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An Election Observation by

     It took exactly one day for the media to focus more negative attention on John Edwards than they had focused on Dick Cheney in 4 years.

    The media do not want John Kerry to win the election. War and terror bring ratings. Bush and Cheney bring war and terror. Do the math.

After an entire day of relentless attacks on John Kerry’s choice for vice president, I tried to think of a single human being whom our biased media would not slam. Try as I might,  I could not imagine a single soul who would have been acceptable to the media, and once again was hit with clear evidence that the media do not want John Kerry to win the election. War and terror bring ratings. Bush and Cheney bring war and terror. Do the math.

Imagine for a moment that Jesus Christ actually had been on John Kerry’s short list of potential veeps. Imagine as well that He had been chosen for the job and had accepted the offer to be Kerry’s running mate. How much time would the media need to target Jesus with their venom? Think about what they might say…..

For one thing, they would surely criticize Jesus for not being self-made, considering the power and influence of his Father. Of course the liberal tag would be applied without hesitation.  You just know they’d jump on His caring about the poor, condemning the money lenders, forgiving the trespassers, and all that bleeding heart, left wing slop. And don’t you just know that the Prince of Peace just couldn’t pass the patriotism test? The media would surely accuse Him of being a traitor for loving His enemies. He’d be accused of giving aid and comfort to terrorists around the world, and condemned for not supporting the troops!

The media would have a field day declaring Jesus a poor leader as well.  Just look at the mess so many priests have made of His churches?  How in heaven’s name (pun intended) could Jesus be trusted to run a nation when his own staff is so out of control? That one would be a hard one to shake off, for the media would constantly warn the public of the danger of placing homeland security, and their personal safety in His hands.

Of course, there’s that business about gays. Just think about the heyday the media would have about Jesus’ stance on people loving one another. Hmmm, they would immediately set Jesus up as a proponent of gay marriage, since He never clarified who should love whom.  I suppose they’d have to wait to hear from Him directly about a woman’s right to choose.  They’d make that their first question in any interview, for sure.

Quietly, the corporate media and the GOP would be terrified by the thought of Jesus as VP. The oil industry would suffer because Jesus has the connections to increase the supply of oil and ultimately reduce the costs and their profits. He might even perform another miracle and create a new energy source! The HMOs and large pharmaceuticals would never support Jesus, because He would be able to heal everyone for free. And the corporate polluters would really have something to be worried about. They would have to face His wrathful reaction to the damage they are doing to His planet.

The purpose of this parody is to emphasize the fact that the media is ripping John Edwards apart after giving Dick Cheney a free pass for three and a half years. Cheney, arguably the most corrupt and vile individual to ever hold office in this county has enjoyed complete immunity from criticism and investigation by the media. It took exactly one day for the media to focus more negative attention on John Edwards than they had focused on Dick Cheney in 4 years. The entire first day of his nomination was spent on defaming trial lawyers as some sort of criminal element in our society, and of repeating the suggestion that Edwards comes to the job with a weak resume for leading the nation. They never, ever, anywhere in the corporate media acknowledge that George Bush was head of a state in which the role of governor is limited and relatively weak when compared to that of the lieutenant governor. Anyone who understands politics knows that being the governor of Texas did not prepare George Bush for anything other than improving his golf game. But why tell that to the public, when you can knock Edwards in the process?

Is this blatant bias? You bet. Will it most probably continue? You bet. The larger problem is that the voting public, on the first day of his candidacy, has had doubts about John Edwards implanted in their minds.  Those doubts were repeated in juxtaposition to repeated references to the great gravitas and experience of Dick Cheney. There was no contrast made about the relative honesty, openness, and decency of the two candidates for the post of vice president.  And it will be that way for the duration.

As I said, I’m sure that Jesus would have fared just as badly at the hands of the media. But Jesus is not in the running, while John Edwards is.  The agenda of the media is sadly obvious: it’s about ratings and money, nothing more. War and terror = ratings and money.  Bush-Cheney = war and terror.  Round and round, over and over.

Just watch.  You’ll see the consistency. You’ll hear the mantras. The power of the media is not exaggerated. It’s just very, very frightening

  • Dick Cheney - The ground zero of corruption in the White House!.


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