Over 338,000 Children Have Contracted COVID Since March. Now School Is About to Start.


338,000 children tested positive since MarchThe number of children in America with coronavirus is growing rapidly, with over 338,000 kids contracting COVID since March.

The report from the pediatricians group also sheds light on how many children might die from COVID. About 0.03% to 0.04% of cases in children were fatal based on June and July statistics, with 86 children in total dying from the disease. If the number infected jumps another 40% in the first two weeks of August, that could add another 40 to 50 deaths to ongoing totals, increasing the total child fatalities by nearly 50% or more.

If measures do not effectively stop the spread of COVID-19 among school-aged children, these numbers could continue to grow every two weeks if plans to reopen remain unchanged, potentially leading to hundreds or thousands of deaths.

TVNL Comment: Does Donald Trump even know this?  Does he care? Or does he both ignore the truth and continue to insist that children are immune to the Covid-19 virus?