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I was listening to NPR driving home last night and heard a spoof re the French and German ambassadors trying to call the White House saying they had been misunderstood and of course the White House was hanging up on them. I did not find it amusing in the least.

If you have not read the ABC story where the Bush admin begins to admit they have lied again, follow this link:


The French and the Germans and the peace activists around the world were exactly correct.

Saddam was NOT a threat to the US – many innocent civilians, children, mothers, fathers died or were maimed, parents and spouses in the US lost sons and daughters and parents who fought as soldiers for this war “to keep us safe,” from a threat dreamed up by the PNAC and Bush, et al.

A Museum rich in the history of mankind and an entire region was gutted, while the Oil Ministry was protected.

Via the UN, we forced another country to destroy weapons it could use to defend itself so our attack would be easier. Via the UN, we used sanctions to weaken the nation so our attack would be easier.

American Soldiers and Iraqi civilians and the environment we all share have been exposed to MORE depleted uranium. This means that the damage and death count from this war will expand into the next generation as the effects of this exposure take their toll first on the direct exposures and then on the children born from those who survived.

Our nation’s citizens will have to pay for the debt instead of receiving education or health care.

The justifications were – as we all knew – LIES.

Starting a war in Iraq to send the message "don't mess with the United States” is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

Killing our military and putting the civilian population at risk of further terrorist attacks is a crime that should be punished.

It was obvious to the world that Bush wanted his war no matter what the UN or the rest of the world thought. He and Blair, and Powell to his ever-lasting dishonor, knowingly submitted falsified data to the UN and to the people of the United States. Not on just one occasion – repeatedly!

Now they are admitting that they won't find any weapons in Iraq. They throw out various excuses; they were sent to Syria, they were destroyed just before the war etc. etc., etc. I guess that the manufacturing plants for these weapons were also sent to Syria or maybe as Scott Ritter has said since the beginning – they had already been destroyed –not upon the threats by Bush – but years before.

None of the current excuses are any more believable than the earlier false reports submitted to the UN and to the American people.

The collapse of the Iraqi armed forces shows that a nation thoroughly beaten in 1991 and controlled by sanctions for 12 years was no threat to anyone, least of all the United States. It is clear that the Bush Administration knew it and lied about it.

It is up to “We the People” to make Bush and his co-conspirators pay for the crimes they have committed. It is up to us to insist that media make the story of lies and distortions foisted on the American people and the International community front-page news until the administration is brought to justice.

If we don’t, when they lie about the next war and the one after that, and more of our soldiers die or come home wounded we can’t hold Bush and his neocons responsible. We will have failed in our duties as citizens.

Say it again:

The French were right

The Germans were right

The peace activists were right

There was no threat,

The case for war was built on Lies.

One last thought.

The Republicans were concerned about Billy Clinton lying about a sexual encounter.

This President just lied to the American public so he could send American Soldiers to kill Iraqi soldiers and civilians. So he could launch a preemptive strike against another nation.

I don’t believe in “degrees” of “sin.” Nevertheless, if you want to compare, then which of the two sins was more harmful to our nation? Which resulted in death. In damage to our nation in the eyes of the International community?

Hold them accountable. If we don’t democracy is dead.

Claudia Slate


‘Already is so Entrenched in his views’

It really does no good to send someone information who already is so intrenched in his views, that he will spin anything. The facts are that the media is far more liberal and has been for decades, we have fought long and hard to have other points of view on radio and TV and finally we have found our voice. We will not give this up. You may whine and spin all you want. We also will take back our colleges and universities. The public schools will also be reclaimed. Why do you fear? Are you afraid of truth? We need all the points of view, so that we can sort through the facts. Freedom depends on truth, from a free press. You should be happy that we have access to so much information. We are not brainwashed, we know what we stand for, and we know lies when we hear and see them, you and others will not be allowed to rewrite current events or history. As for CBS they have been clowns since Vietnam. sincerely, Di



When you are deep in debt, the only logical thing to do is to borrow a lot of money that doesn’t have to be paid back until after you die.

 Along the same lines, if you are a president that wants to be popular and re-elected, borrow a lot of money that doesn’t have to be paid back until you are out of office, and let the next President take the hit by having to pay back the debt plus interest.

The United States is already deep in debt, so the only logical thing to do is to give your customers (the citizens) a tax break over the next ten years, and let someone else (the next president) worry about paying it all back, plus the enormous interest.

This is a plan that is easy to sell to the American public, who still believe in flying saucers, Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, and that Jesus will come back someday and save us all.

David Allen Russell

Lake Elsinore, California


Title- Support Our Troops, President Bush

Dear President Bush,

Why did you approve a 100 billion dollar wartime budget, while in the same week, CUT 25 BILLION dollars out of Veteran benefits and medical benefits? How can you justify sending these young men over there to fight and die, and then screw them like this? All I'm asking is that you support our troops, President Bush.

As someone who respects and admires those who have served our country, I am greatly offended by this. I think that if they were willing to go over, and fight your war, they deserve some kind of retribution, some kind of reward. Your actions of cutting their benefits are a literal slap in their face.

The majority of Gulf War and Vietnam veterans I have talked to told me that they were pretty much screwed by the Veterans Association. One Gulf War veteran even reported being "experiemented on" by the State Department. Many of them went to the VA and reported symptons of "Gulf Syndrome", and yet many were turned down, left out in the rain to fend for themselves, disabled. As of your recent Veterans benefits slash, now the veterans of our past wars can't get as much of the benefits they deserve as previously.

How dare you call yourself patriotic, when you take these kind of actions. You have become a traitor to those men who call themselves WARRIORS and were willing to fight and die for you. Why didn't you proudly announce your 25 billion dollar budget cut from the Veteran Benefits as proudly as you annuonced your declaration of war on Iraq?

And how in the world can you possibly justify fighting for "democracy" in another country when your renegade Justice Department and John Ashcroft are destroying our Bill of Rights, our Constitution? What about 9-11, and the investigation? Why has your adminstration been uncooperative with the investigation? What are yall afraid of? Or more like, what is it that you all are hiding?

America doesn't need you, or want you. Please step down from office in 2004.


Terrorism and Drugs, Bushit!

In a country where the poor and old cannot afford health care, in a country where the economy is falling apart, in a country where 44 million people live on less than $12,000 dollars a year, in a nation where 5 million people are homeless, in a country where the entire media system is owned by only six media mega conglomerates, in a nation with the highest crime rate, in a country with the world's largest prison population, in a society where 60% of marriages end in divorce, in a country where 25% of kids under 12 live in poverty, in a country that cut 25 billion dollars out of veterans benefits to help pay for a new war, in a country where the gulf between the rich and poor is growing everyday, in a nation that supports dictatorships in Saudi, Egypt, and Turkey, in a country where the government is full of corruption, in a country with the world's highest teen suicide and stress rates, and you're telling me our biggest problems are TERRORISM and DRUGS?

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