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 Post subject: Is GWB a "Good, True Christian?"
PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2004 9:40 am 
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Thank you, Jesse, for honoring my request.

I hope this new forum will generate some basic discussions about religion and whether or not it should be at the forefront of politics as it seems to be under the Bush administration.

I am a firm believer in separation of church and state, but I am greatly concerned that the Bush administration seems to have opened the door not only to an increase in terrorism but also to an increase in religious intolerance. Bush seems to relish cloaking himself as a self-appointed messiah, and trying to lead a Christian crusade under the guise of the cross, when we all know all he's after are oil, political prominance, his father's approval, and maybe look a little taller when he struts around.

He doesn't care how many Americans, Iraqis, or any other nationalities have to die in order to achieve his goals.

In his infamous April news conference, Bush seemed to practically promise, in his usual stuttering, stumbling, bungling way, that he meant to spread his religious beliefs as far as he could and that is how I continue to interpret his "change the world" slogan.

What would we be feeling or doing if one of the Middle Eastern countries was the One Remaining Superpower and the leader of that country was a religious zealot, telling everyone he (or she) wanted to "change the world" after that same leader had invaded...oh, say Canada?



 Post subject: Religion:GWB,a "Good True Christian"
PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 12:05 am 
Hi Catherine,I'm really glad you requested Religion for the forum to discuss.And thank you Jesse for including this topic.
I agree that this issue must be discussed,because to ignore this subject,omits very important aspects relating to what is going on the world over,and relates to the topics we discuss here.
One of the most important issues as to GWB and his supposed Christianity are so misunderstood by the majority of the public in this country,and the rest of the world.
People have to start realizing that just because someone claims to be a true Christian,(or any other adherent to a particular religious belief) does not mean they are.
GWB is NOT a Christian,and he knows it.What GWB and his cronies who prclaim themselves Chrisian are doing,are carrying out a carefully crafted agenda.
For starters,one cannot be a Christian and belong to a powerful secret society as the Sull and Bones,which is Satanic Nazi NWO Death Cult.One of their agendas,probably their top agenda is the total destruction of all the major religions.(Christianity,Judaism,and Islam.)
Christianity is their specific target,but in order to try to abolish Christianity,they have to first try to abolsh Judaism and Islam.
This is the most hidden of their true goals,and the one most don't understand,or know about.
Most know the facts when it comes to the war on Iraq as a war for oil,war-profiteering,etc.
But the main force motivating these people is the destuction of Islam.
Tactics long employed to undermine and distort Judaism is the NWO manufactured creation of Zionism,which the archtitechs while Claiming to be Jewish and Christian were and are NOT.
Zionism is a Politically Designed Idealogy concieved for the purposes of Global Elite NWO world domination.
This cannot be accomplished unless they pervert,corrupt,distort,and ultimatley destroy the three main religions with Christianity as the ultimate target.
These people only worship Satan,who they claim to be Lucifer,god of enlightment.This is called Luciferianism,and they knowingly lie when claiming this is not Satanism.
The top NWO,(inner core) know this,and all the secret societies are entwined with their common roots in Freemasonry.
These various groups are all members of Freemasonry and their system is constructed in such a way as to hide their true goals.
Freemasonry in their OWN literature states these goals,and methods to achieve them.
Their system is constucted according to degees.
The first 3 or 4 are made up of members who believe they are joining a humanitarian fraternal orginization,and have no idea of the true agendas of Freemasonry.
These people belong to what is called Blue Lodges,and make up most of the common membership.Most of these people never advance into the higher degees,and are under the impression they belong to a social orginization that does charitable works for their communities.
Many people also join for purposes of "net-working" with others who can aid them in gaining advancement in business,and social status.
Then there are the degrees between the first three,up to the 33rd.
There is a process involved with further advances from the first three,and a filtering process in place for prospective candidates aspiring further advancement through each successive level,or degee.
Most members of the first three or four degees have no interest in attaining higher degrees,which is why they don't know or understand Freemasonries true nature.
This is constructed purposley,to mask the true agendas of Freemasonry.
Their formula works like this,
Outer Ring,(first 3-4 degrees)
Inner Core,(higest degrees,30,31,32,33.)
The other degrees in between.
The top masons are the inner core,with the known highest degree,the 33rd.One cannot be 33rd degree except by invitation,consisting of proposal put forth from council of top masons.
In this manner they purposley lie and decieve the outer ring,(lower degrees) in order to protect themselves,their true goals,and those whom they serve and answer to.
All the secret societies stem from Freemasonry,such as Skull and Bones.And all share these same goals.
So by claiming to be a Christian,GWB,and all members of Skull and Bones are lying not only to garner votes and support,but to decieve and mislead true Christians,and everyone else.
By doing this they are knowingly corrupting,perverting,distorting,
and have already tarnished Christianity to the whole world.
And with the goal of ultimately destroying Christianity.
This is why GWB constantly invokes Chistianity as his motivating force.
The Bushies are high level Skull and Bones,NWO criminals,who for at least the last few generations have been members.GWB's criminal daddy is one as was his grandfather and uncles.
These groups hold no alliegance to any political party,national sovereinity,or religious belief except for what I outlined above.
People who think Kerry is any differnt should know that he is also a high level member of Skull and Bones.
Our country and this world does'nt need either one of these two or anyone else with ties to these groups ever allowed positions in government,or influence,as this constitutes a huge conflict of interest to say the least,among other things.
These groups are responsible for the New Age explosion,with all the various cults encompassed within it.
This was constructed on purpose.Also notice the pervasiveness of the occult in all areas of society,and alarmingly becoming accepted in society.
Young people are targeted in particular,because of their youthful ignorance and naivete.
This is how this insideous plague of occultism a.k.a.New Age is gaining more acceptance in society today.
Freemasonry the umbrella organization of the prominent NWO groups such as Skull and Bones,and all the others,are occult.They are not misguided "dabblers" they practice the ancient esoteric forms of True Occultism.
In the writings of top mason(33rddegree) authors,Albert Pike,and Manly P.Hall,among others is written these stated beliefs,goals,and strategies to achieve them.
Some of these methods include infiltrating churches,synegogoues,and mosques,as well as all forms of education,media,sciences and politics.
Sadly their methods are working quite well for them,as can be evidenced by decieving and duping mainstream Christianity,and the public at large in this country and the rest of the world's deluded perception that Bush is a Christian,and represents true Christianity.
It would be good to remind everyone what the Bible say's:
By their fruits ye shall know them.

 Post subject: GWB,A Good True Chistian?
PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2004 12:49 am 
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Hi,I'm posting again because I just noticed that after I submitted the post above,even though I had logged in,after I submitted my post,I noticed that under author instead of my name,it says guest,and my sig.did'nt come up at the end of my post.Sorry if I made a mistake,but I don't know how that happened.I hope this does'nt happen again if it was'nt an error on my part.
(not angry,just puzzled)
So, hope this goes thruogh o.k.


 Post subject: Is Bush ...
PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2005 11:54 pm 
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No he is not!

Maybe USA should vote Satan in for president? That would eliminate the middle men. lol


You will know you have spoken the truth when you are angrily denounced; and you will know you have spoken both truly and well when you are visited by the thought police.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2005 12:01 am 
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Well, actually we did. He is just under a pseudonum.

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