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PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2004 3:10 am 
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The Death Of Political Correctness
By JB Williams (10/10/2003)

Everything in this world has a life span, a time of birth, a coming of age, golden years and eventually, a passing. Thank God this includes ?political correctness?! The operative word in this warn out phrase is ?political?. No one who has ever championed ?PC? speech or behavior has ever been a fan of ?correctness?, just ?politics?. Nobody benefits from ?political correctness?, quite the contrary, except ?politicians? of course.

In the autumn of life for ?political correctness?, it is finally seen for what it has always been; a means of silencing idea?s which are at odds with the ?political? agenda of a hand full of extreme liberals. Historically, it has been the most effective method by which liberal extremists could keep the facts of any particular issue from ever entering the debate.

For years now, it has been ?politically correct? to teach our children about pre-marital sex, homosexuality, recreational drug and alcohol use, violence, self mutilation and other perversions, but ?politically incorrect? to allow our children to practice faith in public, or even mention God on property owned by the public. Now we wonder why our children are shooting each other in public.

It has been ?politically correct? for our government officials to slander innocent people that are trying to contribute to our future, with outrageous and unfounded accusations in the name of winning. But ?politically incorrect? to hold a guilty President accountable for his outrageous behavior. The predatorial nature of his illicit advances towards a very young starry eyed subordinate, and his propensity for lying, would have been avoided had the people who elected and protected him had an ounce of decency.

Like it or not, free speech belongs to everyone, not just those you agree with. It includes those you find offensive. It includes all topics, even religion and politics. If people insist on spewing hatred towards the flag they rap themselves in, the military that protects even the people they despise and the God who created them, then they will have to put up with me praying. It keeps me from punching them in the nose.

Yes, the time has come to bid farewell to one of the most destructive mistakes in American history, ?political correctness?. Out with ?politically? motivated garbage, in with what is ?correct?, whether or not it?s offensive. Out with lying, cheating, power grabbing politicians, and in with great leaders of moral character and grand ideas. We need leaders who are more interested in how they can improve America, than how they can increase their bank account. Those who refuse to sling mud with the pigs.

Out with teaching our children all the reckless ways they are free to ruin their precious lives, and in with setting a proper example. Out with accepting anything less than our best, so that our children will once again learn to expect the best of themselves.

?Political correctness? is out, ?correctness? is in. Ideology is out, facts are in. Personal attacks and character assassinations are out, replaced by truth, common decency and mutual respect. My Grandfather used to say, ?If we agree on everything, one of us is completely unnecessary?. Agreement is not the foundation of a great nation, the manner in which we conduct ourselves in disagreement is. Honesty, integrity, common courtesy and respect are all qualities worth pursuing. We have an obligation to expect these qualities of ourselves, and a right to accept no less from our leaders.

If sleazy politics become offensive, we will find ourselves with fewer sleazy politicians. If we become offended, even outraged at problem teens, we may still save a few of them. It shouldn?t be offensive to point out the ignorance of someone who can?t work a punch card ballot. It?s offensive to suggest that anyone who can?t work a punch card ballot is capable of determining the future of our country. It shouldn?t be offensive to try everything possible to save the innocent life of an unborn child, it is offensive every time someone murders a child, born or unborn.

Like beauty, ?political correctness? is in the eye of the beholder. What is ?politically correct? to a few is also enormously offensive to most. Fact is, over 77% of Americans believe in God. Contrary to liberal interpretations, our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion for that 77%, not freedom from religious speech for the non-believing 23%. Free speech exists to protect our right to speak, anywhere, anytime, about anything. Don?t forget, it?s not pornography that our founding fathers tried to protect; it was however, in part, religion.


You will know you have spoken the truth when you are angrily denounced; and you will know you have spoken both truly and well when you are visited by the thought police.

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