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An Allegory for the Bush/PNAC Terror Strategy
Contributing Editor,, 01-Oct-2003

It seems that roaches, as a species, are pretty shifty characters.  They’re arrogant, they’re defiant, and they’re damn hard to catch.  They lurk in dark corners waiting for the right moment to move. If they sense our presence, they scamper confidently in all directions and completely at will.  And just as we’re about to claim victory over the threat they pose to our daily lives, - just as we’re about to crunch them under a hefty boot – they scamper to safety. 

Enter, the Spray Can, America’s answer to the “imminent danger? of roach infestation!  Armed with this powerful weapon of mass disinfestation – we stand ready to defend our homes and our freedoms against a creature the size of a thumbnail, that doesn’t bite and that doesn’t sting. In fact, most insect inspectors admit that roaches spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning themselves.  Of course, that alone means nothing.  Roaches can’t be trusted.  We all know that.

Look, - we’re not saying roaches are the good guys.  We’re not trying to defend against a policy of getting rid of them. We’ve read the intelligence reports issued by the National Institute of Health: There is now clear evidence of a connection between urban roaches and asthma!  What comes into question is the totally ineffective Spray Can approach to fighting them off.  Spraying a roach feels good!  Watching the evil beastie stop in its tracks and die at our hands is a powerful experience. And, sweeping up an entire swarm of dead roaches appears to be a sure sign of victory in this endless war against an insidious “enemy.?   But it’s a farce.  It really is.


There are organisms all around us that are far more deadly than roaches. They’ve already killed people in our own country and all over the world. While we focus on spraying roaches, organisms that can destroy us in far greater numbers are watching and waiting, and multiplying geometrically.  And what is more frightening is their ability to join the roaches in the walls and render our Spray Cans utterly useless.

For every roach we spray and kill, - for every swarm we destroy and sweep, tens of thousands of new roaches are hatched behind our walls. But, - the new species that is emerging is far more deadly than the household brand we knew.  That’s a fact.  We cannot spray them away.  We really can’t. 

The “enemies? we perceive today were around for eons before we moved into their home territory, - and they know how to survive.  If we want to protect ourselves from even greater infestation, we have to take a realistic look at those we fear.  We have to find out more about how they live, what they seek, and why they attack. We can’t simply spray wildly in every direction and kill everything that has six legs.  The Spray Can strategy is futile.  It does nothing more than enrich the companies that sell the cans.  There’s always a profit motive in war.  Ask Halliburton.

The Moral:  The Bush/PNAC administration inanely believes it can “spray? its proclaimed “enemies? into submission.  Using its own weapons of mass destruction, Bush/PNAC has presented the American people with a Pyrrhic victory in Iraq.  The staggering consequences of its Spray Can invasion and occupation are in their infancy.  The worst is yet to come.

In the meantime, the foolish and dangerous men who have waged this war have no idea that every civilian death in Iraq will be mourned and avenged.  Behind the “walls? of smiles and acquiescence, - behind the apparent gratitude for all the destruction and upheaval, are a new species of men and women who have very real reasons to hate America For every Iraqi we “spray? and kill, - for every “swarm? of Iraqis we humiliate and arrest, tens of thousands of angry Moslems in nations around the globe are “hatching? every day.  This new species is far more deadly that the “household? brand we knew. That’s a fact. We cannot spray them away.  We really can’t.



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