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 Post subject: Canadians ask- why are we in Afghanistan?
PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:08 pm 
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Got this from a newsletter. A new web information site for people wants writers as well. It is called "The Canadian" but has a definite hard left leaning policy. It touts itself as "Canada's new socially progressive and cross-cultural newspaper". Seems we're as sick of this war as you people are, some of these figures are overwhelming. Despite the media's attempt to whitewash the mission and the extension of hostilities against the Afghan people continuing on and on, we are getting the picture and not believing the veterans and their agenda of "If we did it, so can you", you know, by doing unto others what you would have done to you, as if to glorify the very nature as a living entity.

Hopefully this war and all wars will do what old soldiers do, and die a long peaceful death, free from the farce of our existence with war as our god. ... 01931.html
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

by Edward C. Corrigan, Independent Editorialist

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his government’s recent Throne Speech announced that he wants to extend Canada’s participation in the Afghan War for another two years. Many people are asking why are we in Afghanistan and for what purpose are our soldiers dying? What are the other costs to Canadians?

The Conservative Government of Stephen Harper is attempting to portray the Afghan war as “a humanitarian mission” while continuing to fight against Afghans who are resisting what they see as “foreign invaders.” I wonder how Canadians would see American, Russian or Chinese soldiers who invaded our country, over threw an unpopular government, killed tens of thousands, wounded many thousands more, caused wanton destruction and massive environmental damage. Even if they claimed that they were bringing “democracy to Canada” I do not believe that most Canadians would be impressed. ............<snip>.......The recent poll published in the Globe and Mail showed that Afghans want the fighting to end, and they support negotiations with the Taliban. The Globe and Mail said; “Despite the enmity toward the Taliban, 74 per cent [of Afghans] said they supported negotiations between the Karzai government and Taliban representatives as a way of reducing conflict. In Kandahar, support for talks jumped to 85 per cent."

But what is the cost of the war in Afghanistan to Canadians? The deaths of 71 soldiers and a diplomat are fairly well known? The financial costs are less well known. According to one study published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the "full cost" of the Afghan war to Canada will be $7.2 billion by March 2008. This works out to more than $100 million every month. ..............<snip>..........
Thought you would be interested in these figures as well-
One aspect of the war that is rarely discussed is the impact of exposure of our own soldiers, not to mention the civilian population in Afghanistan and Iraq, to toxic substances.

In the first Iraq War in 1991 causalities reported killed and wounded numbered less than 800. However, in 2001 the United States Veterans Affairs Department officially recognized 159,000 U.S. Desert Storm soldiers as being disabled and another 60,000 becoming disabled in Gulf service after the 1991 war. The 2001 report also noted that 8,000 Gulf War vets had already died.

The numbers are staggering. These figures are from 2001 and the rates for cancers and other illnesses can only go up. They are the 220,000 causalities from the First Iraq War virtually no one talks about.

At the end of December 2001 U.S. Army reports were released that suggested one cause for Gulf War illnesses was low level exposure to sarin nerve gas. The gas was released into the air when the U.S. military improperly blew up Iraqi chemical weapons sites in 1991.

The other suspected cause for “Gulf War Syndrome” is Depleted Uranium or DU. ...........<snip..........In a more recent study it is reported that more than 73,000 US Military service men have died since the First Gulf War. These figures do not include Iraqi civilian deaths estimated at more than one million in the First Iraq War and the period of sanctions and an additional 1.2 million in the current war in Iraq. Over 20,000 civilians have been killed in the War in Afghanistan.

The United States Department of Veteran's Affairs, in conjunction with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in May 2007 released figures which reveal “the true cost of the War against Iraq and Afghanistan." According to the report more Gulf War veterans have died than the number of US soldiers killed in Vietnam.

This is a long article from a new internet magazine I read about from the Canadian Action Party website. It seems Canadians are getting fed up with this phony war on terror and our invasion of Afghanistan is a dismal failure, despite what our media and sports shows try to tell us. I've noticed the military presence at games with the planes flying over and announcers making a point out of broadcasts overseas and ads for recruiting for the sheer joy and bravery of fighting and dying for freedom of liberty or whatever the latest buzzword is. :roll: Whatever happened to freedom of chioce, is a distant memory to the clang of cash registers and the severity of statisticians figures.

We care about nothing but our own needs and greeds, instead of caring and sharing.

Well we have the freedom to burn that oil and get in our cars and drive to wherever our money will take us. Ahhhh dreams of the idle minds. What to do and where to go and what to please myself with and what to eat and drink and smoke and.....Isn't war grand for all of it's fringe benefits? If you're on the side that's winning. And at such a small price to pay in the blood of our children.

Who says we don't engage in human sacrifice any more!

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