June 2003 Distractions

No Distractions - No Deception - No Diversions - No Delusions

Read the stories that TV news networks forget to report!





Laci Peterson - CNN lead/ Web and TV

Case for war blown apart and Jessica Lynch lie expose


Atlanta Olympic bombing suspect arrested - Move over Laci!

All the above. The WMD issue is heating up all over, except on American TV The 9/11 cover up is heating up too. Laci and the bomber will .dominate the airwaves however. Don’t expect too much coverage on the FCC vote either.


Martha Stewart - Insider Trading - Front page CNN story.Also the Hillary Clinton book is lead story all over.

Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil - Not found on CNN’s site. Also: US Senate opens Iraq weapons probe


The Laci saga continues. Lead story on all the TV “news” and live coverage of all the press conferences. Can someone please explain how this is of national interest?

Don’t expect to hear much about: Unemployment Rate Climbs to 9-Year High. Also: Exposed lies about the Iraq weapons knowledge prior to the invasion. Oh yeah, did they mention much about  - Abortion Bill Approved By House - One more; you all heard Bush say that we found trailers used to make bio weapons but you won’t hear this: Some Analysts of Iraq Trailers Reject Germ Use.


Israeli Soldiers Killed in Gaza; although they never mention the murdered Palestinians. Also Girl Abducted by Intruder in San Jose, Calif. , Is this important? Yes. Is this of national importance? No. There are hundreds of children/people who go missing each day. These reports should be regional. There are missing children in NY that get no attention because we are on the look out for someone on the west coast. How is this helping? How is this “Fair and Balanced” to all of the other missing children?

Not a word about Spies threaten Blair with 'smoking gun' over Iraq. Still no word about Ex-Official: Evidence Distorted for War. Today’s lead story on CNN is the Israel attack. MSNBC and FOX lead with the missing girl story. Did they mention Bush Rides Into Credibility Gulch? Oh, I almost forgot this minor little story: North Korea threatens to counter US arms buildup. But that is not as vital as Martha Stewart;-)


Terrorist attack on a bus in Israel. Important? Yes. More important to Americans than what is happening in America or with American troops? No.

Once again the GOP and Bush have something to hide from the public. The GOP senate will conduct CLOSED DOOR investigation of the intelligence on Iraq weapons. More Bush secrets.They dare not let you know that even John McCain called for an investigation.I guess that means they won’t tell us about the criminal complicit GOP who are trying to stop an investigation. Oh, almost forgot, NEVER mention anything about the “E” word! ENVIRONMENT! The war monger networks will run their stories on all the soldiers families but they will not discuss  the fact that vets would lose benefits under Bush.


Israel attacks Gaza.

They won’t talk much about the lawmakers investigating why the United States went to war are expected to look into how false information about Iraq trying to buy uranium for nuclear weapons made it into President Bush's State of the Union speech. You won’t here the fact that one member of the Israeli parliament, Roman Bronfman, cautiously wondered if the prime minister, Ariel Sharon, did not have Jewish blood on his hands. Did they mention that a senior CIA analyst says evidence that didn't support the administration's agenda was discarded.


Israel vows new strikes on Hamas. Also Voice of 'mystery mom' released in found toddler case. Again, a regional story that has no impact on the nation, yet is it covered on national broadcasts.

I doubt you will hear much about this: Iraq war may have killed 10,000 civilians, researchers say. Can we say the ‘E’ word again? ENVIRONMENT! Activists critical of water works.


The Laci Peterson case is still getting play. With Israel it is looking like a case of you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. While the world focused (was distracted by) the US invasion of Iraq, Israel stepped up it’s killings over there; deaths included an American peace activists (with a bulldozer), a journalist and UN workers; along with destroying many homes. The “News” was too busy presenting the mini-series “Shock and Awe”; therefore they did not have a moment to report any of this. Now, their attacks are distracting from much of our news of horror. Remember, TERROR, is the Bush excuse and distraction for everything that he/PNAC is doing.

For starters you will not hear much about the US voted out of human rights body in symbolic rebuke I guess mentioning that Iraqis say civilians were killed in U.S. retaliation does not fit in to today’s broadcast schedule.


Happy Father’s Day

You will surely hear about: Five suspected terrorists and five Saudi security officers have been killed. Not a big distraction story, I just wanted make a point about my 1/2 story theory.. Hillary’s book is still under the skin of the FOX folks They have spent quality time this week bashing Hillary instead of reporting news. You may start hearing more about Laci Peterson. It is hard to keep a straight face while watching some “news” woman  on MSNBC discussing Amber, the newly discovered girlfriend of Scott Peterson, in detail, and treating this like she is practicing journalism on this news so vital to the nation!!! Ha ha ha! Also, a non-national accident is taking up WAY too much time. There are car accidents, boating accidents and freak accidents every day, why spend so much time on this story?

I don’t recall hearing about the U.S. Accused of Killing 5 Iraqi Civilians on FOX this AM. Not a mention of:  As U.S. Fans Out in Iraq, Violence and Death on Rise. By the way the Iraqi women 'forced to veil'. Not the case under Saddam. Another Bush lie will go unmentioned on TV I assume: AmeriCorps Officials Are Told of Cutbacks - Local Directors Expect 'Devastating' Reductions in Program Bush Pledged to Expand. And while you were watching the Iraqi deck of cards displayed one by one on TV Afghan farmers feed world's opium habit. Did they happen to mention Iraqi mobile labs nothing to do with germ warfare, report finds. Shhh, don’t tell Bush supporters! Forget about ever reporting anything about Israel that does not fit with the Sharon agenda, like the fact that Jewish settlers have quietly set up five new outposts in the West Bank!


It is looking like we will hear a lot about Saddam. They are blaming him for every ambush. First they say he was not in charge during the invasion because of our wonderful bombs, now all of a sudden he is back in charge! You will hear a lot about Operation Desert Scorpion too. Scott Peterson is still here. Now they are talking about the mail he is getting in jail! Yes, that is journalism! The boating accident is getting national coverage again today. I cut my hand installing an air conditioner yesterday, I wonder if they will cover that on MSNBC?

I am sure you won’t hear about the former White House Aide who said "As an insider, I saw the things that weren't being done. And the longer I sat and watched, the more concerned I became, until I got up and walked out." It is too early to tell but will MSNBC find time to tell us about the American serviceman is suspect in Okinawa rape case in between their hero soldier stories?


The bishop arrested in fatal hit-and-run was the lead story on CNN this AM. Lead story! National news! Why? Shove it in at the end if you want, but the lead story? There are so much they should be telling us instead! MSNBC had a big segment where the question of the day was something like “Did the author of Harry Potter sell out!” Vital national news! Unreal. How do they call themselves news networks? Scott Peterson is still taking up serious time. There is a gag order on this, why can’t the networks follow it?

Just a guess; you probably won’t hear much about the growing number of critics on Capitol Hill and around the world are questioning the Bush administration’s credibility—and its assumptions—as never before. Although they may mention it preceded by the words “The Democrats”; as if it is mearly political. While they continue their non vital reporting they will neglect to mention that America's rebuilding of Iraq is in chaos, say British.


While the media is selling Bush to America by asking if (or planting a subliminal belief that) Bush is unbeatable in 2004 real important stories fall by the wayside again. Still more on the Bishop because he resigned today. Expect some serious air time for this topic.This was the lead story on MSNBC this AM.

Maybe it is just me but I think that it is significant that dozens of relief agencies have urged the United Nations to expand peacekeeping operations across Afghanistan amid growing concerns that rampant insecurity is jeopardizing the country's recovery. I still have not heard them mention that N. Korea Says Blockade Will Lead to War. Did you hear them mention that the policies of President George W. Bush have been condemned in an 11-country opinion poll conducted by the BBC. Maybe I am silly but I think this is pretty important stuff.


Well, Laci Peterson is back in the news; so is Martha Stewart. MSNBC covered a story about a cop shutting down a lemonade stand. Wow, vital news. Today is Prince William’s 21st birthday. Very vital. Another question, why do “NEWS” networks cover movie premiers? Isn’t this entertainment? 2 of the top 2 stories on this AM’s MSNBC news break were Laci Peterson and Prince William. This is news?

But I bet you won’t hear about this! White House Makes Hefty Changes to E.P.A. Report - The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to publish a draft report next week on the state of the environment, but after editing by the White House, a long section describing risks from rising global temperatures has been whittled to a few noncommittal paragraphs. I guess mentioning that a former CIA director accused the administration of President George W Bush of "over stretching the facts" about Baghdad's banned weapons in order to justify a war on Iraq is too much to expect from the Bush infomercial networks. In between the little heart warming stories about the troops they might want to tell you about the fact that American troops today admitted they routinely gun down Iraqi civilians - some of whom are entirely innocent.


They are now playing the 911 tapes of that hit and run Bishop. Gee, it’s about time they came clean with this! CNN (Jack Cafferty) is dedicating a nice portion of the AM show discussing why Brittany Spears fell out of the Forbs Top Celebrity list. MSNBC is still on a Harry Potter selling campaign. I was mistaken yesterday, tomorrow is Prince William’s birthday. For complete details on his personality and his wishes for his birthday tune in to MSNBC. Chris Jansing (the woman who always looks like she is in shock) is practicing investigative journalism. She is digging into his relationship with his dad! She is also discussing his interests. He loves polo. GREAT JOURNALISM!

They won’t tell you that after seeing for their own eyes in Gaza 2 British MPs compare Palestinians' treatment to Nazi ghettos. Their opinion is not important. Will they discuss the fact that Bush/PNAC is still blocking the 9/11 investigation? What are they hiding? Why is the press protecting them? The rest of the world is reacting to the fact that the US 'censored' green report. US environmental policies have caused worldwide anger The White House has removed sections of a report by the US Government's own environmental agency to water down references to global warming. Of course we did not even hear about it! They will also never mention that U.S. Soldiers Say They Are Ill-Equipped For Peacekeeping


Harry Potter is headline “news” on TV. So is a birthday. Oh how the TV news business has collapsed! Our protectors have abandoned us! Whenever anyone tries to tell you that CNN and the like are good news organizations ask them how covering a birthday party is news? Tell them that there is a difference between news and entertainment; but not to CNN et. al. Here is a question: Do you think the News Bush Infomercial Networks can air some more of Bush’s fund raising speeches, in essence giving him free campaigning advertisement masked as news?

For starters you won’t hear much about any of these stories. Does Fox and the like realize that the US is  losing the peace in Afghanistan? Remember Afghanistan? Of course this stuff does not make Bush look to good so they can not discuss it.


OK, the first thing I saw on CNN today was a hollering contest and now they are discussing seniors doing karaoke. Journalism! The only headline on CNN during the break was about flooding. No doubt we will drown in this coverage;-) The pathetic MSNBC anchor woman Alex Witt is diving deeply into questions about the show Sex and the City. It is embarrassing to watch her try to act like a serious investigative journalist. She always digs deep when covering the most trivial unimportant topics. It is “butt clenchingly embarrassing” as she really takes this crap so seriously! They are still asking about where Saddam is; did we find Osama yet? My guess is that they will wait until right before the elections. Good Bush/PNAC  PR.

For starters they won’t mention that Bush knew that there was no evidence of a link between Al Quaeda and Iraq yet he said their was anyway; even in his speeches. You can see more about the non Al Quaeda link here. You won’t hear much about the fact the General Wesley Clark said on TV last week that from 9/11 on the White House pressured him and others to pin the attacks on Iraq. You may not hear much about the fact that Tony Blair may be done while Bush/PNAC are protected by the press here is the US. By the way did you know that U.S. troops may be in Iraq for 10 years?


Another missing girl story. Here we go. With all the missing children in this country the “news” people select this story. They will ask the family members the most ridiculous questions. It is just plain stupid. This is not national news! They are also giving way too much time to the “Dog” Chapman story. 1 fugitive was caught. The bounty hunter is arrested in Mexico for capturing him. Report the story and move on. We can read about it. Once again this is not of national importance!!! These networks are NATIONAL! They should be reporting NATIONAL NEWS!

You know that Middle East road map to peace that they keep mentioning? You know; the one they describe as Bush’s vision, as if he was the first person to think that peace in the Mid East was a good idea? Well Sharon does not want to follow it. Sharon: Israel Can Expand Settlements. Read more about what they don’t tell you about Israel here. Will they tell you that Two Bombs Exploded in Northern Afghan City Near Government, U.S. Offices and that insurgents opposed to the government and coalition forces have been stepping up attacks in Afghanistan in recent months? Should they? YES! Here is one that you should be told but you will not be: the captured al-Qa'eda man who was going to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge was an FBI spy! Did they tell you that a U.S. general, one of the most experienced and respected figures in a generation of American warfare and peacekeeping yesterday accused the US administration of 'failing to prepare for the consequences of victory' in Iraq. Here is what else they don’t tell you about the new Iraq!


At first glance it seems that the affirmative action story will dominate today’s reports. There is also some more “speculation” about terror attacks in Texas. No real news, just speculation. All you have to do is think out loud and it becomes news these days, as long as if fuels the Bush/PNAC agenda. The little lost girl is still making national news. It does not seem like any single major distraction is in place today. Lot’s of speculation stories; you know the kind, NO EVIDENCE! The ones that start with a question, like did we find Saddam’s sons. Keep an eye out for those “news” reports that are only speculation. They dominate coverage. There are thousands of missing kids, why is this one national news! Also the Andrew Luster/bounty hunter case is taking up a whole lot of air time. Fox News Linda Vester, their wide eyed broadcaster with that perpetual look of shock and disgust on her face is beating this to death. She is also addressing the Satanic Cult theory on the Laci Peterson case. So sad.

Lot’s of interesting stuff today. Check the news posted here. Take notice of some of the Israel related stories. You will never hear this stuff in the U.S. Also check out the new article on the myth of the liberal media. You can read more about that here. You won’t hear about the thousands of protesters in NYC yesterday at the Bush/PNAC fund raiser. I was there. There were 4 - 5 city blocks of people protesting. There was 1 arrest. Some idiot kicked over a fence. The speakers were weak but they meant well. I need to get behind a microphone at one of these events!


Again a day of non-nation stories making national headlines taking up much of the air time. Scott Peterson is back in the news. A hit and run trial is taking up WAY too much time NATIONAL air time!!!. CNN is doing a tug your heartstrings story about some Cuban children who’s parents are in a Cuban jail. Maybe they should report some of this too.

Just as a tiny counter to all of the local trials that these guys report on the air maybe they want to mention that a judge resigned because the system is unjust. This might be worth discussing for a minute or so: A DOD whistle blower details an attempt by a covert U.S. team to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Did you know that thousands of Iraqi civilians are getting maimed and killed by our illegal outdated unexploded cluster bombs! There is a lot more that they should be telling you today; check here. Check the stories about our trouble making troops being asked to leave parts of Japan and the interesting read about the war that claimed the most lives! By the way WHY ARE THEY IGNORING THE FACT THAT a top State Department expert on chemical and biological weapons told Congressional committees in closed-door hearings last week that he had been pressed to tailor his analysis on Iraq and other matters to conform with the Bush administration's views!!! Why? This is not important? Oh, here is a little trivial news item; Bush/PNAC could have killed Bin Laden 3 times prior to 9/11 but did not. Read more about the Bush/Bin Laden connection here.


The windshield murder case is now a mini-series. I guess everyone who is not covering this story can go to the beach. I just turned on the tube but 2 out of the 3 news headlines on the MSNBC break were about local trials. Andrew Luster and Scott Peterson. Once again I point out that these stories have no impact on the nation. We have Court TV for this. OK, mention these stories at the end of the newscast. MSNBC’s perpetually shocked looking Chris Jansing is playing journalist talking about these cases now. She is like a child playing grown up. CNN is beating the nuclear parts story to death. Completely out of context delivery of administration information. Check out whatreallyhappened.com today. They put the information in context.

You won’t hear much about the scientist who turned in the 12 year old part from Iraq’s nuclear program also said that Iraq did NOT restart their weapons program and that if Blix and company were permitted to continue doing their job that he would have turned it over to them. None of the TV news incompetents have mentioned that the new Bush drug plan screws seniors. More on this here. There is even more information about the so called mobile labs hitting the wires but not hitting the airwaves. Also the US and UK are doing something that is reprehensible. They are trying to get the UN to ease restrictions on cleaning up cluster bombs. This is outrageous!


What will today bring. Yesterday we wittnessed the full blown blitz of Court TV on every network. Live coverage of the sentencing of that windshield hit and run driver. LIVE COVERAGE on all 3 “news” networks! It was not even the sentencing, just the hearing. I am guessing that the passing of former Republican Sen. J. Strom Thurmond may be over played in lui of vital news. Scott Peterson’s comments are being covered 5 minutes into MSNBC’s broadcast. 3 minutes of that story leads into the windshield murder case. Top news! MSNBS is surely the fluff network these days. May I remind you that this is a NATIONAL news network. NATIONAL! After spending 10% of the news hour on these two local stories MSNBC just announced that they will be going onto depth on these two stories during the next 1/2 hour. MSNBC reports almost no news at all these days. They just talk about a few stories al lday.

Do you think that they will tell you that the U.N. just confirmed that there is no known links between Iraq and Al Quaeda or that Al Qaeda is growing like a virus or that the U.S. invasion of Iraq has fueled the growth of Al Quaeda? So far I have not heard any of this on the tube. Oh yeah, and about those little nuclear parts buried in that scientists garden, the IAEA says that it proves that Iraq was NOT restarting a nuclear program. Of course everyone is overlooking the fact that the invasion was due to an IMMINENT THREAT, not buried parts! Chek here for more real news. By the way, the Taliban are regrouping; in case you have not noticed.


CNN is showing live coverage of the funeral of a former mayor of Atlanta. Live national coverage for the funeral of a man that most of the nation has never heard of and had no impact on anyone outside of Atlanta. He did however have a big impact on Atlanta; but I am almost certain that Atlanta has a local news channel that can cover this. CNN is a NATIONAL news service, or so they say.

I am guessing that you will not hear about the fact that BBC world affairs editor John Simpson has called on the US government to investigate why more journalists were killed by American soldiers than by any other means during the Iraq war. Contrary to Bush/PNAC and the media’s claim of liberating Iraq and brining them democracy U.S. military commanders have ordered a halt to local elections and self-rule in provincial cities and towns across Iraq, choosing instead to install their own handpicked mayors and administrators. Hey, not that I think of it, you can start every news story about the Bush/PNAC administration with the phrace “contrary to claims”! Think about it. Check here for more news that you won’t find on TV today.


Well it seems that a local tragedy is getting not only national coverage, but coverage so in depth that you may find out the shoe sizes of the victims. Again, they should report this but do we need on the scene reports from 2 reporters per station? Alex Witt is doing here usual job playing grown up journalists as she feels obligated to come up with questions for the on scene reporter; she asked about details that do not matter like which porch had more people, the top one or the second one. It is very important that we know this information, it is vital information, NOT! MSNBC’s quesion of the day “Does the US need more troops in Iraq?” They are aksing us? Shouldn’t they be telling us?

Hmm, I suppose that you will not hear about the fact that a high-ranking American official who investigated claims for the CIA that Iraq was seeking uranium to restart its nuclear programme accused Britain and the US of deliberately ignoring his findings to make the case for war against Saddam Hussein. While the broadcast news whores are trying to pin every weapon on the planet to Saddam they neglect to tell you that a network of high-security laboratories for storing and investigating some of the most lethal viruses known to mankind is being built across the US, leaving communities in uproar. As usual check here for real news.


Happy Canada Day to our good neighbors! I think I need a day off from turning the tube on. These guys make me so sick! My guess is that you will hear details about that porch that fell yesterday. You know, building codes, how many people were on the porch, stupid sound bites from witnesses and victims saying things that are overly obvious and unimportant like “I was scared” or “there was a loud noise and then everyone started to scream”. You know what I mean, ground breaking journalism. MSNBC leads the pack in this area. - OK, I just turned on the tube; guess what, they were discussing the building codes of porches on CNN with a live on the spot reporter. OK, I watched a bit more.; Prince Harry fell off his horse playing polo. He was not injured but the story is on every news break. I spilled my coffee the AM. CNN has not been to my kithcen as of yet. Maybe later.

Do you think that they might mention that  London and Washington deliberately overlooked a pre-war report discrediting claims that Iraq had sought to purchase uranium from Niger? Check the latest important news here,.Maybe after they discuss how the Hulk did at the box campared to Charlie’s Angels they will have a minute to tell you that Bush was indicted over war crimes!!!

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