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 Post subject: Karl Schwarz Continued...Tapir, You'll Love This!
PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2004 12:16 am 
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To All:

When involved in a Truth Movement like 9-11 has become, there are facts
surface, trails die or dead end. Some times certain pieces of the "visual
trail" like the many photos of 9-11 get modified by someone, for some
purpose. I recently read where one group is claiming the second plane that
hit the South Tower of WTC was a hologram, non-existent. The building was
wired to blow up.

I dismissed that for one simple reason - I know many people in NYC due to my
12 years experience with three key Wall Street firms. Some of them saw the
second plane coming down the Hudson and banking into WTC II and it was no

The reason I am sending this as forwarded to many parties is to show that
sometimes, simple things that happened long ago might point towards the
truth many of us seek regarding 9-11.

Some times, plans are laid and left "unhatched" until someone wants them to

That person or persons are the ones we all want to see hang for treason
against this nation and all of us.

I am giving the author below the benefit of the doubt because I have been to
WTC many times since 1988 and I too have noticed things that seemed rather
"anal", unduly hostile, made no sense at the time.

This is for the "truth archives" and time will tell if economics and other
planners killed 3,000 people on 9-11.




From Tom Gordon

Systems Engineer

World Trade Center 'Bombing,'

An Unwitting Participant Asks; "WHY?"


In 1988, I moved to NYC., seeking architectural photography assignments from
various key architects. Before moving there, I asked for help from my prior
clients in Denver. One good friend and close ally, Herb Roth, suggested I
contact his friends at "Emery-Roth Architects," (No
relation) After the usual portfolio review and pricing discussions, Barry
Roth, AIA, asked me to cover the "World Trade Center." This assignment, I
thought, would be one of the greatest opportunities of my career!

It was widely known that "Ezra Stoller and Associates" and "Norman McGrath"
had laboriously photographed the World Trade Center for a period of over one
year. They created some of the finest known images of the towers, the most
memorable ones are at twilight, with the Statue of
Liberty in the foreground. They informed me that Ezra had actually
photographed it routinely for something like 6 years.

I was allowed to analyze the firm's existing 'photo files' before I began my
coverage. I asked a lot of questions which is how I learned most of the
background information I'm about to cover. The 'librarian' at Emery's
offices was actually the main corporate secretary, who's demeanor was more
like someone you would expect to work under at the Metropolitan
Museum, -totally reserved and humorless. This was my first challenge, and
frankly a cause for alarm.

Not long after the buildings were built, the WTC owners retained the
architect of record, and their photographer, and several principal engineers
from the original consulting firm- "to establish the safety of the twin
towers." Each of their staff members worked on this project on
a 'full-time' contract basis, most of them for a period of about 10 years.
By 1989, it was very late in the process, but there were still about 15
current participants involved in all. (I found all these 'facts' to be
highly unusual, but perhaps simply beyond my 10+ years experience-level.)

My assignment was to: "apply my Julius Schulman -technique," to photograph
both of the towers in their contextual situation. "Not just the buildings,
but especially how they 'fit' with the neighborhood.

After a month and a half, I had exhausted my interest in the street
vantage-points, so I decided to go up in the towers early one morning, to
see which adjacent rooftops could offer the most suitable additional views.
It was still too cold to shoot those views. This was between May
9th and May 13, 1989.

Carrying just my light-weight 35mm gear, I was singled-out from the regular
building patrons by the lobby guards, which totally surprised me. I
explained the nature of my business with a moderate degree of assurance, but
was shocked when they reacted as though I had been expected, very
matter-of-factly!. One of them phoned upstairs, while another insisted he
was sending a guard with me, "to insure that I would arrive at the
engineering office in time for our meeting." The suite was labeled: Skilling
& Jackson, P.C.. -whom I had knowledge of, but no
prior relations with.

Had this been the leasing office, I would have understood the mix-up
perfectly. Clearly, this was NOT a situation that could pertain to me in any
way. I was not aware that Roth had an office in the building at all, but,
like a true 'rookie,' I was feeling keen to discuss my abilities
with their 'big guns,' since any contact with such people here could have
lead me to major future assignments!

When we arrived at the door to this suite, I was 'very shocked' to see the
actual sign on their 'main office door.' The door and jamb itself were of
completly service-grade materials, like an ordinary 'back door' at any other
suite. The sign was brand new and simply said: Skilling
Associates, P.C.. (This was a small engraved laminated sign from an ordinary
office supply store.) I thought to myself: Humm, these people have been here
over 10 years?

"Everyone sit down and be quiet." "Who's this?," the orator said loudly,
starring at me. I said: "I 'm the official photographer from Roth."

{ who are you and what's it to you buddy, haven't you heard of me? }

Unflinching, somber and businesslike, he said without drawing a breath:

Then, you are to be included, who sent you here?

I said; "Barry Roth- I just got a message from his secretary."

(Which was almost completely true, but she hadn't called about this, to
my knowledge! )

He nodded and addressed the full group, then reading from a 4x5 file-card,
acknowledged some absentee members and confirmed their knowledge and prior
'agreements of compliance.' He said to the few of us in this special group:

"Listen carefully, nobody gets out of this!"

"Each of you were called here to sign an affidavit of non-disclosure. None
of the information from our project can find it's way into the public-eye.
Absolutely nothing that we have learned from this project can be revealed to
the public because it is potentially damaging to our
client. Some of you have enjoyed 10 years of service on this project for our
client. Each of the team leaders have recently received raises and
additional benefits. { someone } -has already received a new assignment and
he will be getting a healthy raise at his new location, {undisclosed}."

"I know this transition will take you by surprise, but there was no other
way to handle it. You are all terminated from this project effective
immediately! This means you need to clear your desks and surrender all of
your files by the end of the day.

I will assist you in getting these papers into the archive cabinets so we
can give them to the owners for safekeeping."

"After you have signed these forms, we will have a short recess. You may go
to the Cafe, or to 'Windows' for lunch, but don't leave the buildings! I
want you all to know that I am sad to have to break this news. Your work
will not go unnoticed, each of you has provided an invaluable service and we
are all grateful. Do not think that this action shows any reflection on the
exceptional quality of your individual work!"

This was like a military operation, yet no one in the room knew I didn't
work for their firm!

So, we went to "lunch," at around 10:15am. where I was able to visit with 3,
or 4 of the lesser engineers, without oversight from their 'head honchos.' I
played it really cool considering my total ignorance. Each of them were
furious. I said things like -"Shame we have to dis-band, I
was looking forward to being here for at least a few months." "What do you
suppose we've done wrong?" ...Each in turn revealed:

"The fact is, we all know that the buildings can't stand safely for over 40
to 60 years. It's not the sub-soil, that's granite. They must have received
the completed demolition report, which we all knew to expect. It was
supposed to be finished months ago. Clearly it looks bad. Well,
I'm sure we all know the real implication- that the owners can't get their
money back. That's what we all learned today. -Thanks _X_, f*** you!"

I asked: -"Why, what do you mean?"

It will cost $____ Billion to erect the two scaffolds to surround both
buildings, that's the only known way to take these baby's down. We'll
literally have to re-build them, then un-build them, twice! Now it's
obvious, bottom-line is that the developer will have to sell them soon, or
take a serious bath. (I forget the actual figure)

-"Why are they worried now? They still seem really stable architecturally."

They are much too big. It's a piece-by-piece problem. They simply can't be
imploded, we know of no other way. Why do you think they hired me for 10
years to find other solutions? I'm not a structural specialist, just an

- "I thought Barry said you guys were about to find a solution."

(I could see that was the wrong thing to say.) A slight look of concern
spread over their faces, until I said-"What's a few more Flying Buttresses
going to cost?" It was a lame jab, but they bought it and everyone relaxed
as I pretended to be contemplating my next job interview.

I learned that 'none of them were allowed to be holding other jobs,' as long
as they held these 'titles,' a contract-stipulation had occurred at least 4
years prior. They all griped about the "pathetic" lunch; "This is horrible,
I can't eat here!" No one was very relaxed. The more I
learned, the more scared I was as I listened for more fascinating inside

-Finally, pushing my luck, I prodded again: "So tell me about the
electrolytic issues."

Everyone went quiet, but realised they were in deep. They began a patent
narritive which was clearly not about to go anywhere, since I think they
knew that I knew as much as each of them about the composition and
arrangements of these metals. I had effectively blown my cover.

Suddenly, just short of our hour, a man came to escort us back to their
desks which had been mostly riffled through, or completely boxed and

"Again, son, tell me who you are?" -One of the senior associates asked.
"You guys walk ahead, he said, using firm body-lauguage to physically
indicate that he would be in a position to restrain me at any time.

"I'm T.S. Gordon the official photographer. They were tired of paying
Stoller." "Who's Stoller, I only know of McGrath?" "Are you saying you are
not with Mr. McGrath's firm?"

I said; "Ezra Stoller, the world's greatest at shooting tall buildings.
Haven't you seen all the great shots up at Emery Roth? McGrath has shot
what, 6 or 8 great photos in 4 years!," (-I sarcastically mused, until I
began to feel that he might arrest me. By the way, Norman's shot's were
great too, but I felt I had to assert a strong opinion.)

"You go by; Tom, Thomas, or T.S.?" -He asked, looking again at my drivers

"TS- I was called in to cover the site, not just the buildings. I didn't
even need to come in here again for my assignment!" - I said, carefully
back-stepping, like I could find my way to the elevator. He grabbed my arm
and we proceeded rapidly through the corridors behind the others.
"No, you were called in because everyone had to sign off on their part in
this entire assignment. You say you work for Barry__ who?"

I responded with the proper name and added, "He's the one that cuts my
checks and I give him ALL the film." (An exaggeration, but I knew Barry was
a former project manager and he would be at lunch if they tried to call.)

"You are not to tell anyone about your employment here, ever!" -he said.

"Wait here by the window, all of you with outside affiliations." A couple of
guys took their seats by the North window, but I was nervous and I stood
with my back to them as I starred down on the un-finished looking iron-work
of building #7, which had just been 'topped-out' with a ceremony the day

"What are you studying?" someone asked. "I can't believe that building is so
tall and skinny," and I really couldn't. ( I had toured #7, so I was quite
curious about this viewing angle.) He stood up, evidently really angry, and
said quite unpleasantly; "Yeah good old #7, the building that never should
have been built!"

The room went silent. His tone was immediately received as a threat by the
boss. He separated the three of us and called my contact at Emery-Roth who
then acknowledged that I was hired to shoot the building. Neither discussed
any details, so I was off the hook in a way. He dismissed me and said I was
not to talk to any of the other participants on the way out, not ever again.
An armed guard escorted me down to the street.

Within a few days I called Ezra Stoller, in White Plains, who, speaking
about WTC, innocently revealed that he; "Wasn't allowed to shoot any more
pictures of it." That was a very funny thing to hear him say. No one ever
"doesn't allow" a photographer to get a better shot. I didn't
say what had happened to me, only that it was very exciting for me to get to
follow in his shoes. I thanked him for the friendly phone visit and promised
to show him the prints if I got any really great shots. He was very polite
and understood my admiration.


Based on a true life experience I had at the World Trade Center, I offer
this document now, to those who may be searching for " key potential
motives" behind the actions that led to the 9/11 attacks. I do not intend to
imply that any of the parties that I will mention here were directly
involved in the coordinated effort to destroy the building.

However, it is clearer to me, over time, that this information would have
provided a pre-eminent, and utterly untraceable 'blue-print' to the group
that finally engineered the 9/11 attack.

This document was originally released in 2003, and was ammended for
accuracy, on: 1/18/2004.

This information is entirely true and this is its first public release. My
explanation does not intend to add substantially in any way to the factual
information that is contained in the actual documentation that I have

Supporting Facts, Assumptions and Curious Questions:

I would speculate that in 1989 through 1993, as the downtown real estate
market was falling, there were perhaps reasons to suspect that the WTC
owners might have contemplated the first bombing. After Battery Park
attracted their biggest tenants, the property quickly lost it's
viability. (At the time, Geoff Parker reported that a friend of his was
given a whole floor in the South tower to use as a drumming studio, for
free!) By 1996, the internet had decentralized the financial industry,
further diminishing the lease/return opportunities of this property. ( I
don't know the actual math, maybe it was going up again.)

The building cost about $1.5B to build and was worth about $4. to 5.B at its
peak. But, it would have cost about $20B to un-build it in 2010 dollars, or
as it neared its 1/2 'safe' life. Obviously it HAD to be imploded and there
was never going to be a 'break-even' point for the

The first attempted attack was evidently planned to kill all of us, or at
least scatter the group's paperwork. Building #7 was actually a protective
scaffold, designed to catch the debris as the North building fell. Why did
they plan it so only this building would fall, particularly northward? Would
they receive the insurance then appeal for a government bail-out to
de-construct the main tower, sometime later?

Minoru Yamasaki was working for the Saudi's when he took on this project.
After its completion in 1973, he returned to Saudi Arabia to consult on
other projects. Eventually, in 1986, he did the Saudi Financial Center.
Noteworthy, if I remember, because of its triangular super-rigid looking
tower, also attributed to S.O.M. In interviews he appears to be a gracious
and spiritually honest man. We certainly felt his pain when he was
interviewed on TV.

Minoru befriended Richard Roth Sr., while working for Brown & Root in
Chicago. Roth was noted for his contribution on the "Columbia Exposition"
Project. They shared many arts & crafts stylistic attitudes. Richard Roth
Jr. was in charge of his dad's firm when he retired. He is friends with lots
of conservatives. (Carnegie Mellon group, like his dad.) He is friends with
Saul Steinberg, Stephen Roth, Jeffrey Levine, lots of famous Jewish folks
with dubious Israeli connections.

When the building was sold to Silversteen, Stephen Roth, (with Vernado
Realty) worked to take the bid as high as possible, offering $750,M more
than the next lower bidder. Did he even have the money? Two months before
the official auction, he withdrew the ridiculous bid. Could this
have been a mistake on his part?

Isn't this the same Stephen Roth who runs the "Anti-defamation League" in
Israel. They track all persons who threaten the sovereignty of Israel.
Interestingly enough it was established in 1991! Suddenly, after that, there
were lots of reported 'neo-nazi' groups springing up in Germany and the UK.
His group gave rise to the importance of stopping these 'Right- wing
terrorists' at all costs, and he may serve as the eyes and ears for the CIA,
or Massoud. Either way, he's got to be an insider with Sharon.

Tom-Scott Gordon
Architectural Photographer/currently A/V Systems Integrator


From Tom-Scott Gordon


Hi Jeff -

You may remember the transcript that I sent you about a pre-existing
'demolition plan' for the Twin Trade Towers. I have been actively pursuing
the development of that set of documents into a 'corroborated' story. I have
received help from Michael @ From the Wilderness and Jeff King, another
important 9-11 cover-up researcher. I think you should have one of them on
your program immediately!

I would like for you to 'add this comment' to the end of your story,
something that I believe to be just as important as Mr. Silverstein's
'smoking gun,' -itself. This appears in the context of my tedious narrative,
and in some ways 'certifies,' these events. I will highlight the quote now,
but my full story will not be ready to send to the commission for days.

It's more than a smoking gun. In my 25+ years exposure to all sorts of
architects, I have never heard such a damaging comment as the one I'm about
to tell you. Not to the design process, the people, nor the conflicts
involved in achieving our profession's crowning achievements. It was like
seeing a mother with her newborn child, as she quietly ends it's precious

"There I was, fantastically excited to be looking down on the steel framing,
as Building #7 was finally 'topped out.' To my right, stood one of the
project architects, who said; (then turned, and left the room without
looking any of us in the eye): "Building seven. -The building that never
should have been built."



"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime."
Honore de Balzac

"Democrats work to help people who need help.
That other party, they work for people who don't need help.
That's all there is to it."

~Harry S. Truman

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