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 Post subject: LOGO/HRC candiates forum
PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:02 pm 
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So, there they were, the dems, by and large at this LOG/HRC LGBT forum, and most of them looked like deer cought in the headlights.

The following article from Queerty reflects that.

It was nice to hear Kucinich and Gravel support gay marriage without any hemming and hawing. It was another thing to see the front runners dance the end-around.

Karel, a Huffington Post writer and music industry insider had an interesting take on the forum on his KGO radio show. He felt the forum sort of pandered to the LGBT community, and played on only a couple of issues. He commented that the LGBT community has the same interests as anyone else and this forum could have been served better to show that. I can agree with that.

Nonetheless, I think the forum was still good in showing the viewers how far we've come and how far we've got to go as a nation in the issues discussed -- on being gay marriage.

Personally, it caused me to think more highly of Kucinich and more lowly of Clinton.

And Gov. Bill Richardson deserves the "WTF was he thinking award?". The columnist who asked Richardson that one softball question had to do a doubletake along with the moderator when Richardson actually called being gay a "choice". And his whole "I don't science" mush mouth comment, left me wondering what people saw in him. His responses were that garbled. Sheesh.

Edwards and his religious beliefs informing his opinions also sucked. It's sounded so evangelical nutty to be laughable. I guess he was being honest. I hope his poll numbers suffer. Hopefully he wakes up.

Obama was deflecting too, but at least he didn't preface his support for civil unions with a defense of the Defense of Marriage Act, like Hill-Bill. :roll:

I'm voting for Kucinich in the primary.

Democrats Do Gay Rights[/url]
August 10th, 2007

Who wants to give Dennis Kucinich a big bear hug? The Ohio-born Congressman definitely “felt the love” last night at the Logo/HRC gay forum.

The diminutive Kucinich left the crowd wanting more, Senator Hillary Clinton left people cheering and poor Governor Bill Richardson, meanwhile, left us scratching our heads.

Barack Obama started it all, his prize for agreeing to the forum first. The Senator from Illinois strolled up to the casual, Oprah-esque stage and stayed cool as a cucumber while discussing the division between church and state. And, like all the “different” candidates, made sure to emphasize his outsider status:

Well, it is my strong belief that the government has to treat all citizens equally. I come from that in part out of personal experience. When you’re a black guy named Barack Obama, you know what it’s like to be on the outside. And so my concern is continually to make sure that the rights that are conferred by the state are equal for all people.

I am a strong supporter not of a weak version of civil unions, but of a strong version, in which the rights that are conferred at the federal level to persons of — you know, who are part of the same sex union are compatible. Now, as a consequence, I don’t think that the church should be making these determinations when it comes to legal rights conferred by the state.

Which way is up?

I haven't used this screen name elsewhere.

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