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A TvNewsLies.orgís readerís editorial. Disclaimer: While TVNL may agree with some of the opinions expressed within, several sections of this editorial do not reflect our opinion. We do however, appreciate the views of our readers and we respect their right to express them.

Americans, Rise Up and Answer The  Call!
By Paul Sand - A red-blooded Conservative American
July 8, 2003

Fellow American Taxpaying Workers:

The American people face the most hardest, most severe year 2003 in the last forty years. Retail sales did not go through the roof as Wall Street  propagandists boasted they would, but were the worst in thirty years. In the hardship years of the 1930's there were over 11 million unemployed. Today, the same number is unemployed with the stubborn government refusing to admit it. Back alley rumor has it that in California, where unemployment is reaching 7%, ten men fought over a garbage can. Entire towns are being auctioned off because  the people left due to lack of jobs. To suppress this dark reality, the President is preaching Socialism in an attempt to justify the pay raises that he and Congress received.

Mature minds never judge political parties or governments by what they want  or what they promise, rather always by what they have accomplished. Those in  power have taken power by lying to the people, telling them they had won. They promised Americans, you workers, citizens and veterans a life of economic security, beauty and prosperity. They promised Americans employment, they promised Americans a silver lined Social Security system, they promised Americans to end corporate corruption, they promised you the fulfillment of your dreams -- work and the pursuit of happiness.

Since the 1960's we have lived all these lies. And now we see the worst  results of these last thirty-five years: jobs are scarce, Social Security  bankrupt, corporate scandals stink to high heaven, a U.S. budget deficit in  hundreds of billions of dollars, nearly 12 million unemployed.

The outrageously insane belief in equality of foreigners allowed to invade this country for usurpation finds it's expression in Socialism practiced by industry and politicians alike. Socialism is not a typical American product. It  was imported in the 1960's. The American version is a tendency towards excessive  individualism for foreign peoples. It represents, not the harmoniousness of the  nation, but a vicious war for political and industry interests that has gradually destroyed our national, economic and social structures. With crass government propaganda the word Socialism has been replaced by the popular idiocy names of "diversity" and "affirmative action." No one is fooled. Despite all the pains of labor the end has been the same: more Americans are forced to give their employment opportunities to unwanted foreigners. It is not surprising that  those whom benefited from such anti-American programs have taken their activity  beyond our borders once they found the Conservatives have become firmly established once again. They cheered Lott's removal, but found a more formidable foe, an opposition that has never lost a battle: the American people.

Is it our fault that these foreigners work destructively among us and whom are a constant danger to our domestic and international security? As long as the  liberal press was in control these Asians, Arabs, Mexicans, Indians et-cetera remained secure. It was difficult with the liberal media monopoly to persuade  the American public of these hard facts since public opinion was entirely in liberal hands. With new information dissemination the people have other news  sources and have gathered the courage to recognize the foreigners' role in the decaying process of the United States.

On a platform in the state of Washington a liberal female Senator who refuses  to resign, Ms. Patty Murray, implied to the youth of America that those Americans who jumped one-hundred stories to their horrible death at the World  Trade Center deserved to die. The Jew, Ariel Sharon of Israel, whose terrorist  army is funded by American taxpayers, remarked: "Don't worry about American  pressure; we control America." What he really meant to say is that Americans are slaves for the Jews. The liberal attorney representing the city of Denver,  Colorado stated: "[The] Constitution of U.S. and Colorado [are] null and void in Denver since 1906." The sober Secretary of the Department of  War, Donald Rumsfeld, is trying to whip up public sentiment to war against Iraq,  a country which he himself supported arming! We Americans do not have to look to distant lands to find those so full of enviousness and jealously they eat, sleep and drink: "hate the U.S." There are plenty enough in the United States.

I ask you, men and women, how can the Republicans find the gall to accuse the  American people of intolerance, when that is exactly how they have behaved  during the last two years under Bush? What has changed under Bush's government that is different from that of the last thirty-five years? Nothing at all, except that those in power have different faces. The economy has run out of gas,  the government continues it's insane policy of encouraging unemployment  among Americans by letting unwanted foreigners into the country to steal jobs. Misery and starvation increases by the day. All that Congress can say is: "We  cannot fix in two years what has taken place for the last thirty-five years." Well, fine. But the people should at least be able to see that a start is being  made. But what do we see?

Congress's entire being breathes sterility of the American professional and  non-professional working classes.

Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars are going for senseless foreign aid so  that Israel can buy more guns, to Turkey for no reason whatsoever, over $60  billion (per year!) to illegal aliens, to the government for pay raises. Bush's socialism has as it's goal: the unemployment of twenty-five million Americans! The Democrats want to make it fifty million! Unmitigated insanity! It is not  Bush or ruin. It is not Congress or ruin. It is Bush's and Congress's ruin.

The only difference between today's Republicans and Democrats is that  Republicans let business keep fifty percent of the profits and Democrats let them keep twenty-five percent. Both are anti-nationalistic and hate the American working people with a burning rage. We must put an end to this socialist attitude that has been dosed out to us as a pacifier: "Wash our feet,  but steal our shoes."

You, my readers, represent the nation of people dissatisfied with the airwave  and newspaper media cover ups, lies and propaganda. There are some among you who do not know where tomorrow's meal will come from. To make the truth clear,  fellow taxpayers, I would like to ask you five questions. I want you taxpayers to be just and to give your verdict on the past years of national political  humiliation and disgrace.

First, the President of the United States maintains that the American people do not deserve to be employed. He says that Americans must forfeit their  jobs, their Economic Security, the Economic Security he boasted about in his  State of the Union Address. He says the American peoples' hard working tax money  must be given to the Jews of Israel, illegal aliens and foreign aid, but not to them.

I ask you: Do you firmly believe that the American people deserve to be fully employed? That the American people come first, foreign aid last?

I ask you: Do you believe with unshakeable self-confidence that the  American people deserve Economic Security so stated and protected by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States?

Second, the President of the United States claims that only he and Congress deserve pay raises, but other Americans have no desire to increase their pay. That the American people must give up their pay raises so that Congress and foreigners may usurp the wealth.

I ask you: Don't the American people work as hard as Congress? Don't the American people deserve pay increases? Are not the taxes levied on the American people, the same tax money that pays the President and Congress, for the benefit of the American people? For public education and public works programs?

Third, the U.S. Congress maintains that the American people are resisting  to accept the principles of our Constitution. That the American people prefer to make less, own less and have less so that "spread the wealth" to foreign lands can become the new Homeland law.

I ask you: Do you want to live under our Constitution? Do you take the  oath, the same oath as the President swears by, to be absolutely and completely willing to protect and live by it's principles? Those of "life, liberty and the  pursuit of happiness?"

Fourth, Congress maintains that God has given them the duty to eliminate  as many jobs as possible and to give these jobs to Internationals allowed into  the country. That Congress maintains the U.S. has no borders. The Mexican Truck  Act, enormous visa quotas and uncontrolled illegal entry by Internationals is the punishment the American people deserve.

I ask you: Are you resolved to put an end to this criminal behavior with any and all means at your disposal? Are you willing to preserve the United States the way it was meant to be by the founders where the leadership is "by  the people and for the people" not against the people?

And last, are you going to leave this country worse off than it was left  for you so your children will have less to eat, less to hope and less to live  for? Is that what you want?

I ask you: Are you totally and willingly determined to set this country back onto it's correct path, back onto the road that the forefathers built; never to tire or waiver, never to falter, never to lose your will when  liberal and foreign obstacles or usurpation cross your path?

I have asked you a series of questions. You must answer, not to me, but to yourself, your future and your family's future. Ninty-nine percent of the United States problems would disappear if our people were fully employed. The United States of America is not the brother's keeper of the world. As for the  United Nations, that is a vicious organization which has only one goal: to beg, borrow and steal as much as they can from the American people. No one lives forever and the sooner one faces cold reality the sooner one will advance in life.

You, American taxpayers, can return to those glorious days of economic security, prosperity and dignity. You only need to gather the courage and  reach for it. The gallows for those political preachers of Socialism and their liberal philosophy of "The world owns America, not the Americans." The  noose for those industrial CEO's who live by the motto: "Hate American workers, love foreigners."

From now on let our slogan be the famous words of Rosie: "We Can Do  It!" Now Americans, rise up and answer the call!

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