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 Post subject: My Answer .. Why things won't be any different with Kerry.
PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2004 9:52 pm 
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I agree that the timing may be wrong, so lets wait and see if he says any of what I've mentioned?
The rest of your list is very valid, too. Maybe, just maybe, he'll address some of your listed  issues tonight.  
(Thanks .. Good!}
I'm going to watch the coverage on's not corporate owned and less inclined to be biased.
[quote="Catherine"] Oh, yes...why do you think things won't be different if Kerry wins? [Quote]
(This is why I think nothing much will change with Kerry and company.)
 They all are part or property of the piggy bank, which is owned by the Plutocracy in operation today and so is Kerry and company.  I'm not saying small unimportant things won't change if he should get in, but the big mess or even - the list of lies, will remain and gp on. If Kerry was to speak the truth and try and explain all this mess to the people and explain that he has a plan to Take Back Our Liberty from the banks and corporations and open the vaults of corruption, exposing the evils of  usury and world manipulation, tell the truth, they surely would destroy him or worse. It will take the most truthful, honorable, knowledgeable, trustworthy of people with great courage to face this monster. It also requires that each individual, ( each and every citizen } stand up for freedom and liberty instead of being quiet cowards, which unfortunately,  the "majority" seem to be.
You see, this is what is "Real" and it needs to happen. Somehow, someway, this must happen and the people must see to it that it does. They must see through the lies and deceit. People must not run in fear as they want us to and cower down and give up. A sense of powerlessness (that's what they want,} must not overwhelm us. Don't think for a moment, that they don't know the people are catching on their lies. They "are" catching on and more will to! We must keep the faith, or so to speak. Remember that they do not want us to think and especially, they don't want us to think critically. We must work to protect our freedom and rights, because we'll have nothing left but a cruel, cold, empty life of slavery. We need good, decent, honorable, trustworthy people to lead us into the future. We need to resurrect the "whole"  Constitution and Bill of Rights. They have chipped away at it for years ( erosion over time } and it is something that was put in place to keep these things from happening and that is why they want it removed, pushed aside or just destroyed forever. Yes, our rights, our Constitution, our defense system is a fading flame. America's Constitution and the Bill of Rights came forth in 1789 to protect individual liberties in times of war as well as in times of peace. Such a great and wonderful piece of work.  Canada must protect it's Liberties also. They say they must protect Our freedom. Take away freedom in order to protect it? Now there's a plan !! Laugh. Let's just turn the whole damn world into a prison planet and we'll all all be free. Won't we? Sound like fun? Nope .. Not in the real world and not to any of John Q. Public who has a clue.
All people have a right to be free of usury and have rights and freedoms. Free to be free, free to "own" home and land, free to have good food and a job, free to come and go as one pleases, free to have clean fresh water, free to speak freely, free to have free and decent education. free to live in a clean environment, Free of a usury system that is controlled by the most evil of people. The list goes on.
Let's not let them blow out our flame which protects our rights and freedoms. So many people have been screaming to the World to wake up and see what is going on in the World for what it "really" is.
If this mess can be fixed with politics, which I don't think it can, we need good people who will do the job that not only needs to be done, but begs to be done. If these people were allowed to do their job, maybe we could rid from this world an evil plutocracy. So, in the spirit of all good people who died trying to stop this thing in the past, may decent people rise up to do the job for them and in the very near future. We need to live our lives under freedom and not under corrupt powers. We must stop being lead by those who deceive us and push their beliefs upon us. The only thing we really need to remember about history, is it wasn't anything like we read in our history books. Most of history was written by those who were the victors of wars. Corruption, money, power and deceit was their game. They played their cards ever so slowly and secretly. It was the banks and those powerful people who have decided our fates. The fabric of history has unraveled and we are catching on. Well, a lot of us are anyway. We need peace in this World, freedom, rights and to be
free from this system of usery and fiat money.
Our Liberties are on life support. We must cherish them and protect them. Beware The New Army of the Plutocracy - The Forth Reich !
Well I suppose, I must sound like some way out nut or maybe a radical constitutionalist?  Still, is this what one has to sound like when he or she wants people to wake up and check these things out for themselves?
Example: How it works !
You are scared / worried. You've been watch the News.
How they steal your rights and freedoms away slowly.

Ok .. We want your House !
No, you can have the doorstep and nothing more .. stay out of the house.
We want the porch !
Well ok, but stay out of the rest of the house.
We want the kitchen !
Fine, but the rest is mine.
We want the / a bedroom !
Well, I suppose you got to sleep .. take one.
and so on, they'll have the whole House !
Soon they will no longer ask, they'll take what they want and do what they want.
"Where the people fear the government you have tyranny; where the government fears the people, you have liberty."   ~~ ??

"Paranoia is just an advanced state of awareness." - John Lennon

There you have your answer to why nothing or very little will be different with Kerry.

Always seek truth !
Some reading ...
A bit dated but still a good read.
[url]  [/url]

DC Patriot Act Forum - If server is not down.

 Post subject: Why Nothing Will be Different with Kerry..
PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 1:54 am 
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Hi,Sir-Irate,I agree totally.I don't believe there i anyone in government now,specifically,but not limited to either of the "two parties," who are'nt owned.
Not one person in government,or the monopoly media,has demanded those responsible for 9/11,and we all know who some of them are,pay
the ultimate conequence.
Nor is anyone demanding all transactions of all who profited with the nasty stock tradings,be
identified,and also pay the ultimate consequence.
With that information,and enough
honest law enforcement,military,etc;(along with the public,) we could start to rid this country,of the this rot.
Nope not one has demanded the truth,or justice.
And you're right,this whole bankster racketeering,must be ended.
But not a one will demand True Change.
That is proof beyond any doubt,that
there will be no difference at all,
between Bush and Kerry,or anyone else in government,or media,etc.
I said before,its clear,something
has to give sooner or later,because
they already stole all our freedoms,and have us squeeze in more and more,in their high-tech
Constant surveillance,whether people are aware of it or not.
They are also increasingly more and more,blatant,about their true
intentions toward all of us.
The miliary needs be here protecting us,from the real terrorists in the govenment,and their secret police,(along with
all their counter-parts,) rather than invading other peoples country.
Things are very,very,grim whichever way things go.I really hope more will realize just how bad
things are.


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