July 2003 Distractions

No Distractions - No Deception - No Diversions - No Delusions

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I have not turned the tube on yet but I am guessing that we will hear way too much about the missing basketball player. Sad story, but one in a million. Local story that should be a byline on a national broadcast and covered in depth regionally and in print. I also noticed a new propaganda mantra yesterday; while the pretend news networks try to cover the problems in Iraq they keep repeating the mantra about the Iraqis “welcomed us with open arms” and things are getting bad. Where were these welcoming Iraqis? Do they mean the ones that were involved in the famous staged statue scene? This was exposed as a staged event. OK, I just turned on the tube. MSNBC’s question of the day is about JFK Jr.’s marriage. They are indeed covering the missing basketball player and I am sure you will see more non national news overplayed in liu of real news.

Let’s start with the fact that the troops in Iraq are saying that they do not belong there, they have no business being there and that they want to get the hell out of there. We are still forcing the world to give us permission to commit war crimes. Do you know that we are forcing the world into an arms race? Oh I almost forgot; while MSNBC runs all those hear warming soldier stories why don’t they mention the U.S. soldier that stole $600 from an Iraqi? As usual more real news here.


Just getting a grip on the day. So far it seems like another unimportant issue related to the venue of John Malvo is getting too much time. The missing basketball player is once again dominating national coverage. We point out that there are over 20,000 murders per year and many missing persons as well. This is almost never of national importance. FOX is interviewing the man’s former girlfriend. You should hear this interview. embarrassing attempt at journalism.

Well, let’s just start by brining attention to what brewing in Afghanistan. Here is a typical comment from one of the many Afghan children:: "I hated the Taliban, but now I hate the Americans even more. I want to kill them when I grow up," ,. "One day, I want to gain revenge for my family.". Think about that. Is this fighting terror? More on Afghanistan here. More real news here. It is a busy day for TVNL so we be a bit more thorough with this page later today or tomorrow.


While the “news” jokers cover non-vital stories like Cuomo’s marriage, amusement park rides breaking down and a defective escalator they neglect to tell you about the real news once again. I am not sure because I have not turned the news on but I bet that Sharon Stone’s pending divorce will be taking up some time. Just a guess.

For one thing while you are being bombarded with all the wonderful acts of the Israelis you wont hear about the way they tore up everything in their sight including trees that produce food for human beings, and that they are grabbing more land in violation of the road map. Did you happen to realize that They also killed another militant, violating the cease fire. Bush actually incited Iraqis to come after the troops? If I were a soldier I can tell you who I would shoot! I know what needs to be done to liberate Amercia! Oh yeah, the top Homeland Security guy quit?


I would like to wish you all a happy Independence Day but I can not. This Independence day is a sham to me. July 4th, 2003 will go down in my personal history as the biggest display of phony patriotism in the history of our nation. We are in a crises beyond description and we celebrate by eating hot dogs and by coloring everything red white and blue.Sad. Obviously the celebrations will serve as a distraction to everything. This one is a no-brainer.

Well for starters the Bush.PNAC administration remains protected by the media; who are not only his public relations department but they are actually the new arm of the Secret Service, protecting Bush/PNAC from any kind of bullet that heads his way. Blair is getting pummeled in the U.K. and his alliance with Bush/PNAC are the cause of his troubles. The troops in Iraq are dropping quicker than the school of zebra fish in my old fish tank that were being gulped down one by one by some overgrown gobies (the guy at the store told me that they would get along, I guess he was right in a way). As usual more real news here.


I am declaring today “Wake Up Day” as it relates to the distractions that parade by us on the daily news entertainment shows. Regardless of today’s distractions I want to bring the point home by sharing a well written and vital article with you. We in America better start paying attention to what this administration is doing and we had better stop letting things distract us from doing so!

Have you ever been in a relationship where everyone around you sees that the person you are with is no good for you, but you don’t see it? You ignore them and you tell them that they do not understand your partner. Then after years of abuse you finally break it off only to realize that your friends were right all along only it is too late to prevent all the damage done. Well America, we better start listening to our friends! READ THIS.


I have not turned the tube on yet.I suppose you will hear a great deal about the holiday weekend news, traffic, fireworks injuries etc. You may also hear too much about Bush’s trip to Africa. No news, just speculation and opinion. Terror will be overdone today in response to the bombing in Russia yesterday. Liberia will be heavily discussed too.

I am guessing that they will not spend much time telling you that a CIA investigator debunked report of Niger uranium sales to Iraq before Bush lied to the world and Powell lied to the U.N. about this. You will not hear word one about the human rights violations and the U.S. hypocrisy when it comes to Camp X-Ray. As usual more real news here.


At first glance it seems like they are going to blow Kobe Bryant’s arrest out of proportion. Remember, as of now all we have is an accusation. They can report more on this when there is more to report and they should report this in detail on Court TV or sports networks, not on national news networks.

As we are bombarded with trivial stories the Bush/PNAC administration drives the world closer to its complete annihilation. In the 11 years since, the United States has worked to halt the spread of nuclear weapons around the world and has often touted its own self-imposed restraint as a model for other nations. - But the Bush administration has now taken a decidedly different approach Bush/PNAC push for next generation of nukes! I guess you did not hear any news about our wonderful troops, who we must support, who looted and vandalized the Iraqi airport that now must be rebuilt, I wonder if MSNBC will find time in between its heart warming soldier stories to report that one, or to tell you about the troop morale in Iraq hitting 'rock bottom'? - Some frustrated troops stationed in Iraq are writing letters to representatives in Congress to request their units be repatriated. "Most soldiers would empty their bank accounts just for a plane ticket home," said one recent Congressional letter written by an Army soldier now based in Iraq. The soldier requested anonymity.


Well, I guess those maniac killer kids will provide a lot of entertainment today. There is also a workplace shooting in Mississippi. That will be good for 40 minutes per hour of coverage today.

You have never heard about the Iraqi scientists who claim that there was no WMD program but you hear about every one who claims there is. They neglect to tell you that the ones who claim that there is one have not been in Iraq since 1991 or earlier. More important news not being covered on TV here.


No surprise that the news jokers are going to analyze the hell out of the guy that shot up his former place of employment. Completely useless discussions will take place on how to prevent this from happening. Believe it or not they are still distracting us with every detail of the Scott Peterson case! I am so glad they are telling me this. I am keeping a database of Laci Peterson information and I rely on the news broadcasts to keep me up to date on this issue that is so important to the American people and to the people of the world! (It’s called sarcasm, come on it, have some coffee!)

Well what do you know, we have been screaming about Dick Cheney’s energy policy secrets being the smoking gun, maybe someone heard us! The court threw out Cheney’s appeal to keep the documents secret. This is extremely important stuff folks. We seem to be the only people who realize this! In our opinion those notes hold the reasons for 9/11 being allowed to happen and for the invasion of Iraq. More on Cheney’s energy policy meeting here. While we are distracted there is a huge potential voting fraud scenario in the making. Remember that a Republican congressman owns a company that makes the new voting computers. Well now we find out that there are flaws in the software! What a surprise! Another Bush lie in the making; the money he promised for Africa to fight AIDS is about to be taken back! One more thing, while the GOP Congress is trying to kill medicare they just made sure that they keep their own premium drug benefits after they retire! Just a few items that you should  be aware of. Here are more.


With everything that is going on that effects us CNN’s lead story was about the Bakersfield killing. The second story was about Kobe Bryant! There is a legal analyst on CNN discussing this. it is 3 minutes into the hour. This is supposed to be their top news stories! It is amazing that they call themselves a news network! Once again local stories with no impact on any of us dominates the national news. Rumsfeld admits that we lied about the WMDs and we are being bombarded with news about a lottery winner. MSNBC’s pretend news person, Chris Jansing, is conducting an interview with a friend of the big Powerball winner that is sure to win a journalism award. Warning: Beware of Blake! I think they are going to dust off the Robert Blake story soon.

Well it seems that the TV news clowns who pretend to be journalists can show you live court hearings for cases that are not vital to the nation but they refuse to mention anything about Dick Cheney’s court battle over his secret energy policy meetings! I wonder how much time they will put towards finally admitting that the entire Jessica Lynch rescue story was a load of crap?  Did the so called TV “journalists” happen to notice that Rumsfeld pretty much admitted that the war was not about WMDs which pretty much shows you that they were lying about the U.S. being under an immanent threat? Have you heard any talk about how the Bush/PNAC administration has been trying their best to cover up information about 9/11? Here is more on the cover up. As usual more real news here.


All I can say is that MSNBC devoted about 1 minute to the Bush/Iraq nukes/SOTU address situation, then they did about 3 + minutes on Kobe Bryant (who has not even been charged with a crime) and then they did another 3 minutes on the Bakersfield story. Look out for Jerry Springer to be a huge distraction in coming days. If he decides to run for the Senate we can expect this story to distract us from a ton of real news!

I wonder how much time they will spend actually admitting that Bush lied to the world during his SOTU speech? By the way, as TVNL has said it would all along, one of the world's leading terrorism experts told the panel investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that the U.S. invasion of Iraq may have worsened the threat of terrorism. More bout the myth of terror here.


Believe it or not the main distraction today will be the focus on the one sentence in Bush’s SOTU speech.

Why is this a distraction? Because invading Iraq was justified by saying that it was a war against terror. The main premise of the invasion was completely unfounded yet nobody talks about this. We do. I called C-SPAN yesterday and brought this up with a UPI reporter. I asked here where the outrage was about all the lies this administration has told. No response to that question. Let us not forget the WMDs should not have been an issue at all.


I did not turn on the tube today. I needed to lower my blood pressure.

For starters as we focus on the single potential lie that Bush told us about Iraq we are distracted about the fact that almost every reason given to invade Iraq were lies. Here are 20 lies nicely explained. Here is a little minor note about the Iraq invasion; while PNAC had plans to invade Iraq since the late 90s they never bothered with planning what to do once they invaded! By the way our good friends to the north voted Bush as the least liked President! Maybe is is because they have a television news industry; something that we are lacking here in the States.


The networks are pressing to find every excuse for Bush regarding the Iraqi nukes comment in the SOTU address. They are finding tons of people to explain how this is not Bush’s fault and that it is not a big deal. Maria Bartaromo (sp?) on CNBC was practically fighting someone to make the point that this was just a human error. It was like watching a kid try to get someone to believe her by saying “right, right” over and over to a friend. Embarrassing!

Well, I think this one deserves a lot of attention. I hate to this kind of language but the Bush/PNAC junta are a bunch of damn bastards! Do you realize what they are doing to the environment? They have the EPA under control. In the last several months, the Environmental Protection Agency has delayed or refused to do analyses on proposals that conflict with the president's air pollution agenda, say members of Congress, their aides, environmental advocates and agency employees. - Agency employees say they have been told either not to analyze or not to release information about mercury, carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. Do you realize how outrageous this is???


Yesterday and today the TV news networks have assumed the role of the milk carton. Missing children! Who does this impact? How many Americans are affected by these specific stories? Actually the 16 words issue is a distraction from the rest of the lies about the invasion of Iraq. By the way did you see that idiot news guy getting blown around by the hurricane yesterday? What’s the damn point? We know what a storm is, we know what wind is. This is journalism?

While we are counting 16 words there are about a million other words that we are overlooking! The case of the bogus uranium purchases wasn't an isolated instance. It was part of a broad pattern of politicized, corrupted intelligence. As a matter of fact of the nine main conclusions in the British government document "Iraq's weapons of mass destruction", not one has been shown to be conclusively true! Did you know that Cheney is under pressure to resign? More on Cheney’s corruption here! As a result of our LIBERATING Iraq the US-based Human Rights Watch says the rise in sexual violence is driving women indoors, and preventing them from taking part in Iraq's public life at a crucial time! There are a lot of important issues not being discussed today. Take a look.


Everything other than the one story on the right is a distraction.

Read the comments and then look at the last stories on this page. We told you so!


Kobe Kobe Kobe. Enough already. I heard someone on one of the news entertainment networks say that this is their top story and they mentioned that everyone is talking about it. Well from what I see only the news entertainment networks are talking about it. I am a huge sports fan and so are many of my friends. Nobody cares about this. There was more talk about the trade between the Mets and the Yankees than about this. They are also distracting us by focussing a lot of attention on Blair and the death of Mr. Kelly.

They have not mentioned a single word about the fact that it appears that Dick Cheney had his eyes on Iraqi oil way back in early 1991, just as we said! They did not taking about the fact that the Bush/PNAC administration ignored reports in early 2001 that showed that Iraq had no WMDs!!! Well anyway the Iraq war may have made terror threat worse, as we had said from the start. More real news here.


After several days of Kobe we now have Jessica Lynch to mesmerize us. This would not be so bad if not for the fact that the rescue story was a big lie. You can find information on this here. There has also been an arrest in the case of the missing basketball player. Another story sure to be over played. Holy cow, they are giving that NH killing a lot of time. No bodies, almost nobody in this country is affected but about 15% of news broadcast time is going to this.

There is a lot going on today. I’ll be more specific later but for now check here.


System problems are preventing me from updating the site this week. Updates are limited. Today’s distractions are a plenty! Saddam’s dead sons are number one in the box office. This should cover things pretty well for them.

Yesterday when Senator Bob Graham held his press conference to discuss the 9/11 report CNN was airing some discussion on Kobe Bryant, FOX news was discussing Iraq and MSNBC started to air the Graham conference. The moment Graham started listing what was missing from the report MSNBC cut away from him and started talking about Iraq. Just discussing things, no breaking news. These networks cover news conferences on the most non-vital issues such as Kobe Bryant & Laci Peterson; they aired live the boring pre-sentencing hearing for the windshield murder case; they air live coverage as they wait for Martha Stewart’s lawyers to come out of court, but they ignore or cut away from the bombshell about the Bush/PNAC administration blocking access to information about 9/11 and the Saudi connection to 9/11? Can anyone honestly say that this is not a conspiracy?


Even though a great deal of attention has been given to the reason’s for invading Iraq the focus has been on the Democrats. The spin is being placed on this story to make it seem like all what is taking place is an attempt by the Democratic presidential candidates to take advantage of the lies that led to the invasion. Not enough attention is being paid to the 3 main issues here; one being that there was no imminent threat to this US; two being that there was no Al Qaeda links; and three being that this never had anything to do with a war on terror. The news entertainment networks prelude their reports on events in Iraq with a marquee depicting the term “WAR ON TERROR” This is most notable on FOX News. What a shock! Kobe is still taking up quite a lot of air time The Grey Davis circus is dominating headlines too..

So much happening that is is not funny. North Korea is preparing to display a few mushroom clouds over US forces, Bush/PNAC are getting ready to fight Congress  on the issue of media consolidation; which may be the one thing that the Congress has done to benifit this country in a decade. Liberian people are getting slaughtered, so are people in the Congo, but Bush/PNAC have convinced the moronic people of America that we had to liberate the Iraqis. Iraq’s new constitution is going to include Islamic law, in essence transforming Iraq from a secular nation to an Islamic nation where women’s rights will suffer.

One huge thing that you should understand and you will not hear explained on TV, what you are witnessing in Iraq right now is the exact reason why Iraq was led by a brutal dictator. The US is doing EXACTLY what we accuse Saddam of doing. We are killing the troublemakers. Isn’t this what Saddam did? When the opposition came after Saddam he did not play around, he killed or tortured them Well, isn’t this pretty much what we are doing? Killing the opposition? This is Iraq history 101. I predicted every detail of what has happened so far with very few exceptions. I did think we would loose more troops early on, but post air war I am 100% correct and all I have to say is one big “I told you so!” I wish I was wrong. More real news here.


The perfect distraction! Bob Hope passes away. 100 years of stories to cover with a backdrop of support the troops. It doesn’t get any better than this for the Bush/PNAC bunch.

For one thing Tony Blair was successful in distracting the world from the real issues regarding Iraq. In the meantim Niger has challenged Blair to produce any evidence at all that Niger ever sold uranium to Iraq! More real news here.


Saddam! Get him! Will we? Should we? Could we? Between Bob Hope, Saddam’s sons, Saddam and that dead basketball player we have enough to distract us for the day.

Along with the obvious scandals regarding Bush/PNAC lying about Iraq and 9/11 let’s not forget what is going on in Afghanastan. Once again the media is holding back the truth. They still call that a victory. Well  the truth is that Afghan warlords backed by the United States are creating a climate of fear in Afghanistan, an international human rights group has said. This is the exact news that the networks should be reporting. It shows the diference between what the Bush/PNAC administration is saying and what they are doing. Bush/PNAC and the US broadcast media completely “misrepresent” reality. More on Afghanastan here.


Among the many distractions today the one that is getting way too much attention is the hoax about that missing girl showing up. Once again I ask; why is this national news and why is it getting this much coverage? MSNBC has become Court TV light these days.

No one want to bring up the facts that the Bush/PNAC new world order is starting to turn the world against US companies! How about these stories getting some mention?


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