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You are here News Science Crack in Earth's magnetic field triggers extremely rare pink auroras witnessed in Norway

Crack in Earth's magnetic field triggers extremely rare pink auroras witnessed in Norway

Rare pink aurorasWant to know what the night sky looks like after a solar storm smashes into earth and rips a hole into the planet’s magnetic field?

The combination of cosmic events led to a rare explosion of strikingly vivid pink auroras the filled Norway's night sky. The unusual colored light show lasted for around two minutes and was caused by a crack in Earth's magnetic field, enabling highly energetic solar particles, known as solar wind, to enter into the atmosphere on Nov. 3, according to

Greenlander tour company guide Markus Varik spotted the auroras at around 6 p.m. while leading a tour group near Tromsø, Norway, Varik told USA TODAY.  Although the pink auroras weren’t the best he’s ever witnessed before, the color's intensity was “super rare” and “almost never happens,” Varik said.


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