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What's the Screwin Problem?




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What's the Screwin' Problem?
By Patricia F. Ernest -

What is the matter with this picture?  Two people love each other with the deepest, most passionate kind of love. These two people vow to love one another through anything life may cast their way.  All they ask is that they have a ceremony to honor their commitment.  They want the legal rights of marriage, they want to say they're married.  Well what is wrong with this picture, according to the most recent poll, is that the majority of tight asses in the United States say, if these two people are of the same sex, they shouldn't use the word "marriage".  That's it!  That's what it's all about! Heterosexuals got that word "marriage" first and it's theirs, all theirs. They found it somewhere, patented it, got a copyright, and now no one else can use it.  Just like Fox news and their bs about having a copyright on the words “fair and balanced”. It's just that damned stupid!  Exactly the same! Some say that gay people may get "united" but they can't get "married".  God almighty, talk about taking semantics to its most pathetic level.

Everybody's screaming, "Marriage should depict the union of a man and a woman."  Well hell, about 100 years ago people said that the word slave should only be used to depict African Americans, but that finally changed because people woke up and wised up.   Marriage has always been a union between a man and a woman, so that's the way it is. No, that's the way it's been, that doesn't mean it can't change. That doesn't mean it shouldn't change.  Change can be good! Change was good for women when they got the vote.  Remember, once only men could be called voters. Change was good for Afro-Americans when they got the vote. Remember, once only Caucasians could be called voters.

For god's sake, everybody take a nice deep breath. WTF is this really all about?  Why in the hell does it give everyone a rash just to think about two women or two men getting married? Don't even start this crap that people should get married so they may contribute children to the world. If that's the case then my husband and I shouldn't have qualified for marriage, because we have zero kids. And that little situation was by choice.

Why today, as our world is turning into a giant killing field of wars, does everyone get vapors when the phrase gay marriage is uttered?  Please think about this.  With all the meanness and hate in the world, with all the cruelty and killing, with all the suffering, with all the misery..............with all these terrible problems swirling around us, aren't there enough real problems to deal with?  How is it possible for people to have enough selfish energy leftover to raise holy hell because two people of the same sex, who love each other, and who are devoted to each other, want to get married?  Time and energy could and should be more wisely spent.

Folks you gotta get past this childish, self righteous, holier than thou attitude. Don't even start with what the bible says either. The bible says a bunch of stuff, and for the most part people use it like a buffet table. They pick and choose which parts suit their taste. Thou shalt not kill!  Well, we can during war, and in some states, we will for the commission of some felonies .  Thou shalt not be a jerk should be in there somewhere.  Doesn't the bible say something about loving your neighbor.  Do you? Is your neighbor married to someone?  What kind of loving are you doing with your neighbor? What if your neighbor is homosexual?  Does the bible mention that little possibility? Does it say if your neighbor is homosexual you can't love him, and he can't get married? Hell no! So see that bible stuff doesn't cut it.  Does the bible say that a woman can or cannot vote, how about Afro-Americans?

For my part, I vote to let homosexuals get married!  I want them to be happy and live long, happy, loving, devoted lives.  I want them to be able to have kids, adopt kids and love the hell out of raising kids.  I want them to have every damned legal protection and right that everyone else has. I want them to establish loving homes. I want them to help one another through all the joys and pains of life.  I want them to experience all the wonderful things in the world. I want them to grow old together in each other’s arms. What the hell is wrong with two people being just as happy as they can possibly be? Will it make a heterosexual man less manly if a gay man can get just as freakin married as he can? Will it make a heterosexual woman less feminine if a gay woman can get just as freakin married as she can? Of course it won't.  So what's the damned buzz?  Are straight people afraid that if gay people get "married" that it's going to open up some funky can of worms? What if those worms just pop up and prove that it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, there's enough love for everyone to share?  What if those worms teach us something about ourselves? What if we become better people for what we learn? What if we learn that marriage and love can be just as appreciated, just as dear, just as sacred, just as deep, and just as beneficial for gay people as it should be for straight people?

For the life of me I cannot understand this. There is no sound reasoning. Gay people do not genetically produce gay people, just as straight people do not genetically produce straight people. What the hell is wrong?  Why is it going to do some sort of harm to straight people if gay people want to get married?  In what way will this harm manifest itself? Is it the mental vision of two people of the same sex saying the same vows that straight people say? Is that scary? Is it the mental vision of what two people of the same sex do in private?  Is that scary?  Is it the legitimacy that marriage would give to homosexuality? Is that scary?

I think that some people feel that if gay people can get married, it means that gay people are here to stay.  I think it's like an admission that gay people are legitimate members of society, and for some tight assed Americans this is not a possibility. I think they believe homosexuality is just a fad, and that it will soon go away.  They think if you wave the bible around a gay person he or she will "get well". Jesus, if we let them get married, what's next?  Do we have to live next door to them? Do we have to let our kids play with their kids? Do we have to see them in restaurants? Do we have to see them holding hands in public?  Oh my god, what if our son or daughter wanted to marry one?  To keep that from happening, let's just make them "get well" and go away.  Hand me the bible, time to do a little waving around.

Well they aren't going to "get well, and they aren't going to go away, and if they aren't allowed to get married, your gay son or gay daughter will be forced to live in sin with one. Yikes! Can you even imagine forcing your sweet son or sweet daughter to live in sin?  Oh my holy goodness............for Christ's sake, let gay people get just as married as they want.

Let them share that wholly legitimate screwin' word................ "marriage"

20 minutes after I wrote this article I read this:
November, 21, 2003
Ione, California-AP -- Convicted killer Lyle Menendez is a newlywed.The 35-year-old, who was convicted with his brother for the shotgun slayings of their parents, was married yesterday at a California state prison near Sacramento. K-X-T-V television in Sacramento says Menendez and 33-year-old Rebecca Sneed exchanged vows as a dozen friends and family members looked on. A prison spokesman says Sneed and Menendez have known each other for about ten years. No honeymoon, though -- conjugal visits are prohibited for inmates serving life terms. -

So there you have it.  Convicted killers who are serving life sentences, who cannot have conjugal visits, may get "married", but upstanding gay people cannot.  You freakin explain that to me!  I'm listening and I'm hearing nothing.

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