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"One leak will sink a ship, and one sin will destroy a sinner."
~ John Bunyan
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Tom, Dan, Peter, Ted, you were all men of integrity. You were there when TV News was a part of the real world of journalism. Show some backbone. Blow the the whistle! Live, on TV, tell the public what is going on! Tell them how you  you are being silenced and that you are being forced to broadcast Bush’s lies as truths, but that you now refuse to continue to lie to the people who have put their trust in you. Sacrifice your job; you do not need the money, you are all wealthy men. Think of Daniel Ellsberg and the example he set. Help save us all! Be strong and unite against injustice. Stand together and break the silence.

If you are involved, and you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem!

1 Down!

  • Brokaw to sign off on December 1 - Brokaw, a former host of NBC's "Today" show and White House correspondent who joined NBC News in 1966, had been expected to retire at some point following this November's U.S. presidential election. - TVNL Comment: Perhaps his conscience is getting to him.

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    1/2 the Story is 1 Whole Lie

    For many years you have provided your trusting listeners with honest and complete reporting. It is painfully obvious that you have succumbed to the powers, suppressed your journalistic ethics and have assumed the role of White House Public Relations Spokesman. History will reflect the role you are playing in the deception of the American people

    Cable news is a lost cause all together. They have never practiced true journalism, therefore we have grown to expect less from them. They have become the professional wrestling of the journalism world. You, however, were there before CNN’s high ratings forced the rest of the TV News industry to abandon journalism in lieu of propaganda propagation. TV News is now nothing more than an infomercial for the Bush administration and for the corporate sponsors. If they approve, you report. That is the only standard by which the news is now reported.

    It is your fault that 50% of the American public believes that Iraq was responsible for the attacks on 9/11. You have permitted and encourage the President to lie to our troops about the reasons that they have been asked to kill other human beings. Is this how you “Support the Troops”? Is this patriotism? It is the job of the journalist to ask questions when the President spews his daily lies.

    Think about the impact the press had in uncovering corruption in the past. Think of how the Watergate scandal came to light. Think of the respect the American Journalist gained around the world during that time. Think of Daniel Ellsberg, a great American hero who risked all to uncover the truth and expose a corrupt administration. That is patriotism. Protecting a President as he lies to the troops and to the world is not patriotism. It is treason. It is disgraceful. It is a sin.

    Last year Reporters Without Borders ranked the American Press 17th in the world for freedom of the press. Imagine what this years ranking will be. Picture your name and face placed along side that ranking, etched in history. This is the legacy you are creating for yourself.

    Stand up. Regain control of your soul, and speak the truth. Admit to what has been going on and blow the whistle. It is your patriotic responsibility. Continuing this deception is an injustice to all of humanity.


    An American


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