This Life-Saving NYC ER Doc Never Recovered From COVID. Now She Needs a Kidney

Dr. Arlene McTeer

A Brooklyn doctor who has devoted her life to caring for her patients is now a patient herself, due to the long-term effects of COVID-19. Dr. Arlene McTeer desperately needs a kidney transplant — and the time to find a donor is running out.

McTeer's sister, Sonja, says Arlene has said since she was just 6 years old that she wanted to be an emergency medicine doctor. She grew up to do just that, following in the footsteps of her father, one of the first Black dentists in South Carolina, in medicine.

Sonja also said her sister chose to work in underserved communities, like in inner-city Charleston. She ultimately ended up at Brooklyn Hospital as an attending ER physician.

"She was a mentor that led me, and all of us, through our training in emergency medicine," said Dr. Pardeep Thandi, a fellow emergency physician.

Then COVID-19 hit.