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 Post subject: Why do the Republcaneoconnazis lie?
PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 4:49 pm 
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All governments lie, but the neoconazis under Bush serve up some doozies. Why so much mendacity? it is not realised by most that it is vital for the vulgar masses of asses it is the "Noble "thing for the elite to do. The vulgar masses, the 'Herd" must be controlled and would become ungovernable without these lies. This is the basis of such philosophy as Scotter Libby and his co conspirators from the teachings of the philosopher they so admire, Leo Strauss, and are called "Leocons".

Check out to see the list of followers that lead to such great liars as Bolton, Wolfowitz, Irving and William Kristol, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Abraham Shulsky, Gingrich and crypto fascists like Jeanne Kilpatrick.

Men who are possessed by Strauss' philosophy cannot be trusted with political power in any society, let alone a liberal democracy. He believes that the "philosopher Elite" should rule, and it should be covert- like Libby!
The reason being that the "Vulgar Herd", as he called us, cannot appreciate higher truths such as the inevitability and necessities of war in relations to states and even the utility of wars when governing a state. So the covert elite must make sure that myths like religion and the glory of the state are not weakened, for these are ways of ruling over the ignorant herd (Bucky types), and lead it into war.

The Straussians themselves are not religious- they are above religion dealing with the truths of human mortality, only seeing it as a crucial factor in governing. Irv Kristol states that religion is a far more important factor than the founding fathers gave credence to, and that to rescue America it is important to "breathe new life into the older now largely comatose religious orthodoxies". Any religion will do except of course Islam, for it professes to peace and not love. The attachment to Israel by neoconazis is the only way they can distance themselves from the German nazi analogy that is so obvious in their philosophy. I refer once again to the book "Theologians under Hitler" which is a revealing novel about the aggregate of Church and state and the resulting control of the sheeple.

Hence they embrace the Christian story as a form of crowd control and get them marching gleefully off to war and death. The neoconazis are mainly concerned with foreign affairs, but adhere to fundamentalist credo, to create a Win/Win situation.

But grandiose lies are useful, and must sometimes be supported by lesser lies, like "WMD's" and "smoking guns that lead to mushroom clouds". This is where the elite comes into play. They use their superior intellect, rhetorical skills and infrastructure of media to make the weak argument seem stronger. This works well when we think of buckys only tactic of copy and paste to respond, because he needs that thinking of others, since he is incapable of thinking for himself. In other words the caballistic elite must protect myths and manufacture lies while spinning the truth and selling myths and lies as fact.

All this comes down to one word- LYING. This is the "NEO-NOBLE LIES" that are far from noble. Platos original intent of the term was to convey a myth or parable that had an underlying truth about morality or nature. But for Straussians it becomes a way of deceiving the herd- to dupe the multitude of buckys and secure power for a special elite.

These people aren't conservatives at all. They are radicals, at war with the modern enterprise, and turning to the ancients for inspiration, and even there they have to distort the teachings to make their case. But our knowledge comes from science and is against their teachings, so we understand why they are so against the progress of man from myth and ignorance, since we become aware of their games. This is why they preach such things as intelligent design and abortion issues as part of their philosophies. Science is to be kept from the common man much like the church kept the science "religion" taught from man during the dark and middle ages. But science is for everyone and must be disseminated. Anyone or any country that tries to keep a lid on it is doomed to failure.

And so by natural selection the Straussian philosophy is doomed to fail.

But before that happens, they are doing a lot of damage. We must resist the noble lie and fight ever harder for the truth. Learn the importance of boldness from them and use it to hunt them down and get them out of power. Remember they cannot be trusted with political power.

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