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You are here News Human Rights 'Uncommitted' protest vote in Michigan primary is warning Biden cannot ignore

'Uncommitted' protest vote in Michigan primary is warning Biden cannot ignore

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Michigan vote

Michigan voters have sent a clear warning to the White House that Joe Biden's support for Israel's war in Gaza could cost him dearly in the presidential election in November.

Activists encouraged people voting in Tuesday's Democratic primary to withhold their votes from President Biden and instead mark the box marked "uncommitted" as a protest. More than 100,000 voters did just that.

The protest vote - while a sharp rebuke - poses no immediate danger to Mr Biden, who still won the contest with 81% of the vote. He's the incumbent president and has no serious challenger from within his party, so he can't lose the race to choose the Democratic candidate.

But what if all the people who withheld their support from him this time don't come out to vote for him in the general election? That could be decisive.

Every vote counts in a key swing state that the US president almost certainly needs to win to have a shot at a second term. In 2016, for example, Hillary Clinton lost Michigan to Donald Trump by fewer than 11,000 ballots.


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