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 Post subject: War is about OIL-300mln. gallons
PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 4:16 pm 

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This war was about oil..The Millions of gallons of oil that was spewed into our environment.The facts about the devastation the environment suffered from over 250 million gallons of oil "DELIBERATELY" spewed into the sea,air, land,and atmosphere (environment) causing the "WORLDS LARGEST and WORST ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER/DEVASTATION KNOWN to MAN (in the HISTORY of MAN) along with 6 super tankers being sunk, can be seen on, A and E channel, history channel, and you can also go to BBC online and look up the after affects of the spill and see pictures of oil-lakes in the desert that exist 'till this very day along with the effects the cancer-clusters are causing. After seeing all this and what Iraq did with our precious natural resources,( to devastate) ; and you are still able to compare it to using resources for energy, fuel, industry, heat. If not to protect the earth and it's resources for our children, what are the worlds Adults/Parents/Leaders and the UN organization good for. IRAQ took a piece of earth (land, sea, air) that both contained and supported life and turned it into a lifeless, poisoned sess pool with lakes of oil that exist 'till this day and an environment that is causing cancer cluster's with little or no sight of letting up. This might sound a little dramatic to you but,"No-one knows what the long term affects this will have to the environment or how sea life will be effected that can travel up the food chain." Now, I realize this is the worst possible scenario, but I am very protective when it comes to the environment. ..You could be right about "BUSCH", I did not vote for him nor do I give him all my support with his reasons for going to war, Especially for not stating the one and only justification that made this war "JUST".. "IRAQ ,MALICIUOSLY CAUSING THE WORST ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER KNOWN TO MAN" I will not sell out the environment for partisan politics or my hatred for Bush and the Republicans. No matter how many "EXPLANATIONS" people give for the devastation, there can be no "EXCUSE" for such actions. The UNITED NATIONS along with every other leader have failed us. They should have took quick and strict actions against Iraq and arresting Saddam, saying to the world such senseless environmental devastation will never be tolerated. After seeing all this and what Iraq did with our precious natural resources,( to devastate) ; and you are still able to compare it to using resources for energy, fuel, industry, heat,and incubators. Your hatred towards "BUSCH" has truley blinded you, to the extent of your willingness of sabotaging the earth and our childrens well being to hurt his political career. ..I am not a Rep. or a Dem. When it comes to the environment, individual rights, animal rights and the right to choose I lean left. When it comes to less taxes, less government, the economy, and national security I lean right.It has never been more evident that both political parties R/D put their own needs, wants and future so far above ours, that they are willing to sacrifice/sabotage the people just to hurt each other and make the other party look bad. They get away with this by people giving blind partisan support and lending to the apathy. People voting for the candidate based on their issues without his party being the litmit test is no longer the norm. People are so biased they no longer have an opened mind or the ability to see straight (right from wrong ), only that their party is right and death to the other. Clinton's idea of healthcare was a great idea but the rep.'s because it was not their idea fought against it. that was wrong...Bush's tax-cut was a great and much needed idea.. the dem's, fought against it. they were wrong. Don't you see this?? How can you sit back and not demand for the Iraq regime pay for the devastation the environment sustained for no good reason ?? I really need to understand ?? HOW?>? I realize that this was not the reason we went to war when it should have been. I also realize that this was a just and necessary war against saddam,the iraqi regime and all those who would support or protect them. Put your dignity self worth and beliefs before a politicians career. Do you not think the Exxon disaster was a horrible??Which till this day I would rather walk 50 miles in a hurricane than get their gas, not because the accident happened, but because of their ill handling of it, and lack of prevention for future ships..I used to donate to "greenpeace" who boycott's Exxon, but would rather "SACRIFICE JUSTICE" towards environmental destruction if it means lending support towards "BUSCH". Instead they concentrate more on critizing "BUSCH" then a just cause, their website home page tells you to boycott "EXXON" and "BUSCH" and have the nerve to make Saddam look like the victim of "BUSCH'S" tyranny.I on the other hand will no longer donate to "GREENPEACE" but will not sabotage the environment to do so. My support will go to another "ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP" who has such strong and just belief in thier cause they would never soil it by selling it out.

 Post subject: A Suggestion...
PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 11:01 pm 
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Site Admin
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Hi, Nicole...

You seem very passionate in what you are writing about. However, I found your post very hard to read, mainly because of the format in which it's presented. I didn't read past the first seven or eight lines, and I doubt if anyone else who comes here will, either. :?

I'm not trying to be patronizing, but I suggest you post it again with paragraphs to separate your statements of ideas and opinions. It would make your thinking clearer to me, and would also help me to understand you better. :)

It's hard to respond or debate when I don't completely understand where you're coming from because I can't wade through your post. :)



 Post subject: Your concerns ...
PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2004 7:25 pm 
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Hi Nicole,

As far as Oil goes, I'll be glad when the we move on and use all those other energy alternatives. The ones the petrocrazies have been blocking, buying and doing away with all these years. I don't expect it will happen over night though. More then likely, only when it is profitable for "them" to do so.

Well, when one remembers Clinton, he had some good points and bad points, mostly bad I'm afraid. I realize that Clinton was dragged through the mud far worse the Bush or Daddy bush. Still, Clinton was not a good guy as most all of them are not. As long as the plutocracy maniacs are running the show, nothing will ever get any better.

I've already stated on other post the these nuts need to go and our lunatic political system needs to be abolished from the top down. Only citizens can change and fix this mess. Only citizens can protect themselves from those Orwellian patriot acts from hell.

When the oil soaked crazies get control of everything and become our our lords and masters it will be to late to turn back and change anything. All we hear from them is how they need to put some Country in it's place. First, they'll make them look like evil do'ers with their (controlled) media tool kit, those talking heads you see on TV each day. After thoroughly bashing them in the news and people are convinced they are monsters, they'll bomb the hell out of them. Oh and they'll make sure they'll be plenty of "Depleted Uranium" left around after, to finish the job. To them, War is peace, Innorance is strength, freedom is slaver.

DU -

Vote Scam -

People should read back through history and trace the banking families. (Banking houses) Perhaps then, they might come to understand how our current money system - usury, got established. They also will learn how we have worthless / fiat money.

I hope with any luck at all, people will wise up and get away from the mainstream news! (TV and Radio - CBS, FOX, ATV, CNN, NBC, CBC, ABC and Clear Channel and etc. ) They can't be trusted to report the news fairly and to report the stories that need to be told. We don't want or need their slanted half truths, their lies and half the story reports. We are sick and tired of the unfair reporting from the mainstream media!

As always, (brainwashing) is a vital part of the plutocracy strategy.
They would like people to believe their utter nonsense:

1} Dissent is treason.
2} Constitutional liberties are less important than security.
3} The "war on terrorism" excuses any attack on civil liberties.
4} The economy is sound. Etc.

Other news / reading.


You will know you have spoken the truth when you are angrily denounced; and you will know you have spoken both truly and well when you are visited by the thought police.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 10:55 pm 
Speaking My Mind
Speaking My Mind

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and have the nerve to make Saddam look like the victim of "BUSCH'S" tyranny

Maybe they are right.

War for oil?? but for whom??
The US has not even touched their reserves.

And donĀ“t forget the water .......

IRAQ took a piece of earth (land, sea, air) that both contained and supported life and turned it into a lifeless, poisoned sess pool with lakes of oil that exist 'till this day and an environment that is causing cancer cluster's with little or no sight of letting up

Nicole - could you explain this statement a bit more?

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