Evidence linking sugar to heart disease, cancer intentionally buried for years

Sugar industry hid dangers for years

The sugar industry is no stranger to controversy. For decades, claims linking sucrose in the diet to coronary heart disease (CHD) have been shrugged off owing to flimsy evidence.

Recent reports confirming that the sugar industry buried evidence associating sugar consumption to levels of lipids within the blood – that in turn had something to do with heart disease – have drawn the ire of some consumers.

While fraudulent health claims may sprout once in a while, the highly profitable sugar industry’s non-disclosure of evidence and findings of potential harm to people consuming sugar-containing products smacks of self-serving interests.

It is a case similar to the coconut oil industry in America, whereby for many years people and business entities financially invested in coconut oil products have gone aggressively on the defensive, debunking health findings.

Unfortunately, when industries downplay or hide the result of studies that may put them at a disadvantage, it is the consuming public that is on the losing end. It not only confuses the general population no end, but puts their lives at risk.