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 Post subject: Chris Hedges on Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia
PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:44 am 
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Chris Hedges on Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia

In his book “Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia,” John Gray warns that as the era of liberal intervention in international affairs wanes, it is being replaced with “primitive versions of religion” that will be used to fuel apocalyptic violence. His is a world where faith-based violence will become the norm, where societies will plunge headlong into self-immolation and where desperate groups of people will soon battle in a Hobbesian struggle for dwindling natural resources.

Gray pleads, like a modern day Cassandra, for us to heed the numerous warning signs, from the effects of climate change to the rapaciousness cruelty of global capitalism to the looming oil crisis to overpopulation. He fears, however, that as things worsen, we will spurn pragmatic measures to blunt the excesses - he does not believe we can reverse them—for fantastic, violent visions spun out for us by mad utopians. His book is a plea for sanity. I hope it works

This is a rather long read but an important one. ESPECIALLY read the comments at the link. This one I found particularly interesting:

Gray is on the payroll and is a very junior business partner of the Saudi billionaire arms merchant Adnan Khashoggi, an amoral seller of hellish weapons to dictators and other assorted butchers.

Khashoggi subsidized Gray’s publishing, for one thing, and also funds Gray’s work in the batshit-crazy wing of the 911 conspiracy movement (not the actual rational truth-squad 911 researchers) and stands accused, along with Gray, of embezzling $100 million from a corporation (Genesis, something) they were both involved in.

Gray is basically a paid nihilist who rationalizes everything down to a philosophy of “why bother since we’re all going to destroy each other anyway”. See how he debases The Enlightenment, the only thing humanity has had going for it since The Renaissance.

Gray is in essence an oversimplifying apologist for naked aggression as idealized and internalized by the likes of his arms-supplier benefactor Khashoggi, who is busily selling the weapons with which Gray is predicting we will all destroy each other. It’s interesting how one dirty hand ‘washes’ the other in this case. Turds of a feather.

Well, Gray and his war-crimes Saudi Sugar Daddy are monsters in human form, in my opinion, dressed in $5000 suits on one hand and cloaked in barely passable philosobabble on the other. Even Gray’s Mars and Venus garbage, his most well-known schtick, is mired in a stifling approach to gender relation issues, overly stereotyping to the point of, again, “why bother to change since everything is completely predetermined”. What a crock he perpetuates. I can’t believe you take him seriously in the least, Chris, except for the vaunted place purchased for him in the national dialogue by the dirty blood money of his benefactor

See link for the above comment and other comments as well.


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