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 Post subject: Peak Debt!
PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 3:50 pm 
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Link is at the end of my rant.

We recently took out a loan. My vehicle was on its last legs and it was time. I didn't like the prospect of being stuck in the city of New Haven with no one knowing how to get to me to pick me up. I'm not as young and foolish as I used to be in thinking that I am invincible and that no one would have the audacity to mess with me, weapon or no weapon. Lol, the thought would have never crossed my mind as little as 10 years ago. My, my, what 10 years can do, not only to the body, but to the mind as well. Part of growing up I guess.

Anyway, I requested a credit check along with the loan request. When I received the approval and I went down to fill out some more paper work, we went over our credit rating. "800"!! the guy said to me. "Rarely do we see a rating that high. The highest I have ever seen is 850"

Of course, I was curious as to what this means, so I asked him. He said that because of my wages and our credit score, I could pretty much get anything I wanted on my signature alone. Looking back, I wonder if he seemed kind of eager in hopes that I would consider taking a loan out for the "Big One", being a house. Wont happen in this state. I refuse to pay the 250 to 300k that it would require for me to get something in an area that I like. Hell, I don't even really like this state, for me it is too crowded. Coming from the backwoods of Maine, I guess that most places would be too crowded for me.

Although I have thought about it in the past and after my musings, I put my thoughts on the subject into my mental filing cabinet labeled "Money" under the "Credit" section, which because of the amount of reading I do, I knew that this same subject would come up at a later date.

After reading this article and the possible ramifications, my past musings reappeared in my mind.

Why is it that so many people do not see the danger of extending their credit past the limits of their means? We are not only doing this on a national level, so many are doing this on an individual level that WHEN this economy crashes, these people will be devastated for the rest of their lives which will carry on over to their children, and their children's children.

Why would people subject themselves to becoming mere wage slaves for the rest of their natural lives by purchasing things on credit that they know they can ill afford?

No, my family nor my friends are immune to this. I am, but the ones I love are not. They look at how little I have, and tell me that I should get this, or I should get that. To them, "things" are what brings happiness. You know the bumper sticker, "Whoever has the most toys wins."

What they don't seem to understand is that I am free, or at least as free as a person can be in this land of increasing tyranny.

On the one hand they tell me how I should be living as they chose to live, on the other hand after seeing how they live, I would prefer not to, thank you very much.

I see them struggling to make ends meet. They can do nothing for enjoyment without wondering how they will be able to pay for it. In the end, they normally don't, they just go further into debt. Hey, if they are willing to loan me the money, I may as well use it. Someday I will be able to pay it off.

I call them to see if they want to go to dinner. "No, we cant afford it"
I call them to see if they would like to go to a show. "No, we are behind on our bills already.

Or the best one. "We are so behind on our bills, I think we are going to take out another loan to consolidate. This way we wont have to pay as much" Which in fact pushes them further in debt. Even after this, do they change their ways? No. They just compound the situation.

I have put out so much money to family members over the past few months, that I don't even want to get into it. I realize that I am only enabling them, but they are my family, I love them. How can I not help?

What is ironic is that some of these people make significantly more that I do. Yet I am the one who is living wrong because I choose not to be led into this illusion of the American dream?

Yes, on credit, I could afford everything that they say I could afford. Perhaps they are also correct, that if I got all of this crap on credit, that by the time I retire, they would be mine, though from what I see, most are still in debt even after they retire. (I wont go into the fact that you own nothing, this is another illusion which I have argued, but I am the only one who seems to see it this way)

Then what? I live my life kissing the bosses ass in work looking the other way even when they do wrong, because I'm terrified that if I lose my job, I will lose everything? I then do this until it is time for me to retire, (if I can even afford to retire) so that I can live the last days of my life looking at the things that I wasted the best part of my life getting? Then what? I die?

This is happiness?

In my trade, the average amount of pension checks collected after retirement is 11. ELEVEN CHECKS!!! ELEVEN MONTHS IS THE AVERAGE LIFE SPAN AFTER RETIREMENT IN MY TRADE!!!!!

Tell you what. I would rather live in the security that at any time I want to, I could pick up and leave without any ill effects. I can do what I want, when I want without having to worry about whether I can afford it or not.

The biggest thing though, WHEN this economy collapses under the weight of this spend now pay later society, I have very little for them to take from me. I will be able to walk away from this place with a backpack and a tent and it will not bother me in the least. I am much happier and more comfortable in nature anyway.

How many will look at their self inflicted, devastating losses, and then finally realize that this whole time they have spent acquiring these "things" has been for naught. This whole time they have been nothing but wage slaves for a group of greedy manipulative elite who will in the end take everything in payment.
They already own everything. Now they are working on our souls, and we are selling them lock stock and barrel.

This is the American Dream in its ugly reality. No thank you. I will keep my soul and I will keep my freedom. One is not for me to give, the other I will never let them take.

What I own is this little space of ground that I am now on. Nothing else can belong to me because there is nothing that we can really own in the first place. Nature is the owner of everything that we see before us, any thought other than that is just part of this illusion in which we live. Nature right now is renting this "house" called earth to us, and we are trashing it. I wonder how long before we are evicted.

All Hail Nature. All Hail God.

Here is the link that got me started on this rant.


Peace out

The war to end all wars can only be fought on the front-lines of the mind.

The greatest deception they have perpetrated is that we need them. Our greatest mistake is that we believe them.

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