Trump's ex-national security adviser H.R. McMaster warns Afghan peace talks will fail, leave US vulnerable

HR McMaster

McMaster served as Trump's second national security adviser, appointed to the job in February 2017 after Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was fired for lying about his contacts with the Russian ambassador. Flynn had served in the post less than a month, and McMaster said the White House was not the "well-oiled machine" the president claimed when he arrived.

But his book is not a dramatic tell-all documenting his 13 months in the White House. McMaster said he had no desire to write another "palace intrigue" memoir. Instead, he offers a thoughtful critique of U.S. foreign policy and a restrained assessment of Trump’s approach to North Korea, Afghanistan and other global hotspots.

He says Trump saw a summit with Kim Jong Un as "irresistible." He said he "can't really explain" why Trump seems so deferential to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He won't say if he supports a second Trump term.

"I'm determined, even in retirement, not to be dragged into partisan politics," he said.