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You are here News International There is mass murder being carried out in Gaza and the world is just watching. This can’t go on

There is mass murder being carried out in Gaza and the world is just watching. This can’t go on

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Mass murder is going on in Israel.

Today, the United Nations marks the International Day of Commemoration for the Victims of the Crime of Genocide.

The designation of genocide as an independent crime under international law – alongside war crimes and crimes against humanity – was in reaction to the horrors of the second world war, when Nazi Germany, driven by ideas of “Aryan superiority” and a desire for “racial purity”, pursued an extermination campaign against several peoples they deemed inferior.

Roma and Sinti, Slavs and, most extensively, Jewish people, were brutally persecuted. Millions died in concentration camps – starved, worked or gassed to death – alongside political opponents such as communists, trade unionists and socialists.

This unprecedented brutality, along with the enormous human and material cost of the second world war, was the motivation behind the push to create the United Nations and a global rules-based system to render war a last resort.

TVNL Comment:  Palestinians have no place to run as Israel arbitrarily demolishes their homes, their land and their futures.  Someone has to care.  The US just gave Israel over a hundred million dollars worth of tank ammunition so they can kill more innocent civilians, more women, and more children.  Someone has to care.  The UN Security Council voted for a cease fire in Gaza two days ago.  The US vetoed the vote.  Someone has to care.


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