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 Post subject: PNAC: Jeb Bush’s Role in 2000 US Presidential Election in FL
PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:17 pm 

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The following is a fairly recent paragraph in the "PNAC" entry of Wikipedia, and makes a lot of sense to me, considering other things that were going on in Florida at the time in 2000 too (google Clint Curtis and Tom Feeney). Kevin Spacey just made a movie about the Florida fiasco in 2000 Presidential Election: ... tml?cat=40 ... an_Century

"PNAC’s Rise to Power: Jeb Bush’s Role in 2000 US Presidential Election Controversy in Florida
The neutrality of this section is disputed.
Please see the discussion on the talk page.(May 2008)
Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved.
The relevance of particular information in (or previously in) this article or section is disputed.
The information may have been removed or included by an editor as a result.
Please see discussion on the talk page considering whether its inclusion is warranted.(March 2008)

In 2000, PNAC signator Dick Cheney and George W. Bush became the Vice President and President of the United States following a landmark Supreme Court decision [51][52] to not perform a recount of the Florida votes in the highly contended [53] U.S. Presidential Election in 2000. With a PNAC member in the number-two spot in the U.S. Federal Government, who could provide advice to the newly elected President on his White House appointments, many PNAC members were elevated from their nascent thinktank to many of the most powerful positions in the executive office of the United States, including Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of State, and multiple additional posts within the Defense and State Departments. It is inconclusive whether Cheney's affiliation with PNAC was related to these appointments, although it has been repeatedly alleged that Bush and Cheney had every intent of bringing PNAC’s foreign policy ideas to fruition in their administration[54][55][56][57][58][59][60].

The close election that brought Bush and Cheney to the White House hinged on the outcome of the Florida’s votes. At this time, the governor of Florida was Jeb Bush, also a PNAC signator. Jeb Bush, along with Katherine Harris, his secretary of state, were accused by the US Commission on Civil Rights of "injustice, ineptitude and inefficiency," and "gross dereliction [of duty]"[61] with regard to Florida’s 2000 presidential election, which was riddled with numerous voting fraud issues[62][63][64]. The commission found that Governor Bush knew that black voters were 10 times more likely to have their ballots rejected than white voters, often due to outdated voting technology in black and hispanic areas. It was also found that DBT Online (now ChoicePoint), the private company whose list of felons (who cannot vote in Florida[65]) included non-felons and ex-felons, had warned Jeb Bush to check for irregularities prior to using its list in the election. This problem helped swing election results, as 93% of blacks in Florida[64] (and 90% of blacks nationwide[66]) voted for Gore, and while Bush and PNAC signator Cheney's margin of victory in Florida was only 1,725 votes[67], at least 8,000 of the 173,000 people on the felons list had the right to vote, and 54% of the supposed felons were black[64]. It has been estimated that a total of 22,000 black democrats were barred from voting[dubious – discuss][68]. Jeb Bush's role in the alleged election fraud was further examined in a BBC report[68] by investigative journalist Greg Palast.

After the Supreme Court’s decision not to allow a recount in Florida, The NORC at the University of Chicago conducted a recount study that found that Bush won the 2000 election in Florida[69], (how this conclusion could be reached without actually recounting any votes is a matter of much puzzlement among the open-minded) although the possible votes from ex-felons, who were barred from filling out a ballot in the first place, were not considered[citation needed].

William Rivers Pitt has asserted that Jeb's actions in the election fraud were done deliberately so that his fellow PNAC members would be assured the high-power posts in the Federal government that they received upon Bush and Cheney taking office[70]. Bernard Weiner noted that PNAC expected victory for its candidate, Cheney, in the 2000 election, and hence penned Rebuilding America’s Defenses just two months before the election[71]. This coincidence was also noticed by Steve Brouwer, who further claims that the organization’s very name (coined in 1997) was anticipatory of political takeover in 2000, right at the start of the new century [72]. However, records are scarce[citation needed] regarding whether Jeb’s decision to allow an election biased[citation needed] in favor of a fellow PNAC member[citation needed] to proceed was a purposeful attempt to bring PNAC to power or simply a coincidence."


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:39 pm 
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The PNAC connection is indeed real but being the War Chimp's brother was reason enough for the election fraud. This was not a case of voter fraud but election fraud, which is a much broader and serious violation of the law.

Thanks for copying this portion of the Wiki article in its current form as it is liable to be changed in the future especially as the 2008 election nears.

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