The End of the World


In case you missed it the other day, Senators of the Intelligence Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Ranking Member Diane Feinstein emerged late after a TOP SECRET briefing from the Director of Your FBI to face reporters. Chairman Grassley let the Ranking Member speak for him as he appeared about to lose his lunch.

They steadfastly refused to make any comment on the briefing with Democrat Feinstein repeating that the briefing was highly classified. Remember that the reporter gaggle was scheduled ahead of time & Feinstein apologized for keeping them waiting for a considerable time.

She and Grassley had nothing to say, but both their faces had an ashen appearance you might expect if they had just heard that aliens has taken over the planet. The briefing was supposed to cover Trump, his minions and their involvement with Russia. Unless the Senate cafeteria gave them both food poisoning at breakfast, I'd say things are as bad as they can get. Do you have your bunker stocked with canned goods?