Amnesty Criticizes U.S.-Led Coalition's 'Indiscriminate' Actions In Raqqa

Raqqa deaths indiscriminant: Amnesty

According to Amnesty International, the U.S.-led coalition's offensive against ISIS in Raqqa killed about 1,400 more civilians than the U.S. military has acknowledged.

Amnesty produced names of more than 1,000 people reported killed from June to October 2017 in the northern Syrian city. The group says that it has directly verified 641 of those and that its researchers have "credible" reports of an additional 600. Amnesty says that its conservative estimate of the number of civilians killed is at least 1,600.

In what it calls the "most comprehensive investigation into civilian deaths in a modern conflict," the rights group accuses the U.S.-led coalition of indiscriminate use of artillery force in densely populated areas.