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 Post subject: IAEA protests "erroneous" U.S. report on Iran
PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 2:59 pm 
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Link, then rant below. :evil:

Ok folks, this is the situation as I see it.

After all of the lies that this administration and its media sluts have forced down the throats of gullible US citizens, is there any way that we can believe a word that comes from their foul mouths?

If we in our wisdom think that by attacking Iran's nuclear facilities through air strikes will cause them to just lay down and surrender, we are sadly mistaken. Once again I suppose that this administration thinks that we will be greeted with flowers and candy. IDIOTS!!!

This will be the scenario.

The US, or Israel attacks strategic points in Iran's infrastructure. This of course not only infuriates Iran, but the rest of the Muslim world as an attack against them all.

First will be oil sanctions against the US in a world wide united front. This will not only be Muslim country's, this will be from all country's that the US has attempted to manipulate. (There are a great many. Do some research)

Next will be the removal of one of the main purveyors of unrest in the Middle East. Israel.

To get to Israel, they will have to go through Iraq. Our soldiers in Iraq are already having a hell of a time controlling the situation without being over run as it is. What will happen when Iran, Syria, Pakistan, among many others send millions of soldiers? Our ground forces will be crushed under the onslaught. You don't think this will happen? Tell you what, one way to find out isn't there. If we allow this to happen we will find out whether I am right or wrong in my assumptions. We will have two options, retreat, or use nuclear weapons.

Now, if you served in the military, or even if not, I'm assuming that you all know what MAD is. Mutually Assured Destruction. What will the country's who though we are not overtly hostile to (YET), yet not very friendly to either, think of our dropping of a nuclear bomb on a people with whom we have instigated the fight in the first place? I wonder, will they just sit back thinking that we would not have the audacity to turn our sights on them after we are through here? Or is it more likely than not that they will see the US for what it is, a war mongering whore.

No, I am not a traitor to my nation God Damnit. I am a patriot, and I want to SAVE MY COUNTRY. I am a patriot to humanity, WE NEED TO STOP THIS TO SAVE THE WORLD. To those of you shills who are reading this, THINK damnit. Use your Fucking Heads. Open your FUCKING EYES.

Do you really think that myself, or any of us who are fighting this madness are cowards? We are risking our freedom by speaking our minds because STUPID FUCKERS like you have branded us traitors to a nation that we are trying to SAVE. Please, oh please send your dogs after me. Please show us your true colors!! You claim to be fighting for freedom? You LIE!!! Those whom you follow are starting the wars of aggression in their desire for CONTROL. Control of people. Control of recourses. Control of the WORLD.

If you believe anything other than this, then you are brain dead. You deserve every damn thing that you get. However, because of your actions you selfish, manipulative, pieces of shit, you will cause suffering on untold millions who are not deserving of suffering your ignorance. You are not only STUPID, you are also BLIND to any form of TRUTH that exists. You are evil DEMONS. No, not the mythical demons of religion, you are real demons in the flesh. Your selfishness, greed, and contempt for all of humanity is proof that you are EVIL INCARNATE.


You claim to be followers of God??!!! You haven't the comprehension of God. You have soiled the word. I cannot even say the word anymore without thinking in disgust of what you have done to this word. Does this mean that I love any less that which I recognize? No. The word God is just that, a word that man has used to describe that which they feel is higher than themselves. I do believe there is something higher than myself, and I will tell you what you heathen, it in no way shape or form resembles what you portray it to be.

This administration is attempting to expand this war into a battle that will lead us to extinction. You shills do not see this because you are BLIND and STUPID. Its time for you to wake up to the reality which is staring you in the face.

The war to end all wars can only be fought on the front-lines of the mind.

The greatest deception they have perpetrated is that we need them. Our greatest mistake is that we believe them.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 8:52 am 
Speaking My Mind
Speaking My Mind
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yet another echo of the iraq war. remember hans blix disputed administration claims in perhaps feb 2003 about anything the US had to say.

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