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 Post subject: My official introduction
PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 2:36 am 
Hear Me Roar!

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Hi, I am Just One More Thing.... That is my handle here. An internet associate introduced me to this site and I can tell that it is a very friendly site. It is friendly because I can sense that many people here have the same kind of beliefs that I do with respect to politics and religion.

I would classify myself as quite left wing in the political philosophy department. But, in the business of the economy I would favour capitalism over any socialist method of producing goods and services.It corresponds quite well to the nature of the human being, i.e. it suits his selfish ways. I guess that is why it so successful. The system just needs to be regulated to keep it honest that is all.

I went to university during the late sixties in Canada when the Viet Nam War was raging on. This was the era of the hippies and flower children and acid and drugs and rock and roll. The whole thing. But, I never became a flower child, I did not do acid and I did not like the psychedelic music as it was called. I always liked love songs and I never changed my ways about that.

I never bought marijuana in my life, but like Bill Clinton and George Bush I did have occasion to take a few puffs. If someone from the sixties says they did not smoke grass or smell grass they are lying.

I was quite a conservative personality when I entered university but I was processed out as a left thinking type and definitely anti-war and anti-Republican. Richard Nixon taught a whole generation of people about why not to like Republicans and the conservative agenda that they represented. I even got involved in a student demonstration while at university and got arrested. Now, that was exciting.

After graduating from university I did mostly odd jobs and I was never really employed full time at anything. I spent twenty years in the carnival business travelling extensively throughout western Canada operating games of chance and games of skill. This business is essentially seasonal so I always had the winters off to do other things. I had no intentions of making the carnival business my life long career. I was always waiting for something to happen as I was always trying to get fulltime jobs. But, it never happened for twenty years.

My first full time job in 1982 turned out to be a mistake and its consequences are part of the reason for my production of a personal blog. I am still living the effects of this disappointment and joy that occurred in the early eighties. This was a very traumatic period in my life and I will relate the details for you as delicately as I can while trying not to harm in any way people that I care about.

I became a courier in 1987. This was the first job that would have any real meaning for me and it is what I do today. I really like the courier business as it is well suited to my personality and it is a very good learning experience and involves a lot of people and business contact. Plus, I get to do a lot of driving and I listen to music and dream and fantasize all day long.

I would like to be able to retire in about 3 or 4 years and just do the things that I want to do, which is basically nothing but dreaming and thinking, going to the racetrack and fishing. I also like driving and listening to love songs. I am a very simple character really.

I try to spend most of my spare time on my computer on sites like this trying to educate myself about current events and history and politics. I basically quit watching television as it is not improving my mind. For leisure I go to the racetrack and play the harness horses and use a sytem when I am there. I have developed a little system that works for me. It is not foolfproof but it makes the social event worthwhile for me.

My life experiences tell me that people do not change really over time. They may think they do, but I bet if you look deep enough you are essentially the same person you were twenty years ago.

I just entered a little tid bit on chit chat if you are interested. I hope you find it amusing and can guess what I did with the money that I got for free.

Just One More Thing...

My life is full of optimism and I am not going to stop living until I know the answers to all of the important things, like why does love exist.

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