that the military industrial complex has over our government and over our culture. As Gravel stood across from the Demopublican Hillary Clinton and the Bilderberg Group Approved John Edwards he did something that no other American politician has done for years, he spoke the truth to the American people about war, nuclear weapons, America's breaking of international treaties, the fraudulent case for invading Iraq and the myth of a war on terror. He understands about the illegality of personal income tax and he would bring an end to the IRS and their blood thirsty practice of sucking the financial life blood of the working class. He stood on the same stage with people who have been doing nothing but lying to Americans for years (a semi-pass granted to Dennis Kucinich), and he told the truth. What more can one ask of a president of the United States.

One way any American can tell if a member of our government is indeed on the side of the citizens as opposed to being a tool of the ruling financial elite, corporate lobbies, military industrial complex or AIPAC, is to watch and see how the establishment media treat them. If the media ignores them or shows a coordinated effort to belittle or ridicule them, chances are they are actually fighting for what is best for the voters. So with that in mind please watch how the media treats, or ignores the two candidates highlighted in this piece. If you see a willing participation of the establishment media to ignore or belittle either of these candidates you should do your best to ignore the media and listen closely to the candidates and really think for yourself about what they are saying. Forget what party they are from. As a matter of fact try hard to ignore what party they are from and just listen to them. That's all I ask.

My suggestion to these two fine men is to join forces. This is a disparate time for America and for the survival of our democracy. It is a time to end the fallacy of the two party system because both parties have become as corrupt as can be. The people of this nation no longer get to chose our representatives, the people who control the parties and the media control who we are allowed to vote for. They don't even let us see some of the real candidates until we notice them listed on a ballot on election day. Is that democracy?

So I wonder what would happen if one of the few legitimate Republicans joined forces with one of the few legitimate Democrats and tried to defy the system. I wonder if the power of the people can overcome the power of the establishment media and the ruling class and elect a presidential team consisting of the first two legitimate representatives of the people in generations. I wonder what our nation would be like with leaders who would be willing to take on the enemies of the American people that have infected our system of government and like a cancer consume our democracy.

I'll tell you one thing, the day I hear the words “President and Vice President of the United States, Ron Paul & Mike Gravel (or the other way around), I'll be volunteering to serve our government in any way I can, even if it meant taking a bullet for one or both of those men; and I would think that bullets may be flying, if you know what I mean! So what do think? Can a Real Republican and a Real Democrat take their parties back at the same time...together? Think about it! - Jesse –Editor,

NOTE: You can respond to my daily comments on my blog, located here:

How about a non-partisan party that deals with the real issues beyond the pathetic morals and values agenda that serves to divide us and not bring us together. Can we really change red and blue to purple? If we want to we can!!!!

Any other good candidates to lead from both parties- together. Gravel was a breath of fresh air and the more I hear about Ron Paul puts him in a better place . His stand and outspokenness on the Fed Reserve makes him a real contender.

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