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 Post subject: In Lieu of Any Real News
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I was asked to see what I could find out about the background of the 1943 Tehran Conference.

That conference was but one part of Roosevelt's Assertion Tour, the three parts being

First Cairo Conference November 22-November 26, 1943
Tehran Conference November 27-December 02, 1943
Second Cairo Conference December 02-December 07, 1943

[See Contents pages of
United States Department of State. Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, The Conferences at Cairo and Tehran, 1943

at ... airoTehran

What was Roosevelt's Assertion Tour asserting?

Here's a clue:

Furthermore, as the years passed and victory in Europe appeared more and more certain, Roosevelt began to cultivate a bilateral relationship with Stalin that wounded Churchill's pride and signaled the emergence of a bipolar postwar world, dominated not by the British Empire, but rather by the two new Super-Powers.

[The "Special Relationship." Churchill, Roosevelt and the emergence of the Anglo-American Alliance, 1939-1945

Here's another clue:

November, 26, 1944 A.D. : Warning From India About U.S. ... moda1=1126

A classified letter from Ali Motamedi, Iranian representative in India is delivered to Prime Minister Saed on Nov, 26, 1944. The report that was dated Sep, 5, 1944 indicated a shift in the U.S. policy after the WWII which used to be based on non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs.

The main scene of the change is in India which US eyed for its strategic location in order to run operations against Burma and Japan. Therefore, Americans were interfering seriously in political activities through provocation of public discontent. U.S. was not indifferent towards Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Turkey and Egypt. In each case US GIVES itself the right to interfere: for petroleum in Saudi Arabia, Jewish immigration to Palestine, are pretexts for US imperialism to open its way in the world. According to Americans, Indian soldiers are labeled as sinecure and yes-man of their British Lords to whom sense of liberty needs to be taught.

The timing and content of this letter is very interesting to be studied in the timeframe it was written, warning about a possible US/UK confrontation. Meanwhile, the Iranian politicians were playing the American card to get rid of the Soviet occupation in the north.

Western creation of an apartheid regime on Palestinian lands discriminating the native citizens is one of those issues warned at the time of Mr. Motamedi. Although the British masterminded such a phenomenon for constant conflict in the Middle East, US/UK somehow put their differences aside in time and the latter acknowledge US as the new Imperial master of the world, though the old fox seems to be a conductor, running its own agenda in backstage..

***The material in this article is primarily based on Iranian National Library Document #: 11269 - 102011, and articles: #76, #920 on***


the same at

Page Down to last item.


Again: I was asked to see what I could find out about the background of the 1943 Tehran Conference.

Let's try the Conference held on July 31, 1941 between Stalin, Hopkins, and the interpreter Litvinov at the Kremlin from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

It's at

There's 9 pages. You can proceed manually from page to page.

"...the war has been going on only six weeks...."

Stalin's giving Hopkins the run-down. It begins:

Russia had 180 divisions at the outbreak of the war, but many of these were well back of the line of combat, and could not be quickly mobilised, so that when the Germans struck it was impossible to offer adequate resistance.

The line which is new [now] held is a far mere [more] propitious [appropriate] one than the mere [more] advaneed [advanced] line which they might have taken up had their divisions been prepared. [Oh?]

Since war began, hewever [however], divisions have been placed in their appropriate positions...

He is anxious to have as many of his divisions as possible in contact with the enemy, because then the troops learn that Germans can be killed and are not supermen. This gives his divisions the same kind of confidence that a pilot gets after his first combat in the air. Stalin said that "nothing in warfare eau [can] take the plaoe [place] of actual combat"....

And ends:

...Stalin expressed repeatedly his confidence that the Russian lines would hold.

Hopkins is careful to note "No information given above was confirmed by any other source."

Let's see the soonest result of the above conference on August 15, 1941: the Joint Message of Assistance to the Soviet Union from President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill.

"We have taken the opportunity afforded by the consideration of the report of Mr. Harry Hopkins on his return from Moscow to consult together as to how best our two countries can help your country in the splendid defense that you are making against the Nazi attack.

"We are at the moment cooperating to provide you with the very maximum of supplies that you most urgently need. Already many shiploads have left our shores and more will leave in the immediate future."



That load comes with beaming smiles...followed January 29, 1942 by treaty terror: the Treaty of Alliance Between the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union [the Allied Powers], and Iran.

"(ii) His Imperial Majesty the Shahinshah undertakes
"(6) to secure to the Allied Powers, for the passage of troops or supplies from one Allied Power to the other or for other similar purposes, the unrestricted right to use, maintain, guard, and, in case of military necessity, control in any way that they may require all means of communication throughout Iran, including railways, roads, rivers, aerodromes, ports, pipelines and telephone, telegraph and wireless installations;" etc.

[See Department of State Bulletin Vol VI (March 21, 1942) 249-252.


Let's see. Along this line of inquiry re the background of the '43 Tehran Conference we should glance at the Moscow conferences.

The next soonest result of the Hopkins-Stalin conference was the First Moscow Conference September 29, 1941 to October 1, 1941 at which Harriman and Beaverbrook informed Stalin *they* were the "two leading Allies of World War II" and *they* "would aid and support the Soviet Union in the common fight against Nazi Germany."


Following the January 29th treaty terror there was the Second Moscow Conference August 12, 1942 to August 17, 1942.

Harriman was Special Representative of the President's Special Mission to Moscow and Churchill was prime minister.

*They* and Stalin "planned the North Africa Campaign and discussed the later" --LATER!-- "landing and opening of a front in northern France."

Thus *they* continued to bleed Germany and Russia.


Finally there was the Third Moscow Conference October 18, 1943 to November 11, 1943. The Assertion Tour began eleven days later.

The third was a conference of foreign ministers, those of *them* and of the Soviet Union, and of the Kuomintang.

The big Moscow Declaration of the big three was published in October. There were other declarations too.


and ... l_Security

or, better,


Nobody laughed then.

Now they guffaw.

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