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Corporate News Media
Incompetent, Criminally Negligent or Complicit?
A Direct and Personal Challenge to EVERYONE in the Corporate Media
From the Editor of - May, 2005

    This nation has no national news media and I will prove it to anyone who dares take me up on my challenge - If Hitler’s Germany had today’s American media, we would all be speaking German.

Incompetent journalists, criminally negligent journalists or liars who are complicit in the mass deception of the American people; there are no other ways whatsoever to describe the men and women who comprise the corporate news institutions of the United States. From the hired face you see every day on the boob tube to the journalism intern every person currently employed in the corporate media today has some soul searching to do.

Before critics, most of whom will most likely be supporters of George W. Bush, slam me with accusations of bias or use their best method of defending their position…name calling…I will issue my personal challenge now.

    MY PERSONAL CHALLENGE: I offer to publicly debate, deconstruct and expose for who they are, any member of the corporate news media and their adjuncts on the talk radio circuit. I offer to sit by the side of any news caster as they pretend to be journalists and I will point out every single method of deception as they speak. I offer to view any news cast and publicly deconstruct it for what it is, distractions, distortions and commercials for their corporate shareholders. This challenge is extended to everyone in the mainstream corporate media, from the extreme right to the accused left. This nation has no national news media and I will prove it to anyone who dares take me up on my challenge!

The members of today’s news media warrant outrage from the people of the world who have fallen victim to their despicable practices. With each new day brings new crimes while a false sense of reality is passed to the American people via our media. In olden times when street justice was the norm we would be dragging our beloved anchormen and women into the streets and having a public lynching, for these people have been the empowering force behind the most despicable and dangerous American administration in history.

NOTE: I use this word: Lie. Not mislead, not misstate, misspoke, neglected to inform, omitted, left out, misrepresent, factually incorrect etc. Part of the definition of a lie is to leave a false impression. These people lie to us. LIE. THEY LIE. Bush LIES. Cheney LIES. FOX News LIES. CNN LIES. NBC LIES, ABC LIES…THEY ALL LIE!

This article is not intended to be an editorial news piece. It does not adhere to the standards set by writers past. It is rather angry and undignified. It is supposed to be angry. I (we) should be angry. There has been too much writing and discussion about the state of the media. The good people who are trying to address the problems with the media have been dignified, intellectual, soft spoken and IGNORED. IT IS TIME TO GET LOUD! It is time to get angry! It is time to stop the madness!

With dignity and fairness we (the media critics and watchdogs) tried to alert the public of the information being withheld by our news media. Dignified and standard methods of communication can not defeat the behemoth of false reality that emanates from our TVs. Preach to the choir editorials can only go so far. We must become enraged! We must get loud!

I personally was the lone voice in the crowd as I told the well meaning but ineffective planners of the peace marches to Washington DC that they will continue to fight an uphill battle as long as they ignore the media problem. I was right. They marched. I marched. With dignity we spoke to the world. We were ignored.

With dignity and fairness we wrote and spoke to expose the crimes taking place during the 2000 election. We wrote and spoke with dignity about the distortions and exaggerations that the media put forth related to Al Gore. We wrote with dignity as the media ignored the disturbing questions and lack of intellect of the media creation called George W. Bush. We wrote with dignity as the media created a candidate out of nothing while ignoring his handlers who would soon run our country. Our dignified writings were ignored.

With dignity and fairness we wrote about Dick Cheney’s secret energy meetings and his disturbing tendencies to increase executive privilege, increase government secrecy and eliminate accountability in essence pushing our government towards a dictatorship. We wrote with dignity as we used common sense to point out that the very contents of Mr. shred the Constitution Cheney’s meeting notes would indicate that the administration had plans to invade Iraq and Afghanistan prior to 9/11 which would show, in a court of law,  MOTIVE for permitting the events of 9/11 to take place for they would never have had the opportunity to achieve their intended goals without that event. We were ignored.

With dignity we wrote about the events of 9/11. We wrote the words of the whistle blowers. We did our own investigations, held formal hearings and we exposed the complicity of the Bush administration in the events of 9/11. We wrote with dignity until our fingers hurt. We spoke with dignity until our voices gave out. We filmed documentaries until we ran out of film. We were ignored.

The 5 years of the Bush administration has devastated this nation and the world. Everything that is American is being destroyed while the media continue to sell catch phrases and concepts to public like “democracy” and “security”; empty words that in most cases have described the opposite of what is actually taking pace.

We now have an election system that can not be verified. This system is run and controlled by the people who are in office. This is outrageous. This is the stuff that ignites revolutions! Where are all the revolutionaries? Where is the outrage? Where is the anger?

We have a government made up of members of a group called the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). The most elementary investigation into this group would raise suspicions about virtually everything that has taken place under the Bush administration yet not a word of this group has been uttered with the exception of a single Nightline episode. The chairman of this group, William Kristol, is a journalist who is a regular contributor to FOX News. When FOX News credits this person, they NEVER MENTION HIS ASSOCIATION WITH PNAC!!! He is a virtual member of and policy maker for the administration yet FOX News presents him as a fair and balanced neutral voice of a journalist. This makes Jeff Gannon look like Edward R. Murrow!  We have a group of radical lunatics with goals of American primacy and empire, who openly state that their radical goals would not be accepted without some sort of catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor. Then these same people are in charge of protecting us from such an event when one just happens to occur and nobody in the media thinks that this is worth checking in to? If your local police chief had spoken publicly about the fact that he can get more funding for his department if there was a child molestation problem, and then suddenly there was a rash of child molestations where there had NEVER been any before, would you suspect something here? Would a JOURNALIST follow this lead?

That’s a key indicator … no leads have been followed. So WE follow them. We write bout them with dignity. We are ignored.

From the environmental terrorism being conducted by the Bush administration that in itself will kill more people than all terrorist combined have and will be able to kill, to the complete and utter destruction of the political process that at least on paper protected the American people’s freedoms and democracy itself,  issues like these go unmentioned by the media.

The fact is that the American public can not believe there is a reality other than the one presented on their televisions and radios. This, in essence, gives the broadcast media the power to control perceived reality. They abuse this power.

In response to this article the Bush supporters are going talk about the liberal media and they will sarcastically start to bring up sinister entities that control the media. I don’t care who controls the media. It is a secondary issue. As long as you know that the deception is taking place you can counter it. As long as you know that there is a pickpocket in the crowd you can protect yourself. It is a bonus if you can identify him/her. It is a double bonus if you can arrest and convict him/her. Suffice to know you are being lied to. Protect yourself Get angry.

One thing that we do know is who is lying to us. They splash their names all over your life. Wolf Blitzer, Brit Hume, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokow, Dan Rather. They are all liars. Blatant outright liars. 5 years go by and they do not mention the Project for a New American Century. They lied about virtually every aspect of the invasion of Iraq including the 1st Gulf War and the made up reasons for invading Iraq (treason) by the 1st Bush administration. They have not question anything related to 9/11. They simply mouthed official proclamations.

But what about the “good guys?” I ask you, when have you heard Randi Rhodes or Al  Franken give any time to the 9/11 whistleblowers or researchers? Why do the liberal media continue to ignore the crux of the crimes taking place in our government? If 9/11 does not happen and we are not at war, there is no Patriot Act, there is no doctrine of preemption. Everything we are doing to implement the American Empire as planned out by the Project for a New American Century hinges on the events of 9/11. To date none of the headline personalities on this new liberal network will touch the subject. Even some of the most liberal news collection web sites who have published numerous articles of mine refuse to publish anything related to 9/11.

I watch Al Franken and the like as they appear on TV. They never say what needs to be said. They talk about a single issue. Franken will never say to Ann Coulter as she sits across from him on a panel, that she is one of the most hateful bigots in the history of media and if she were anything be a Christian female we would never see her hired anywhere again. He never mentions PNAC and their desire for a New Pearl Harbor!

It so obvious; you simply can not examine the 9/11 crime scene evidence and PNAC established motive without furring your brow and at least becoming privately suspicious yet the media, even the liberal media ignore this.

Enough is enough!

I am asking you to get angry. Get furious.

When you turn on your TV and find that the top story is one that you used to have to read about in a supermarket tabloid, ask yourself what news is NOT being reported? Then try to figure out how the on screen pretend journalist keeps a straight face as they try to pretend that a domestic crime is national news and worth deep thoughtful journalistic discussion. Watch them as they try to think of questions to ask so that the nation can find out how a little girl feels knowing her friend was killed. Think of the journalism award that will be issued because CNN’s Bill Hemmer uncovered the shocking fact that school kids feel “bad” when they find out that their friend was killed. Wow, go get em Bill!

What am I doing about the problem? I left a six figure career two years ago when I started this site. I have drained my savings account, ignored my friends, and denied myself the lifestyle that my intellect and ability permits, all to address the most egregious crimes committed by the people who lie to you every day with every breath they take. I tried to do something about the problem. I can’t keep doing this. I am running out of savings. I DO NOT TAKE ANY MONEY FROM THE DONATIONS MADE TO THIS SITE!!! I NEED YOUR HELP! SPREAD THE WORD AND GET ANGRY!

I have tried to get the more established and better funded media watchdog groups to stop putting out the fires and to start fireproofing the public. They show no interest in doing this. I don’t get it.

I am furious at the members of the media. You should be furious. You should feel rage. You should do something. At least spread the word!

Pass my challenge around. I’ll confront any one of these criminals. I’ll expose them for who they are. I will speak at your schools, community centers, and places of worship, anywhere.

We have to educate the public about the people who lie to them every day.

Jesse - Founder & Editor, TvNews

Final Note: Due to my dwindling finances I will most likely be curtailing the growth of If you would like to sponsor me so that I can afford to fight for truth in media please contact me.


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