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A TvNewsLIES FANTASY - TVNL Contributing Editor

Abandon the search for Truth; settle for a good fantasy: Anon.

Note: An employer can request an employee to submit to a polygraph test if "the test is being administered in connection with an ongoing investigation.” Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA). 1988. Applicable to George W. Bush, Public Servant, USA.


Hey, this is my fantasy, so don’t nitpick. It’s my scenario, so I’ve secured a completely fool-proof lie detector run by the world’s best polygraph expert.  I’ve arranged for the test to be broadcast live by every radio and television network in the entire country.  And, fantasy of fantasies, George W. Bush has agreed to answer my questions, unaided by external feeds and unaccompanied by Karl Rove or Dick Cheney, while hooked up to the machine. Heck, if I’m going to hallucinate, let’s make it good.

I bet that millions of Americans share this daydream.  Just imagine having George W. Bush, President of these United States, alone in a room for just one hour. And imagine being able to question him freely about his disastrous presidency. And then, for one fantastic moment, imagine putting him in the position of having to tell the truth! For sure, in my fantasy, and with my special polygraph, he’d have to tell the truth.

Remember this is my fantasy and it’s my polygraph. So, with every lie, there would be a loud, piercing sound emitted from the machine  With every lie, the nation would hear the words YOU JUST LIED, GEORGE blasted into their homes and printed in large block letters across their TV screens. That should be a rather forceful incentive for George Bush to avoid the lies he tells so well.  It’s my fantasy, so he’ll have to opt for telling the truth or having his lies exposed to everyone, everywhere. Now, that’s a really first-class fantasy if I say so myself.


As I said, it’s my fantasy, so I set the rules:

  • One full hour, no support staff, no notes, no phone calls, and no appeals for outside help.  George Bush will answer every question with a YES or NO response only.  In place of either response, he may choose not to answer the question at all. Of course, since this is a fair fantasy, he also may evoke the Fifth Amendment at any time during the test.
  • There will be only twenty questions, out of a possible thousand. That’s so you’ll keep reading this to the end. There is a moral to my fable.  Trust me.
  • George Bush will be given a copy of the questions to be asked prior to testing.  Polygraph tests are not designed to surprise, startle, or cause distress.  However, on second thought, that does not really apply in this case. Until now, one has ever dared to pose any question that would demand a truthful answer from the President. As a result, every single query is bound to be a surprise that will startle and surely cause the man some distress. Fantasies are sometimes uncomfortable.
  • During the polygraph test, each question will be asked orally in clear and standard English  George Bush may ask for clarification of any words or phrases he finds confusing or with which he is unfamiliar.  If he still does not understand the question, it will be rephrased in simpler form.   No one will ever be able to say that this fantasy was elitist or unfair.
  • And now, the significant part of this vision unfolds.  Picture the scene as the questions are about to begin: George Bush is seated at a table, strapped comfortably to the polygraph. He smiles a bit nervously at the camera, knowing he is center stage in all of America. Someone says lights, camera, and action, as seems appropriate at this fantastic moment.  Here we go…


An somber voice addresses the President: Mr. Bush, please answer YES or NO to each of the question you will hear.  You may choose to say “I don’t know,” and you may refuse to answer any question. Please bear in mind that the entire nation will know if your answer is not truthful.    You better believe it.

  • Did you or anyone in your administration have ANY warnings about a possible attack on American soil before 9/11?
  • On September 11th, did you actually SEE television images of the first plane hitting Tower One of the World Trade Center as you claimed?
  • In the days following September 11th, did you know anything about the dozens of members of the bin Laden family who were flown out of the country without being questioned by the FBI?
  • Did you order an independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks as soon you returned to Washington?
  • Did you resist such an investigation and only agree to one after nearly 18 months had passed?
  • Did you use 9/11 as an excuse to invade and occupy Iraq?
  • Did you ever have clear evidence that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s or ties to Al Qaeda?
  • Did you discuss the need to ‘fix’ intelligence information to make a case for war against Iraq as revealed in the Downing Street Minutes?
  • Did you knowingly make a case for war to the Congress of the United States based on lies and distortions about Saddam Hussein’s plans to attack the US or his neighbors?
  • Did you intentionally play on the fears of the American public after 9/11 by claiming that the invasion of Iraq was the first battle in the War on Terror?
  • Were the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq planned in the late 1990’s by members of the Project for a New American Century, many of whom now hold high positions in your administration?
  • Were you ever, or are you now aware of the low esteem in which most people in the world hold you, and as a result of your policies, hold the United States?
  • Was a main goal of the invasion of Iraq the control of the oil reserves and pipelines in the region?
  • Were you or any members of your administration involved in the staged toppling of Saddam in Baghdad or the fabricated rescue of Jessica Lynch?
  • Were you wearing a concealed communication device under your jacket during any or all of the debated with John Kerry during the 2004 election campaign?
  • Did you or anyone in your administration have anything AT ALL to do with revealing the identity of CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame?
  • Did you or anyone in your administration approve of or allow the torture and abuse techniques used at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, or any other prison in Iraq or Afghanistan?
  • Did you or anyone in your administration approve of or allow the use of napalm, depleted uranium or any other weapons in Iraq or Afghanistan that are considered illegal under International Law?
  • Does the US government secretly send prisoners for interrogation to countries that traditionally use torture?
  • Are you planning a pre-emptive or preventive attack Iran or any other country that is not an imminent threat to the US?

Time is up.  I posed the questions, but have no clue how George Bush would have answered.  There were dozens more questions in my head, but the point has been made with these queries alone.  George Bush is free to leave and face the nation.

Wouldn’t it be something if this had not been an illusion? What could George Bush possibly have said in response to these questions? Would he have tried to lie, having had so much practice over the years? Would he have risked being exposed as the liar he is?  Would he have refused to answer at all?  It’s anyone’s guess.

You know, even in fantasy, I’d put my money on his silence.


There is always the morning after, isn’t there?  Fantasies end, bubbles burst, and reality sets in. The fact is that as a nation we have almost become inured to the lies we have been told. The fact is that we will never be able to expose the deceptions of this administration that continue to control the destinies of so many people in so many places. That is the reality we will live with for a long time.

But there is an even more depressing thought that comes to mind after this game of make- believe. I have the terrible feeling that – even if this had not been a fantasy, even if it had been real, half the nation would still believe the lies. I have the terrible feeling that nothing, certainly not flashing lights and screaming polygraphs would convince the hard core believers that that have been deceived. I have the terrible feeling that even if George Bush looked at these unthinking followers in the eye and admitted to his lies openly, they would not accept his confession.   They live in a fantasy of their own making, and nothing can awaken them.

Truth, they tell us, is often stranger than fiction- and so it is. Still, maybe there is one person out there whose faith in the Bush-PNAC-Religious Right can be shaken.  If you have blind followers in your midst, show them the questions and ask them what responses they think their President would have given.  Ask them if they know the truth behind these questions. Direct them to the sources on the Internet that challenge the lies and document the truth. Maybe, just maybe, one mind will turn – and then another….and another….

Someone once awoke from a dream and wondered if he was a man dreaming he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he was a man. Similarly, at this point, the line between fantasy and reality is rapidly blurring in this nation, and nothing seems to make much sense.  There is not much time left to make the distinction between what is true and what is not.  If we don’t clear the cobwebs away very soon, there will be no truth left anywhere at all..

We are living with the BIG LIE and the BIG ILLUSION in this country. So very few people in positions of power are willing to call it what it is.  The silence of the Congress is appalling. The complicity of the media is frightening, and the apathy of the general public is disheartening.

This article is actually a lesson in futility that is meant to remind us all that hardly anyone is attempting to hold George Bush’s feet to the fire. Hardly anyone is talking about the lies.  Hardly anyone is asking the questions that must be asked. Sure, there are John Conyers and a few other brave souls. And, oh yes, there’s the wonderful and determined Cindy Sheehan – doing what should have been done by others far more powerful for the past four and a half years.  The tragedy is not that George Bush refuses to meet with her. The greater tragedy is that there is not a throng of elected officials at her side.

There surely is no throng. Not even a handful of vacationing legislators are out there with Cindy Sheehan demanding answers from George Bush.  Then again, the idea of open support and encouragement from those who claim to stand for truth would be an aberration in the present climate of politics as usual. It would be quite strange and out of the ordinary.

Moral: If it ever were to happen we might retrieve our country from the mud. But the idea that millions of Americans would unite to demand the truth is only a fantasy.  Much like mine.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although this article does not appear to reflect the media deception theme of our organization, it actually makes a huge statement about the complicity of the corporate media in the crimes and outrages of the Bush/PNAC administration. There has never been a greater disconnect between reality and that which is portrayed as such on our TV screens. This notion is easily proven by the fact that this article appears to be some crackpot, Bush bashing conspiracy dream to anyone who has used the mainstream media as their source of information. Yet for anyone who has done their due diligence and kept themselves informed of the real news, this article barely starts to address the numerous crimes taking place by a criminal PNAC administration that has hijacked control of our nation via election fraud.

Journalists are there to protect our democracy. Today they are there to cover for the small cabal of power brokers who operate out of our sight. Never before have these people had a greater hold of our government.

The people I am talk about operate in plain sight yet their activities have gone completely unreported even by the members and owners of the mainstream media who attend their meetings or participate in their activities. I am speaking of groups like the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg group. Behind these groups sit the real powers behind global governance. These people are called international bankers. They own our governments. This is why the Bush/PNAC administration are creating a debt that can never be repaid. This debt is owed to a group of private individuals, not government authorities. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private organization. As long as we are in debt to them they own us. This is why Clinton had to be impeached. Even if it was over something so embarrassingly stupid and unrelated to the presidency like personal sexual misconduct. He eliminated the deficit so the debt was not growing and he was paying down the debt. It is a wonder he was not killed like Kennedy who was preparing to print money in order to relieve poor people of their debt.  As Henry Ford said, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. “ Start looking into this! Then you will understand what is taking place and why everything is getting worse under this administration while a very tiny group of people are taking ownership of everything on earth via the international monetary and credit system

It is high time we start paying attention to these groups. We can laugh at the absurdity of having an incompetent idiot who can not even complete a sentence, serve as a US President but we will not be laughing for long. Make fun of Bush all you want but the bottom line is that his presidency has destroyed America as we knew it.


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