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You are here News Science Massive skull of 'strange-looking' dinosaur unearthed in Canada

Massive skull of 'strange-looking' dinosaur unearthed in Canada

fossil skull and CaliforniaA fossil find in Canada has revealed a "strange-looking" dinosaur with a skull the size of a small car, a paleontologist revealing it to the world said.

University of Calgary paleontologist Darla Zelenitsky, who discovered the skull of the Pachyrhinosaurus in Alberta, said it's one of the most complete ever found and of impressive size.

"It almost looks like some sort of mythical beast," she told CNN. "Because it is so big and (mature), it makes for a very strange-looking individual."

It isn't the first Pachyrhinosaurus skull ever found, but it's remarkably well-preserved, between 75 percent and 80 percent complete, unusual for a dinosaur fossil.


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