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 Post subject: 08 28 11 | Some Newsstories
PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:41 am 

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President al-Assad Issues Legislative Decree on Media Law

Aug 28, 2011

The executive instructions of the issued legislative decree will be issued by the Cabinet upon the proposal of the Information Minister after coordination with the Higher Council of Information.


Syria’s New Media Law: More Freedom, Less Restrictions

August 28, 2011, 5:11 pm ... id=20&s1=1

"It authorizes citizens to open a newspaper or television station and obliges government officials and public institutions to provide information so journalists can ply their trade, while taking national imperatives into account."

National imperatives?



Worldwide overthrow of societies.


President orders Sudanese journalists freed

Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:06am GMT ... 0R20110828

Authorities accuse the journalists, most of whom are employed by the Netherlands-registered Radio Dabanga, of working for rebels in Darfur and for the International Criminal Court

Khartoum had refused to allow U.N. radio station Miraya to broadcast in the north of the country.

--Instead of capitulation by a weakling,



Worldwide overthrow of societies .


Finland's demands for collateral could leave Greek bailout in ruins

Sunday 28 August 2011 ... ek-bailout

Finland, where the anti-European True Finns party scored well in recent elections, has demanded that Athens put up collateral against the Finnish share of the latest loan.

Other small but angry nations, including Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia, responded by saying that if Finland was getting collateral, they wanted some too.


How the special forces helped bring Gaddafi to his knees

8:45AM BST 28 Aug 2011 ... knees.html

Planning for Mermaid Dawn - Mermaid is the Libyan nickname for Tripoli - began three months earlier when groups of young male volunteers left their homes in Tripoli [?] and travelled to Benghazi to learn the art of insurgent warfare from an [duh] international force of covert units composed of the

British SAS and MI6 agents and

troops from the French,

Qatar and

United Arab Emirates special forces.

As well as training the rebels, the British government also covertly supplied 1,000 sets of body armour, advanced telecommunications equipment and night vision goggles.


And the possibility still looms large of an ugly end-game in which [duh] factions of Nato's rebel allies begin to commit atrocities in retaliation for those committed by the [duh] retreating Gaddafi Army - something Britain and its allies would be [duh] powerless to halt.


BP can be sued for punitive Gulf spill damages

9:30PM BST 27 Aug 2011 ... mages.html

More than 100,000 individuals, companies and authorities have filed cases claiming they suffered economic loss as a result of the leak last year. A judge, Carl Barbier, is considering 500 cases, [>] many of them class actions, against BP and its main co-defendants, including Transocean, the rig owner.

In a key ruling, Judge Barbier has now said that the plaintiffs are allowed to make their cases under maritime law for punitive damages.


[Imperial] India graft protests expose ruling Congress failures

NEW DELHI | Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:33pm IST ... 1520110828

two weeks of massive protests...have exposed a party riven by a lack of leadership, indecision, poor judgment and out of touch with the concerns of a country of 1.2 billion people.

a serious but not yet deadly blow to the ruling Congress party's chances of sweeping back to power in elections in 2014.


ALBA Nations Condemn NATO For Assault On Venezuelan Embassy In Libya


“They have torn apart a country, and it wasn’t Gadafi who did it.

They have set the country ablaze, and it wasn’t Gadafi who did it – no,

it was precisely imperial madness and capitalism’s global crisis who did it,” said Chavez.


The US-NATO War Against Libya and Its Implications for Africa and the World

Sunday, August 28, 2011 ... d-its.html

The struggles of oppressed and working people in other parts of the world are also our struggle here in the United States. We are under attack here with the massive and concerted theft of our jobs, homes, pension funds, health care programs, schools and right to vote.

All we have to do is to simply open our eyes and look around us.

Look at the streets, the schools, the neighborhoods destroyed by the banks,

the police who patrol our neighborhoods targeting our youth for arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.

The unjust courts which send African American, Latino/a and working class youth to prison

while coddling the bankers and the transnational corporations and their agents in law-enforcement shielding them from prosecution for the enormous crimes against humanity that the commit on a daily basis.


Martyr attack in Lashkargah city kills 48 puppets, wounds 30

Aug. 27 –

Latest reports arriving from Lashkargah city indicate that at around 11:45 am this morning, a martyr seeking Mujahid of Islamic Emirate (Ahmad Mubariz), who was also a resident of this province detonated his explosive laden Toyota Corolla vehicle in front of Lashkargah city’s Kabul Bank

as puppets of ANA and police had gathered outside to collect their monthly pay. As per report, 48 puppet officials were killed in this successful attack and 38 others severely wounded whereas the bank was badly damaged by the powerful blast and several enemy vehicles surrounding the building completely destroyed.

It should be mentioned that no civilians were hurt in this operation as the area around the bank had been cordoned off from public by the enemy since [early] this morning.

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