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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 11:57 am 
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There is always a very strong chance when walking on the path of life that one will fall in the battle which we face. It is others who help stand this person back to their feet, brush them off, and encourage them to not give up. To never give up in the battle for GOOD.

I fell, and fell hard. In exhaustion and frustration I just wanted to say the heck with this battle and go on my way, in another direction. I would like to thank those who stood me back on my feet and gave me some of their strength. I seem to fall and stumble quite a bit and there are always others there to help me up and once again encourage me on my mission in the name of PEACE and LOVE. In may different ways over my lifetime has this happened. This is how we allow each other to move forward, this is how we advance.

It appears that I have to make some things clear and all of these things are due to my own lacking ability to convey that which I am trying to convey. Even in trying to clarify, I find myself struggling for the correct wording.

I have time and time again stated that we must destroy this system, we must stop playing with these people, that we must stop allowing these people to do harm in our name.

I would like to stress and clarify something here. When I say this, I am in no way promoting violence. It is unfortunate that violence may come to us, but only if we show our desires in peaceful actions in which they then act upon us in violence will they prove to EVERYONE what vile beasts they really are. If we were to be the ones to initiate any reform through violent acts then many would see this systems brutal reaction against us as being justified. We can NOT allow this, nor should we promote this.

I had mentioned to some that I have taken this battle to a higher level. This I failed to clarify because of my own fear's of outright rejection. I can no longer hold this fear within my heart. No matter the rejection I may have to endure, I have to explain fully in order for everyone to understand. Whether it is accepted or not is not my responsibility, it is up to each and every individual to make their own judgment and if they have to, have the ability to shift their own beliefs and recognize the truth of what I say.

I am in a battle for the human spirit. Yes, no matter your thoughts, this is a spiritual battle and it is a full out war for the spirit of humanity. No matter what our thoughts are on God, each and everyone of us must recognize that which resides inside of us. What it is that makes us who we are, be we good or bad, humble or arrogant, thoughtful or ignorant. This IS our individual spirit, our spirit is who we are.

Each person on this planet has a spirit which is at a different level of development which depends upon their desires, life experiences, and how much of TRUTH that they can recognize. All throughout human history, there have been some who have had very pure spirits residing within them which THEY SOUGHT AND ALLOWED TO DEVOLOP, and others who have had very corrupted sprits because THEY DID NOT SEEK NOR ALLOW THEIR SPIRITS TO DEVELOP. The majority throughout human history however have fallen somewhere in between. Very few have reached the highest spirit, a few more have remained purely in the lower, but for the most part, humanity remains in between the two to varying degrees.

These people that we are now and have been since the beginning of our human history battling, are those who choose to remain in the lower spirit. They cannot recognize anything higher than who they are, not even within themselves, thus they will never be anything more than what they are, just vile beasts, each and everyone.

As I have said time and time again, they have proven who they are.

I hold no illusions of grandeur of who I am. I in all honesty think that I am nothing special. I am just one atom residing in this universe for one small insignificant instant just like we all are. In the scheme of things, we are only something in our own minds. Time means nothing to ETERNITY.

So here we all are, through the days, months, years, decades, centuries, millennium, yet all of these are just an insignificant instant within eternity, yet what do we do?

How many really contemplate how lucky we are to be here to witness this miracle that we call life? I mean come on, STOP FOR JUST ONE MOMENT AND LOOK AROUND YOU!!!

How can we not be in total awe at all that surrounds us? It is so stunning in its beauty it cannot be put into words.

Yet what do we do? We try to rationalize, we try to explain it in a way that reduces it into insignificance and if we come across something that we cant explain then we deny its existence. We are not even here for an instant and we claim to hold knowledge that we can never attain, knowledge that we cannot even comprehend. If this is not arrogance then I do not know what is. We have allowed ourselves to become so egotistical that we have become god's in our own minds.

My message is this. STOP. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LOOK AT YOURSELVES. This message is not only for my friend's at TVNL, this message is for anyone who comes across it. Take this message and understand it and spread it. STOP.

These people who we are ALLOWING to lead us are leading us to destruction. Rather than recognizing that what we have is a true blessing and doing everything WITHIN OUR OWN POWER to make this instant that we are here a blessing to all who are able to witness it, we, the world over, allow the diseased, sick, spiritless ones to have control over us. We GIVE THEM OUR POWER TO MAKE THIS A BETTER WORLD AND THEY ABUSE IT.

To make things worse, we have become so self centered in our little world that we have created that we are terrified of any action for fear that our little safe havens may become disrupted. All the while we allow those who have not EARNED THE RIGHT TO LEAD, to continue to lead all of humanity down this self destructive path.

Please tell me, look at their actions, each and everyone, and tell me what they have done to prove they have the right to lead? All of them, they spew forth lies and half truths, they take and cause harm, they claim to be for PEACE yet they, each and everyone of them continue to wreak havoc on this world. YET WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW THIS. WE CONTINUE TO BE WILLING TO WORK WITH THEM. Are we insane?

There are people in this world, right now as we are here, who do hold the right to be leaders. They do not seek this post, nor are they recognized as such, but they are our real leaders who we should follow none the less. Does the majority seek these few people within humanity? No. The majority instead look to those who are the loudest and most boisterous as to why they should be our leaders. The majority does not seek the meekest, most quiet words of wisdom, they instead bow to the most brutal misleading thugs amongst them.


Stop following these people, please. Begin to seek throughout humanity those who SHOULD BE OUR LEADERS and pledge your allegiance to them. Forget these governments that those who are evil and greedy create and listen to the men and women of the world who speak in TRUTH and who speak words of WISDOM, and promote true PEACE AND UNITY AMONG ALL OF MANKIND.

Seek these people out. Do not mock them and say they are delusional, this is not the way life is. This is not the way life is because WE WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THAT THIS IS THE WAY LIFE CAN BE.

If we want to advance this instant of humanity any further, then we must change. There has got to be a fundamental shift in the consciousness of humanity not only in this country, but the world over. If this does not happen then conditions will continue to deteriorate and the sick body of humanity will finally die from this spiritless cancer which pervades us. WE MUST RECOGNIZE AND HEAL OUR SPIRITS AND HELP OTHERS TO RECOGNIZE AND HEAL THEIR SPIRITS.

We must come to talk with one another, no matter whether we agree with each other or not, we MUST COMMUNICATE. We must stop ridiculing and pointing the fingers. We must stop this anger, disdain, and hatred we feel for one another. We must come to lead each other by example and not through force. We must come to forgive those who we believe to be in the wrong and try to understand WHY they are where they are on their spiritual path.

We cannot force each other to change, we must work together for this, through our disagreements, with understanding and LOVE in our hearts. Any time that we lash out in anger, rage, ridicule, or a mocking attitude we do nothing but lessen ourselves as individuals just as we lessen the strength of unity in the body of humanity. If something cannot be said in kind and understanding words, then do not say anything at all!!! We are better to keep our mouth's shut than to cut with the sword of words.

This is something that we all do from time to time. Rather then egging each other on in this rotten practice, we should point this out to one another with the realization that nothing can be gained in our desire for the unity of mankind.

I will not lie to you. If we stop recognizing the evil people as our leaders, they ARE going to lash out at us in rage. They WILL demand our obedience. It will depend on our strength of unity as to whether we will win in this battle or not. As of right now however we are not even putting up a valid fight. We remain divided and thus we WILL be conquered.

I do not know how to bring us all together. I only know that for the sake of humanity we must find a way. I need help in this because alone I am only a lone voice in the wind.

Some people have mistakenly called me a leader. I am sorry, I am not a leader, I am a follower. I am a follower of a government which is higher than myself which I not only allow, I desire to reside inside me. Every single day I strive to reach these goal's which this government sets for me. Some times I succeed, other times I fail time and time again yet still I try.

It is this government which we all must seek, we must seek and we must understand that it is only through this government that we as individual's can make this world a better place. We must help each other recognize this and we must all seek to be inspiration to one another, through kindness and understanding. We must SHOW ONE ANOTHER the way to the higher spirit within us. So many wonder why humanity is in such a sad state. It is because we have stopped the practice of really teaching one another, working together in unity, and we have come to recognize ourselves as only individuals, demanding that others force the world to change.

This cannot work. This can only bring pain, suffering and tyranny. The choice is ours. I know what my choice is and I will continue to work in this goal.

What is your choice?


The war to end all wars can only be fought on the front-lines of the mind.

The greatest deception they have perpetrated is that we need them. Our greatest mistake is that we believe them.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 8:17 pm 
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For the average man, the world is weird because if he's not
bored with it, he's at odds with it. For a warrior, the world is
weird because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable.
A warrior must assume responsibility for being here, in this
marvelous world, in this marvelous time.

Don Juan

Follow the Path with a Heart

Look out kid, They keep it all hid.”
Bob Dylan “Subterranean Homesick Blues”

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