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 Post subject: MSM formally accused of treason RICO against Dr. Paul
PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2007 9:41 pm 
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Decided this was the best place for this item- in Activism and Petitions!

What with the do nothing Democrats teaching us how to become a blue dog I thought this was an innovative grass roots method to get at the media- perhaps force them to report on this case as it has relevance to their actions- and they do love juicy court action where treason is mentioned.

I haven't heard anybody complain much about the air time the "also rans" in the Demopublicans. The only thing I've heard so far was Gravel saying that he had been praying for 45 minutes that they would ask him a question when queried about what he prays for. That's the extent of the elitist race that is going on now.

Must be because they are all well immersed in Executive America and have forgotten about the "grass roots" areas of the populace- IE- WE, the (little) people who give them the power to ignore us and screw us every chance they get.

Not that Ron Paul is going to win or anything, but his organization is a model we could all copy to better our own chances of getting the people WE want to run this country the way WE want it to be run. Like someone said, eventually all will see that socialism is the only way we can continue, as most don't trust the libertarians and the rest of the gang of criminals running us aren't much better, as they march us into fascism and the police state, while "we THE PEOPLE at the top" take over and continue to please our masters, while screwing the common people daily.

To ignore the way that Paul has grabbed the attention of many progressives by mentioning the Federal Reserve problem- What other mainstream candidate has said anything beyond party rhetoric?- and to have that even mentioned is way beyond anything political here. It's just plain common sense that we should be taking the power from the banks/corporations of Executive America and returning power to the people.

This petition is well worth signing and sending off to your local courthouse no matter what party you choose to let lead you. If you are still capable of making a thoughtful cosideration beyond party, you might go along with this Activism and petition the courts to charge the MSM with acts of treason!

What the public needs to understand is that FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the other established *mainstream "mass media"/news sources [*see definition @] are perpetrating criminal fraud (via omissions, distortions and outright lies) and a deliberate censorship of Dr. Ron Paul in 2008 Presidential race-with malice and aforethought and evil intent to control the 2008 presidential elections.

Full article here:

Why isn't anybody else standing up to this crime against democracy- freedom to run and liberty to be treated equal as to the message and content? What is causing these stooges that never get elected to just say nothing, stand there and take it? Are they all bought and paid for- is the truth that none of them have the guts to stand up and be heard, that they've been told what to say and how to act?

Or is it just that this is how they keep up appearance of being different when they are all in on the take. Just for our sakes, so we think they care about us and are our paid servants, when in actuality we are their lapdogs and slaves chained and tethered to dichotomous thought!

I know now how Red or Blue Dogs are born and bred- shitty litters and runts that think their top dogs. But the real Alpha's are their master's and they know it, just like we subconsciously know who owns us.

3 pointless meaningless words in a class caste system- freedom, liberty, Equality- words to dream on- hypnotic illusions.

This is the chance you have waited for to get the MSM to report on itself and its treason. Get out there and sign- who cares who started it- it's been too long that no one has done anything about this, that is the real problem here. This is not a political issue- this is an issue of a fact that has to be dealt with and anything that can bring this problem to the forefront of "WE, THE PEOPLE" is critical in trying to wake them up.

Sign up and send it off today! :D

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:21 am 
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Rupert Murdoch’s highly publicized fight to buy the Wall Street Journal underscores a very disturbing trend in our media — ownership-driven interference with quality journalism. The media marketplace in America needs more competitors offering diverse angles on important issues, not less.

Unfortunately, while the screams of the many cry out for higher quality journalism, the Federal Communication Commission seems intent on listening to the whispers of a few. The most recent episode is the FCC’s release of a biased and fundamentally flawed study in favor of lifting the longstanding ban on newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership.

After using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the research surrounding the biased report, Consumers Union learned the FCC designed the study to benefit media corporations before even conducting the research

There are so many things that need to be fixed in this country and the FCC is right up there among the top ten.


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