Texas GOP's new platform says Biden didn't really win. It also calls for secession

Texas GOP: Biden lost, secession

President Biden is the "acting" president because he didn't win legally; Texans should vote on seceding; the Voting Rights Act of 1965 should be repealed; any gun control is a rights violation: this is the world as seen by the Republican Party of Texas, according to its newly adopted party platform.

"We can't compromise with Democrats who have a different and incompatible vision for our future," Matt Rinaldi, the state GOP chairman, said, according to The Texas Newsroom. "We need to be a bold and unapologetic conservative party, ready to go on offense and win the fight for our country."

The Republicans' 2022 platform is outlined in a 40-page document that addresses state issues but also much broader priorities — such as calling for the U.S. to leave the United Nations. Delegates approved it over the weekend, at the party's convention in Houston.