MSNBC Admits It Got Suckered by the Alt-Right Into Firing Sam Seder

MSNBC adamits it got suckered by far right

MSNBC chief Phil Griffin now admits his network messed up by caving to the alt-right’s demands to fire a contributor over a joke mocking rape apologists.

“Don’t care re Polanski, but I hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man w/a great sense of mise en scene,” comedian and political commentator Sam Seder wrote in the now-deleted tweet from 2009.

Pro-Trump activist and noted rape apologist Mike Cernovich spotted the tweet and blasted it out last month, launching a campaign to destroy Seder’s on-air career. The outrage-fest was amplified by former Trump adviser and alt-right sympathizer Seb Gorka, who publicly asked MSNBC to comment on the matter.

The joke was clearly a satire of the liberals and Hollywood elites who excuse Polanski’s many allegations of sexual molestation because of his critically acclaimed directorial career (Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby, etc.).

“Internally there was disgust over the tweet,” an MSNBC insider anonymously explained to The Wrap.

And so, on Monday, the network that allowed Mark Halperin on air for years—despite longstanding rumors of his predatory sexual behavior in the workplace—swiftly gave Seder the boot.