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You are here News International Trump tried diplomacy. He ended up legitimizing a monster in North Korea.

Trump tried diplomacy. He ended up legitimizing a monster in North Korea.

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Trump befriends a monster

It is an objectively fair statement that if Barack Obama had done what Donald Trump just did, Republicans would be demanding his impeachment. Between President Obama’s dealings with Iran and with Cuba, Republicans did so. On the other hand, Democrats who praised Obama for dealing with two barbaric regimes on favorable terms have no ground to criticize Trump.

Since the nineties, the American policy on North Korea has mostly been unchanged: the North Korean dictator would saber rattle, the Americans would pay him off with humanitarian aid, and North Korea would go silent until they needed more cash. This pattern played out time and time again. China would rarely engage unless things got seriously out of control. Otherwise, it was status quo shakedown.

After Trump’s election, the saber rattling began again. North Korea tested missiles, claimed it could nuke parts of the United States, then held out its hand waiting for cash. This time, Trump refused. Instead, he rattled his sabers too. He sent American naval vessels steaming toward the Korean Peninsula. He promised North Korea that we could wipe them off the map. He offered them no cash.


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