Pa. Republicans drop effort to create ‘election integrity’ panel with subpoena power

Pa. GOP drops plans fore 'integrity panel' with subpoena powersPennsylvania Republicans have dropped their plan to create an “election integrity” panel with subpoena power, an effort Democrats feared would lead to a “stealth attack” on voting.

The resolution would have created a committee of five House lawmakers — three Republicans and two Democrats — to investigate and review the Nov. 3 election. The group would have been empowered to subpoena “witnesses and documents” and initiate legal filings.

Following the measure’s introduction in late September, Democrats quickly raised concerns that the panel could be weaponized to impound ballots and delay Pennsylvania’s election results.

Republicans, meanwhile, defended the committee as a straight-forward oversight panel. While leadership planned to call up the resolution for a vote last week, the plan was delayed after a GOP representative tested positive for the coronavirus.