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 Post subject: Unity2008-not Unity08- the balance we need?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 12:39 pm 
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Here's a site that suggests balance between people by throwing away the simpletons 2 party system and making it even simpler. RATHER THAN CHOOSING FROM TWO CHOICES ONLY- BAD OR WORSE- now you people who profess to being progressives do have an alternative. This party is a blend of ideas and balance is its intention.

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In 2004, over $800 million in campaign donations were used by the Democrats and Republicans. This was not to bring a plan to the people, but in criticizing the other party. The net result was that In 2004, only 21% of our voter population put Bush into office, and 20% wasted a vote on democrats that would not question the results. 60% of our voter population let someone else decide for them.

Today, the Democrats and Republicans boost and brag about their campaign funding, yet they still do not offer anything worth while in their implied promises worth remembering. The word 'Try' for Orion Karl Daley is not acceptable for making commitments to the nation.

The New Deal is Orion Karl Daley's commitment. It is doable for our nation. So if you can donate, every bit of help is precious for this campaign's message to reach the American people. Just imagine bill boarding America with the message 'let not this country be with out you'!

No other candidate, with their implied promises can reach the hearts and minds of America like Orion Karl Daley, no matter how much campaign funds they have. An that's how we inspire our nation for its strategic future.

Beware of imitators- there is an imposter called- - that is made up of the same group of criminal regressives that rule us now and is supported by people like Mario Cuomo and Tom Kean. :roll:

Is this the kind of people we want running our country? Do we appreciate all the hype about who can prostitute themselves for the most campaign monies? Is that what impresses? Do we want a Clinton or Ghouliani who will just continue the status quo and continue their regressive ways? SSDD-Same shit different despot?

This site does a review of them both- ... unity2008/

For a while now, Jim has been doing some serious muckraking on the elitist reality behind the grassroots hype of Unity08. Unity08 claims to be an upstart organization, but it actually is organized and funded by the same kind of Washington D.C. insiders that have dominated the Democratic and Republican parties for as long as anyone can remember.

As a counterpoint to the Unity08 sham grassroots, I thought I would offer up a picture of what a real political upstart looks like. It isn’t Unity08, but it’s close. It’s Unity2008.

Unity2008 is the web site of the Balanced Party. The Balanced Party, just like Unity08, isn’t really much of a political party. It’s really little more than an entity created by a man named Orion Karl Daley to promote his presidential campaign for 2008. Just like Unity08, the Balanced Party claims to be above the divisions between liberal and conservative. Just like Unity08, the Balanced Party really does have an agenda. However, the Balanced Party does better than Unity08, in that it acknowledges its agenda openly.

More importantly, the Balanced Party’s Unity 2008 web site isn’t some big slick operation made with the help of PR professionals. It’s a basic site with a basic design. Unity 2008 shows what real upstart grassroots creations look like.

There's lots more to the site to read and decide- 'am I going to waste my pointless vote any longer? Perhaps you do have an alternative now, beyond the drivel of tyrants who want to kill as many people as they can while pretending to rule for the people. It's like an abusive relationship where the husband abuses his mate and then brings flowers to make up for his actions. If that's your take on what politics should be then continue as usual without forcing change until you reach a breaking point and free yourselves from this form of oppression. You do have alternate choices that are progressive; you just have to develop the confidence to use them. Bichotic thinking will not answer the problems America has developed because of its flawed constitution. It is time to step up and stand up for progress- what we profess to be actually coming true- and get back to grass roots politics. Don't fall for the hype on TVnewsliars and stop the abuse.

Here's some more interesting lines from the irregular times site-

[/quote]Campain 2008: no, it's not a misspelling. When we turn on the television this year and next, we're going to be subjected to shovels full of bullshit next to a few spoonfuls of sincerity and a dropperful of insight. Let's talk honestly about all the hooplah that's headed our way.

Politics is an audacious enterprise. It takes some audacity to claim so strong a grip on the truth as to pass a law stripping away Americans' freedom, or requiring Americans to behave in a certain way, or subjecting non-Americans to the might of a fearful superpower. Policymaking has become unhinged from empirical reality and divorced from active deliberation and debate. When politics becomes opaque, shenanigans of all sorts will surely follow. It's time to rake out all the muck and let the sunshine in.

Mike Gravel put it well in his recent speech to the DNC Winter Conference: "Since the end of the Second World War, various political leaders have fostered fear in the American people––fear of Communism, fear of terrorism, fear of immigrants, fear of people based on race and religion, fear of Gays and Lesbian in love who just want to get married, and fear of people who are somehow different. It is fear that allows political leaders to manipulate us all and distort our national priorities. Fear has allowed our political leaders to spend more on military armaments than is spent collectively by all the other nations in the world. Who are we afraid of? Are we that paranoid?" [quote]
- - perhaps the only real progressive choice left.

Of course one needs to show interest in change before they can stop the abuse. Are you progressive enough to demand change and ready to face the consequences of your actions?

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Now I know how Kusinich feels.

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