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At the conclusion of the infamous OJ trial I had formulated how I would have prosecuted the case. I would have rolled out a huge TV set. I would have played a tape of the big chase. And I would have rested the prosecution.

It is called Human response. If you were accused of something that you were not guilty of how would you react? I know how I would. I would stand there open handed saying I will do anything, you can do anything, you can check anything, I will cooperate fully. I would beg for DNA tests, ask all witnesses to speak up. I would open my life up in order to prove my innocence. Maybe I am weird, but that would be my response. I would never want people to think that I had done something bad and I would do everything in my power to prove it.

I would not, however, grab my passport, a gun and a fake mustache and run like hell while dozens of police cars chased me. I Would not write a suicide note. But that’s just me.

If you were the President, or the court appointed President , and you were sitting in a room full of children, and your aid comes in to inform you that a SECOND plane hit the SECOND World Trade Center Tower, would you nod, as if someone just informed you that the plan is under way, or would you jump up and say “What is our next move?”, or at least give some direction to your staff? Bush sat there, reading with small children (at least they were reading things that he is capable of understanding), for 20 MINUTES!

Watch the video: (You will need Realplayer, get it free here.)

5-Minute Video of George W. Bush on the Morning of 9/11 including still images.

Unreal. Simply unreal. Imagine what the press and the AM radio hypocrites would have said if a Bill Clinton or Al Gore responded like that, yet they consider Bush a great leader! If you were to write the actions of Bush and his pals as a movie, no studio would fund it; it would be too implausible, but it is real. That is the scary thing.

Think back to that infamous day; when you heard that TWO planes hit the WTC what was your reaction? What as the first thing you did? What were the reactions of everyone you know? Now think about what you would have done if you were the court appointed President of the United States. How can one not question Bush’s behavior on that day?

  • 9/11/01: Where Was George? - September 11 is often said to be the defining moment in the Bush presidency, even of modern history. How strange, therefore, that Bush's behavior that morning--along with that of his Administration--is almost never examined in any detail. - Bush's memory not only contradicts every media report of that morning, it also contradicts what he said on the day of the attack. In his speech to the nation that evening, Bush said, "Immediately following the first attack, I implemented our government's emergency response plans." Again, this statement has never been satisfactorily explained. No one besides Bush has ever spoken of these "emergency plans," and the mere idea of their implementation is contradicted by Bush's claim that at the time, he believed the crash to have been a case of pilot error.

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