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Democrats have to stand up and be strong. The current ultra right wing neoconservative administration has hijacked the Conservative party and claimed it as their own yet the Conservatives remain almost silent; sans Pat Buchanan. Democrats can not remain silent about being trashed and manipulated by the party in power. They have folded and are now lemmings following the neocons to hell. Democrats have do the right thing and not give in to this controlling administration.

  • Senator says Bush hiding 9/11 failures - Someone finally accused Bush of something related to 9/11!
  • Tilting at the Pentagon - Rep. Henry Waxman of California, ranking Democrat on the House Government Reform Committee and a bulldog the Bush White House loves to hate, has sunk his teeth into the Pentagon for the first time. He told National Journal that partly because no one else is willing to, he is taking on the world's biggest enterprise, the Defense Department, which now spends almost $1 million a minute. - TVNL asks: Why is he alone on this? The current crop of Democrats have to go! They are useless.
  • SQUISHY SOFT 'DEMOCRATS' - They are called The Invertebrates. Their symbol is the jellyfish. Dozens of Democrats, especially the leadership, have defected to the Invertebrate Party
  • Save the world — remove a Bush, experts declare - Several speakers during the three-day conference entitled “Creative Ideas for a Threatened and Threatening World” criticized the Bush administration either directly or indirectly for its positions on environmental issues. Bush was targeted for doing everything from soft pedaling global climate change to bailing out of international family planning efforts. - “This is the most short-sighted administration there’s ever been,” - “First and foremost we’ve got a political problem,” he said. The conservative right wing of the Republican party has wrestled control of the country while Democrats and liberals play “too nice,”
  • Democrats Laud Pelosi's Style - House Minority Leader Commended for Focus on Party Unity - When Pelosi inherited the leadership post from Rep. Richard A .Gephardt (Mo.), some party activists feared her solidly liberal credentials would trigger wariness among the party's conservatives and invite GOP attacks on the "San Francisco liberal." - TVNL Comment: The Democrats are their own worst enemy. They have no backbone and they fold under pressure. The GOP stand strong regardless of how horrific, destructive, cruel or inhumane their position is.

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