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Here are a few of the people that TvNewsLies.org considers honorable people who have worked hard to make this world a better place. Although the impact of the actions of the listed individuals vary and  even though they each have contributed in very different ways, we feel that they have all worked hard to make this a better world. TvNewsLies.org would like to thank them and pay our respects to these fine people.

In no particular order:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Enough can not be said about Dr. King. He stood up and fought against outrageous oppression. We can use his leadership today. Perhaps he would lead the nation out of this most resent disgraceful period of American History.
  • Mahatma Ghandi. Showed the mighty military that good can defeat evil, regardless of military might. Perhaps the Palestinian people, and all the oppressed people of the world who live under brutal dictatorships can learn from his example.

    US President James Earl Carter. Mr. Carter has done more for world peace and humanity after leaving office than any president has done while in office.


    Daniel Ellsberg. Mr. Ellsberg risked all to expose a corrupt government. Back when the press had integrity people like Mr. Ellsberg stood a chance of success. Today however seems to be a different story with the press being the corrupt entity that needs to be exposed.

    Michael Moore. Mr. Moore is perhaps the most sane individual on the planet. He has the courage to stand up to the establishment and he has the genius to show the world just how crazy it is.

    Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Mr. Robbins and Ms. Sarandon have shown courage in standing up the those who are crushing the Constitution and transforming freedom of speech into freedom of blacklisting. Mr. Robbins speech to the National Press Club was a historically important event and we applaud him for his eloquent plea for the return of real journalism to this nation.

    Janeane Garofalo. Ms. Garofalo has endured the outrageous attacks from  the right wing media and has stood her ground in her quest to shed light on the immorality of the invasion of Iraq.

    US President William Jefferson Clinton. While Mr. Clintonís personal life suffered during his presidency the rest of the world became a nicer place to live. Peace and prosperity seemed to blossom more each day, regardless of how the GOP Congress tries to stop the government several times for trivial issues. From the environment to personal prosperity, everything that had improved under Mr. Clintonís watch is crumbling under the Bush administration. The only people who are truly better off are the defense contractors and the business associates of the members of PNAC. Bill, we miss you; the world misses you!

    US Senator Robert Byrd. Mr. Byrd has virtually been the sole voice of humanity and democracy in Congress. He understands the value of our Constitution and he is almost alone in his relentless fight to save it from itís pending demise under the Bush administrationís/PNAC agenda. His voice falls on silent ears in the Senate halls yet he continues to fight for the people who elected him.

    US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee. Ms. JACKSON-Lee had the courage to speak out for the rights of the Palestinian people. She immediately became the target of the Zionist lobby, who funded her opponentís campaign. Perhaps if her sole voice became a chorus we can bring an end to this ongoing rampant injustice.

    US Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Mr. Clark is relentless working to bring US Law back to our government. His quest to impeach Bush for REAL crimes is picking up steam. We can help him by clicking here. Bravo Mr. Clark.

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 Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry... by Michael Moore


  The Clinton Wars by Sidney Blumenthal


  Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the...by Daniel Ellsberg


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